"Stop your goddamned crying!"
"Then let us go, Chuck!"
"I can't take it when you're crying!"
―Chuck and his wife[src]

Chuck is a man who was convinced not to murder his family by Jessica Jones and Kilgrave.


Hostage Situation

Stopped by Kilgrave

For hours Chuck hold his family hostage, while the police, who was warned by a neighbor, sat outside of his house. One of the police officers tried to negotiate with Chuck, who told them to go away. In the house, Chuck got annoyed with his wife crying and told them to shut up. A moment later, Jessica Jones and Kilgrave, who had seen the situation on the news, entered his living room. Kilgrave used his powers to stop Chuck from shooting them and from moving around. At the same time, Jones told Chuck his family to leave the house and get to the police, who would help them. Before they left Kilgrave told Chuck's wife, who thanked him, to tell no one that they were there.

Now his family had left the house Chuck was ordered by Kilgrave to put the shotgun in his mouth with the goal to make him suicide. According to Kilgrave, Chuck was insane and would never be a productive member of society. Because Jones interfered, Chuck was eventually ordered to put the shotgun down and turn him self over, without telling anyone about them. Chuck quickly left the house while crying.[1]



  • Wife
  • Children