"Fool! You cannot control the power you hold. You will burn!"
―Church Keeper to Johann Schmidt[src]

The Church Keeper guarded the Tesseract in Tønsberg, Norway until the Red Skull had found it and executed the guardian.



Guarding the Tesseract

"What you seek is superstition."
"Then why do you take such effort to conceal it?"
―Church Keeper and Johann Schmidt[src]

The Church Keeper was appointed to custody an ancient treasure hidden inside the church in Tønsberg.

In March 1942, Jan, one of the youngsters of the village, warned the Church Keeper that a group of German soldiers led by Johann Schmidt had arrived looking for the Tesseract, an artifact from the Norse legends he believed to be real.

The Church Keeper refused to tell Schmidt the location of the object, but he managed to locate it hidden inside a wall, killing the Church Keeper with his gun moments after finding it.[1]





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