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"This is my father's church."
"And my religion."
Leslie Dean and Jonah[src]

The Church of Gibborim is a Los Angeles-based religious organization that follows the teachings of David Ellerh.[1]



The Church of Gibborim was founded by David Ellerh, in Los Angeles, when he had his beliefs and studies of years confirmed by Jonah. Ellerh wrote the Book of Gibborim to be the canonical text of the church.[2]

When Ellerh died due to testicular cancer, his daughter Leslie took over the leadership of the Church of Gibborim.[3]


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Appearances for Church of Gibborim

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  • In the comics, the Gibborim are mystical giant deities who wanted to purge mankind from Earth.

Behind the Scenes

  • Co-showrunner Stephanie Savage described "Gibborim" as "an alien entity": "What if the origin story of Scientology was actually true and there are actually aliens among us and somebody had the task of translating that into a belief system that people felt could help them in their daily lives?"
    • Talking about the Gibborim in the TV series, Savage said: "It will definitely be tied to the mythology of the comics, but it may not take exactly the same route the giants take in the comics."[5]


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