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"She's a beautiful lady isn't she? Real knockout right?"
"Yeah boss."
"Yeah, yeah, kinda girl you'd wanna take around town, show her a good time?"
"She's pretty yeah."
Joseph Manfredi and Clifford[src]

Clifford is a member of the Maggia who looked at Whitney Frost too long, incurring the wrath of his boss Joseph Manfredi.


Angering Joseph Manfredi

"You don't think I can see?! She's my guest and you're undressing her with your eyes?! It's Not... How You... Treat... A Lady!"
Joseph Manfredi to Clifford[src]

Clifford worked for the Maggia under the leadership of Joseph Manfredi. One day, Whitney Frost and Calvin Chadwick went to a restaurant where Manfredi was eating; Clifford was one of the bodyguards stationed to protect his boss. During the conversation the three were having, Clifford walked past the table and looked at Frost. Manfredi stopped the conversation and told Clifford to come to him. Clifford was asked if Frost was beautiful, to which Clifford agreed. Suddenly, Manfredi grabbed him and slammed his head into the table, saying that he dared to undress Frost with his eyes in his presence. Manfredi proceeded to pummel Clifford until he was unconscious and needed two other bodyguards to carry him away from the restaurant.[1]


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