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"Today we're gonna be talking about Danish physicist Neils Bohr. But trust me, there's nothing "Bohr-ing" about his discoveries regarding quantum theory."
―Mr.Cobbwell to his students.[src]

Mr. Cobbwell is the chemistry teacher at Midtown School of Science and Technology.


During one of his lessons in the chemistry laboratory, Cobbwell start teaching his students about the work of Niels Bohr on the quantum theory. During the lesson, Peter Parker secretly worked on the chemical compounds for his Web-Shooters.[1]


  • In the comics, Professor Cobbwell the most famous electrician in New York City. Peter Parker worked part-time with Cobbwell under the recommendation of his science teacher Raymond Warren, and it was sent by the professor to retrieve his old radio at the Tinkerer's shop. However, Cobwell discovered that he stole part of the components of his radio, components that Parker have used to stop the plans of the Vulture.



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