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Cole Miller is the youngest son to Dolores Miller and the younger brother to Candace Miller and Sean Miller. He was hired by Sowande as part of cleanup crews to hide the Hand's activities.


Seeking A Job

Sometime before Cage's release, Miller accepted a job from White Hat, in which he would have to clean out the bodies that were slaughtered in old buildings. Eventually, his older brother was murdered, leaving Miller visibly fearful.

Luke Cage's Intervention

Miller is visited by Cage, whom passed his condolences for the passing of her older sister as well as his brother. When he questioned his new job, Miller gradually became distant and ordered Cage to leave. Despite his persist request to help, he was told off, saying that there was no time for heroes.[1]

Attacked by Iron Fist

Tasked to clean a dojo, Miller and his group wore hazard suits and spreaded acid on the corpses. The group was attacked by Wing and Rand. Miller turned and ran at the sight of Rand. In the alleyway, he is harassed into disclosing any information on the Hand. Before he could be punched, Cage intervenes, pulling Rand off of Miller. Amidst the fighting, he tried to escape but is tripped by Rand. The fight eventually ceased, with the police arriving at the scene and Miller being arrested.[2]

Visited in Jail

Miller is visited by Cage. He continued to be distant and tried to push him away. Upon mentioning the Hand, Miller pressed that they were dangerous and that he should stay away from them. Being sent back to his cell, he made a request for cage to purchase some lottery tickets for his mother. Miller is eventually killed by members of the Hand in his cell, covered as a suicide.[3]


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