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The Xeronians[1] are a humanoid race that have pale gray skin and large tusks that obscure most of their oral features.


Collector's Museum

An individual of this race was collected by Taneleer Tivan for his museum. When Asgardian warriors Sif and Volstagg arrived at the museum to deliver the Aether to Tivan for safekeeping, the alien showed a sad expression.[2]

Encounter with Bounty Hunters

Another individual of this race was present in Xandar when Peter Quill encountered Gamora, an assassin, who, after he attempted to flirt with her, attacked him and stole the Orb.[3]

Behind the Scenes

  • In the comics, the Xeronians are a peaceful and unharmful race who can gain powers from solar radiation.
  • Behind the scenes, this race of aliens was called "Goofies".[4]


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