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Colleen Wing is a martial arts expert who became a loyal soldier of the Hand having been recruited by Bakuto. While running her own dojo in New York City, she helped Danny Rand to adapt upon his return and gained his trust while he sought answers about his own company's role with the heroin trade within New York. While capturing Madame Gao, Wing's true allegiance to the Hand was revealed, forcing her to choose between her loyalties to her fellow soldiers and Rand. Wing chose Rand and helped him to escape, later defeating Bakuto in combat and helping Rand to kill Harold Meachum. With their mission complete, Rand invited Wing to return to K'un-Lun with him, only for them to discover it had been completely destroyed while Rand had been away.


Early Life

Losing her Mother

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Recruited by Bakuto

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Running Chikara

Meeting Danny Rand

"Speak English or Japanese, I haven't spoken Mandarin since I was a kid."
"Oh, I'm sorry. I was just wondering if maybe I can get a job with you?"
"I've already got somebody who cleans up."
―Colleen Wing and Danny Rand[src]

One day at Central Park, Wing went to put some ad flyers for her dojo. In the park, she encountered Danny Rand meditating. Believing him to be a homeless person and begging for money, she placed a few dollars on his cup. As she put on the flyers, Rand approached to give the money back. Slightly unnerved by his appearance, Wing tried to not pay attention to him. Rand noted that she was an martial art trainer and he began speaking Mandarin to her. Impressed, they briefly spoke Mandarin, before she stopped him and told him that she haven't spoken Mandarin since she was a kid. Rand simply wanted to ask if she could give him a job. Wing apologized and said she already got someone who cleaned up before heading off.

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Colleen Wing bears a strong character based on discipline, and she prefers to fight her own battles rather than have someone else do the job for her. As a martial arts mentor, she is strict with her students and bears little tolerance for lackluster performance. She can also be quick to anger at times, but she tries to maintain her calm and give her adversary(ies) a fair warning before escalating the given situation.

Despite her seemingly harsh nature, her main goal is to motivate her students to defend themselves and others from local threats happening in their neighborhoods. She even recognizes when a fully dedicated student such as Claire Temple makes progress at a rapid rate.

As Wing told Danny Rand, she is not very sociable. But after getting to know him better, she begins to trust him and becomes more open to her emotions; so much so that she decides to devote her life to aiding Rand whenever he needed.


  • Multilingualism: Wing is fluent in English and Japanese, and has limited recollection of Mandarin Chinese, that she only spoke as a child.
  • Master Martial Artist: Wing is physically strong and has shown masterful skill in Karate. She was able to take on Danny. Using her skills she was able to overpower a physically strong and large brawler in a cage fight
  • Swordsmanship: Wing has shown to be a master with a sword.



  • Katana: To be added



  • Grandfather †
  • Grandmother
  • Father
  • Mother †




Appearances for Colleen Wing

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  • In the comics, Colleen Wing is the daughter of Lee Wing, a professor of oriental studies, and Azumi Ozawa, a high-ranking member of a female-only elite team within the Hand. She was trained by her grandfather in the ways of the samurai, and became Misty Knight's partner in a team called the Daughters of the Dragon.


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