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"Where are the weapons?"
"There aren't any! The Grandmaster uses the ship for pleasure, for orgies."
"Did she just say he uses it for orgies?"
"Yeah. Don't touch anything."
Thor, Valkyrie and Bruce Banner[src]

The Commodore was one of the leisure spaceships owned by the Grandmaster, which Thor, Valkyrie and Bruce Banner used to escape from Sakaar.


Early Use

The Commodore was used as the Grandmaster's personal spaceship, who mainly used it for orgies and celebrations, even recording a hologram of himself announcing his birthday which could be broadcasted from the ship.

Escape from Sakaar

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Battle of the Rainbow Bridge

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Loki piloted the ship from the Rainbow Bridge to Odin's Vault, in order to resurrect Surtur and cause Ragnarök. When Surtur was resurrected, Loki escaped the dying planet in the Commodore, eventually finding and docking with the Statesman.



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