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Connie Lin is the owner of Genghis Connie's and Luke Cage's landlady.


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Warpath for Rent Money

For a while Connie Lin had been renting an apartment to Luke Cage. Even though Cage had two jobs he still struggled to pay the rent on time. When Cage was ten days late with paying his rent Lin had started asking around about Cage, something Oliver warned Cage for. Knowing Cage would walk past Genghis Connie's to get to his second job Lin was waiting around the corner. Cage, who was looking inside to make sure he could get passed Lin was suprized to see her her. Lin asked him for the money. Unfortunately Cage was only able to pay 300 dollar, which was not enough. Lin allowed Cage to go to work and get the rest, but reassured him that she wanted the money that night. [1]

Harassed for Money

The next evening Connie Lin noticed Luke Cage walk by and signed him that she wanted the money, Cage nodded back to her. Afer Genghis Connie's she and her husband, Jin Lin, were visited by Zip and his gang. One of them, Koko, told the Lins that even though they have been in the United States of America for a long time they were still unable to speak English. Her husband reacted that his English is fine. Sugar told them to give them money to support Mariah Dillard, something the Lins had done before. When her husband told the group that they were not able to give more money Zip angrily told them to do it. At this moment Cage, who had just entered the restaurant, told them that he did not like his tone and that they were being disrespectful to the Lins. The Lins where watching in fear while Zip and his gang try to fight off Luke Cage, something they were unable to do. With the thugs taken our Connie Lin offered Cage payment. Cage refused it and assured them that, even though they cannot hire him, he will support and protect them.[1]

Trapped in Genghis Connie's

Cage protects Connie

Cage shields Connie Lin from the missile

"If they can't get to use we'll have to get to them."
"Okay Connie, the best way I can put this is... I'm kinda strong."
Luke Cage and Connie Lin[src]

A few days later Lin was going trough the restaurants financial situation, which was looking negative, something Luke Cage noticed. That evening she approached Cage, who was having dinner at Genghis Connie's. Lin was amazed by Cage his appetite. Lin was given some money by Cage. At first she refused, wondering where the money came from. When Cage told her that he just wanted to make things right and that it only matters what she does with it she got touched. The two of them hugged. Unbeknown to the two of them Cornell Stokes had discovered Cage his involvement in the raid on the Crispus Attucks Complex and used a rocket launcher to get rid of him. Cage saw the missile coming and shieled Lin from the explosion. The blast caused the building to collapse on both Lin and Cage and knock them out, much to Stokes his pleasure.[2] Following the collapse of the building Lin her leg got stuck under a huge pile of rubble. When Cage found her he told her to be extremely careful, due to a gas leakage that could cause a second explosion that could kill her. At first Lin was skeptical about getting out, but she was assured by Cage that, if the rescue services could not do it, he would free the two of them himself. Cage then started to pick up piles of rubble, amazing cage with his superhuman strenght.

Cage free rubble

Cage successfully digs out of the rubble

With her leg finally freed from the rubble Cage told her that it was broken. Lin wondered how Cage was doing this, but he hesistated about telling her and continued to dig them out. When Cage noticed a hole a little further down Lin had to crawl underneath, eventhough she struggled, due to the pain her leg was causing her. Remembering the way he escaped Seagate Prison Cage started to puch the top of the rubble, until he created a way out. Cage, with the help of the emergency services, carried Lin out off the rubble. Lin still could not believe what just happened, which Cage answered is why it should be kept a secret.[3]


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