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Contraxia is a cold and icy planet often visited by the different Ravager Clans as a place to relax.[1]


On Contraxia, Yondu Udonta encountered Stakar Ogord in the Iron Lotus. Stakar remembered him why he was banished from the Ravagers for breaking the Ravager code, and Taserface started to plot his mutiny. Shortly after a dispute between Yondu and Stakar Ogord, the leader of the Sovereign, Ayesha approached Yondu and hired him to retrieve the Anulax Batteries that were stolen by the Guardians of the Galaxy.[2]


  • In the comics, Contraxia is the home planet of the Contraxians, the maternal race of the Avenger Jack of Hearts.
  • The planet's coordinates are: M15 5127512731+X1955KX



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