"We're real sorry for the disturbance, Ms. Walker. Uh, by the way, really big fan of your show back in the day."
―Cooper to Trish Walker[src]

Cooper is an officer at the New York City Police Department.


Searching for Trish Walker

Officer Cooper and Will Simpson, who was convinced that he murdered Trish Walker, traveled to her Trish Walker's Apartment to discover her body. While Simpson tried to open the door with force Cooper was send to retrieve the key from the doorman. Back at the entrance to Trish Walker's Apartment Cooper told Simpson that the doorman does not own a key, since it is some kind of reinforced security door. Simpson then send him to get the ram.


Simpson learns Trish Walker is alive

After giving the ram to Simpson he started to use it. Jessica Jones, who had been watching them via the security cam, opened the door, to which Simpson reacted suprised. Cooper tried to remind Simpson that this woman was not Trish Walker. When Walker appeared for them Cooper asked if she was alright and if any violent incident has happened what they should know about. When Walker denied that anything happened Cooper apologised for the disturbance. He then told her he loved her show and started singing the tune. Walker reacted annoyed to this and tried to close the door.

Simpson stopped Walker from closing the door and wanted an explenation of what happened from Jessica Jones. Cooper tried to get Simpson with him, saying they really had to go. Jones then allowed Simpson to stay and Cooper walked away.[1]