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The Cosmi-Rod[1] is a Kree war-hammer that projects concussive blasts and is given to certain members of the Kree race.



The Exolon Monks cleaning the Cosmi-Rod.

The hammer was Ronan's main weapon. It was given to him during a ritual performed by the Exolon Monks. Ronan then used it to execute a captured member of the Nova Corps at the ritual's climax.

When summoned to the Sanctuary by Thanos, Ronan was warned by The Other to show the Mad Titan courtesy. Annoyed by the vizier's ranting, Ronan killed him with the hammer, twisting his head 180 degrees.

Universal Weapon Destroyed

The Cosmi-Rod is destroyed.

Once he obtained the Orb, Ronan put the Infinity Stone in his hammer, using its power through the hammer. By doing so, he was able to destroy the Nova Corps' entire fleet. Drax the Destroyer destroyed the hammer with the Hadron Enforcer, enabling Star-Lord to get the Stone.[2]



Built from advanced Kree technology, the Cosmi-Rod is an effective tool in battle.

  • Concussive Blast: The Cosmi-Rod can fire a blast of concussive force that was strong enough to twist a person's head around 180 degrees.

Power Stone


The Cosmi-Rod using the Power Stone.

When merged with the Power Stone, it has also displayed various other attributes such as:

  • Energy Projection: When combined with the Infinity Stone, the Cosmi-Rod is capable of discharging purple blasts of concentrated energy.
  • Planet Killer: When combined with the Infinity Stone, the Cosmi-Rod had the potential to obliterate an entire planet, but the stone was wrenched from the hammer before Ronan was ever given a chance to do this.


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