Your name is Natalie isn't it
"Your name is Natalie, isn't it?"
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"Whoa! You're the Avengers! What are you guys doing here?"

The Criminal Avengers are a quartet of petty thieves who wear plastic Avengers masks to conceal their identities.


Acquiring Weapons

"Yo, this high-tech stuff makes it too easy! Told you it was worth it."
―ATM Robber[src]

At some point, the group purchased weapons from Adrian Toomes' Crew in order to enhance their prowess and make it easier for them to commit criminal activities.

Robbery at Queens Community Bank

"What's up, guys? Forgot your PIN number?"

Donning their masks, the group entered Queens Community Bank and used a Chitauri Blowtorch to cut open an ATM before using a Anti-Gravity Gun to rip it out of the wall. While celebrating their current success and planning to hit several other banks, Spider-Man showed up, casually entering the bank and making his presence known, sarcastically referring to them as the real Avengers, and engaged them in battle.

At first, the robbers were being dealt with, with little effort by their attacker until one of them brandished their anti-gravity gun and began to throw Spider-Man around the bank. Eventually, Spider-Man managed to subdue the robbers, but one of them increased the power of their Chitauri Blowtorch and losing control of it, leveled the bank and destroyed nearby bodega Delmar's Deli-Grocery Realizing that Delmar was still in the bodega, Spider-Man left to rescue Delmar and his cat while the criminals escaped the scene.[1]