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"I do believe we take matters into our own hands. We are not the only soldiers to feel let down by the country we serve. I have friends who have been betrayed in ways that you guys can't even imagine. Everything taken from them. A good man risked his life to save mine. Yeah. And I decided not to throw away that gift he gave me. So I got a job... started my second life. And now I take pride in living that life well."
―Curtis Hoyle[src]

Curtis Hoyle is a former Navy SARC and close friend of Frank Castle who is also one of the few people who knows his true identity. Having returned from the war without a leg, Hoyle set up counselling for other veterans suffering with PTSD, during which time he alos met the young Lewis Wilson who he had attempted to help. However when Wilson became influenced by O'Connor, Hoyle learned he was turning his confusion into hatred and had become a terrorist and when Hoyle attempted to help him, Wilson left him to die with a bomb. Having been saved from that bomb by Castle, Hoyle was later confronted by Billy Russo who was attempting to learn where Castle was hiding, only for Castle to again save Hoyle's life and in return, Hoyle convinced Castle to come to therapy sessions.


Navy Life

Losing his Leg

"Somewhere on a Baghdad rooftop is a size 11 shoe with my foot still in it."
―Curtis Hoyle to Lewis Wilson[src]

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Back to Civilian Life

Running Support Groups

"Got a couple of new faces in here today. Welcome. If you wanna talk, talk. If you just wanna listen, that's all good, too. No judgment here, just brothers and sisters who understand."
―Curtis Hoyle[src]

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In Mourning

"Why didn't he come to us, man? After Maria and the kids? Why didn't he come to us? He didn't have to be alone. We could've helped him."
"Yeah, he didn't want any help. He wanted to kill every bastard who had a hand in it."
"I miss him."
Billy Russo and Curtis Hoyle[src]

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Treating Frank Castle

"Does he need blood? I'm a universal donor."
"Blood's not the problem. His temperature is 104. He's septic."
"I've been giving him fluids and antibiotics."
"None of that's gonna do any good until we get that arrow out of him. It's a foreign object filled with bacteria. The body's trying to fight it but can't, so white blood cells, fever, systemic inflammation..."
"Antibiotics are fighting a losing battle."
Micro and Curtis Hoyle[src]

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Altercation with Lewis Wilson

"There's a dead guy in that chair. Seem like he's been there for a while."
"None of that matters now."
"We could still figure this out. It's not too late to do the right thing."
"Oh, I am doing the right thing."
"I can't leave here without you, buddy. You know that, right?"
―Curtis Hoyle and Lewis Wilson[src]

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Twisted Friend Visits

"You know, you two You two are almost exactly alike. There's just one difference. Frank would never betray a brother."
"Yeah, well that's why I'm here, Curtis. I'm gonna make you betray a brother. Where's Frank?"
"So what? You gonna kill me with my own gun?"
"Nah. I'll probably just shoot you in your good leg a bunch until you tell me."
―Curtis Hoyle and Billy Russo[src]

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"Nobody wants to be themselves anymore. Internet, social media, goddamn talent shows for assholes. Everybody wants to be somebody else. Nobody is happy just to look at themselves in the mirror, see themselves. Then it means they don't have to be responsible either."
―Curtis Hoyle to Frank Castle[src]

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  • Expert Physician: Hoyle has been trained in the ability to perform medical procedures and heal those that have been wounded. In particular, he mentioned being tested to patch a goat during his time spent in the Navy. After nearly escaping a trap and suffering injuries, Hoyle was summoned by Micro to aid Frank Castle, extracting an arrowhead from his body and patching the wound.
  • Expert Combatant: to be added



  • Pistol: For safety and security precautions. Hoyle owns a pistol that he often keeps underneath a pillow adjust to him during his slumber. This pistol, however, was briefly taken away from him by Billy Russo upon his visit.

Other Equipment

  • Prosthetic Leg: Hoyle became the owner of an artificial left leg after losing it in a wartime bombing.




  • Father




Appearances for Curtis Hoyle

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  • In the comics, Curtis Hoyle was a partner of Frank Castle during the Vietnam War. He then joined and became the second in command of the Rockhouse Operation drug cartel, and was killed by Castle during his eradication of the cartel.
    • In Resupply, Hoyle mentions to Lewis Wilson that his father served in the Vietnam War, which is a nod of Hoyle's original backstory in the comics.
    • Additionally, Billy Russo's role in The Punisher mirrors Hoyle's role in the comics during Rockhouse Operation.

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