"You did what you were supposed to do, right? Now the only person you're punishing is yourself."
―Curtis Hoyle to Frank Castle[src]

Curtis Hoyle is a former Navy SARC and a friend of Frank Castle who is one of the few people who knows his true identity.


Life in the Navy

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In Mourning

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Group Sessions

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Wilson's Threat

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A Twisted Friend Visits

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  • Master Physician: Hoyle has been trained with the ability to perform medical procedures and heal those that have been wounded. In particular, he mentioned being tested to patch a goat during his time spent in the Navy.
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  • Pistol: For safety and security precations, Hoyle owns a pistol that he often keeps underneath a pillow adjust to him during his slumber. This pistol, however, was briefly taken away from him by Billy Russo upon his visit.

Other Equipment

  • Prosthetic Leg: Hoyle became the owner of an artificial left leg after losing it in a wartime bombing.



  • Father




Appearances for Curtis Hoyle

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  • In the comics, Curtis Hoyle was a partner of Frank Castle during the Vietnam War. He then joined and became the second in command of the Rockhouse Operation drug cartel, and was killed by Castle during his eradication of the cartel.
    • In Resupply, Hoyle mentions to Lewis Wilson that his father served in the Vietnam War, which is a nod of Hoyle's original backstory in the comics.
    • Additionally, Billy Russo's role in The Punisher mirrors Hoyle's role in the comics during Rockhouse Operation.

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