"That is the best money can buy, my friend. Every piece of technology in you is top-of-the-line."
Ian Quinn[src]

The Cybertek Prosthetic Leg is a cybernetic implant designed and built by Cybertek, Inc as part of Project Deathlok.


The first known unit is attached to the right limb of Michael Peterson.

Under orders from Ian Quinn, Carlo Mancini attached the leg to Mike Peterson's missing limb, and activated it with a panel located in its transport case. When activated, the Prosthetic Leg painfully attached to the user's stump before opening itself to expand into a full cybernetic leg. [1]

Deathlok used his cybernetic leg to stomp S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Felix Blake in the abdomen, critically injuring him, during their confrontation in Macon, Georgia. [2]

When becoming the first complete Deathlok Soldier at the Cybertek Manufacturing Facility, John Garrett was also equipped with two
Cybertek Prosthetic Legs

John Garrett's cybernetic legs

cybernetic legs that looked like the one attached to Michael Peterson's limb, but were equipped over Garrett's damaged legs instead of replacing a missing one, and glowed in an orange light instead of a blue light.[3]


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The specifications shown on a plate for Michael Peterson's Prosthetic leg were:

  • Project: Deathlok
  • Project No.: 201W16
  • Model No.: BL23R
  • Version: V 5.01
  • Build: 061330


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