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"You think you're gonna break me? Bring it on."
"Like I said, this is not an interrogation. I'm not here to break you. You've already done that yourself. The question is, how broken you are?"
Misty Knight and Gabe Kraser[src]

DWYCK is the ninth episode of the first season of the Netflix exclusive television series Luke Cage.


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  • DWYCK is a song from the album Hard To Earn of the hip-hop duo Gang Starr. It is an acronym meaning "Do What You Can Kid". A lyric from the song is quoted when Gabe Krasner gives Misty Knight a can of lemonade and says "Lemonade was a popular drink", to which she replies "It still is".


Song title Artist Location(s)
Stop and Look (And You Have Found Love) The Delfonics

The Delfonics practice their performance at Harlem's Paradise; Shades watches as the remodelling to the club is finished then meets with Zip and the boys.

(repeats) The Delfonics perform at the reopened Harlem's Paradise, Diamondback watches the performance when Shades comes to tell him that the video of Luke Cage and the police officers has went viral; Misty Knight takes down her case board and restarts again.


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