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"It's called ... a grand duel. Hand's version of a challenge. Their best fighters against me."
Danny Rand to Colleen Wing[src]

The Da Jue Zhan is a traditional grand duel hosted by the Hand, sending their best warriors against a single opponent. The Hand then allows the opponent to pose demands in the event he wins.


Radovan Bernivig told Danny Rand that his daughter was kidnapped by The Hand. So Rand discussed that he wanted to take her back with Colleen Wing and Claire Temple. Rand then meditated and practice for the duel.[1]

Grand Duel

First Challenge

Iron Fist Empire Promo

Iron Fist fights both of the Veznikov brothers

Danny Rand was challenged by Madame Gao to defeat the Veznikov brothers, which is Andrei Veznikov and Grigori Veznikov. Danny Rand introduced himself to the Twins and they thought that it was a joke mocking Danny and his youth .Rand prepared to fight and challenged them. Gao then started the duel by dripping her stick on the floor. The Twins attacked him. With Danny unable to to take on both of them until remembering his teachers lessons which caused him to adopt a fighting style that allowed him to strike both at the same time eventually overcoming both of them. After defeating them, Gao told him that it was just the first challenge.[1]

Second Challenge

Bride fighting

Bride of Nine Spiders tries to poison Iron Fist

Gao led Danny Rand to the second challenge. In the second challenge, Rand must defeat Alessa Bride of Nine Spiders. Alessa tried to seduce Rand at first. Taking advantage of the opportunity she inserted poisoned needles into his neck which made his vision disoriented and left him unable to focus leaving Rand unable to strike her as, she easily dodged him. Rand however remembers Lei Kung's words of accepting or rejecting the darkness with in him and he finally be able to be focus again. ejecting the needles from his body Danny then gave her a powerful kick to the head incapacitating her. Gao then announced that the second challenge had been won.[1]

Third Challenge

Danny Rand Martial Arts

Scythe finally battles against the Iron Fist

"Would you like to choose a weapon?"
"I am the weapon."
"Really? Because weapons don't feel pain. They are meant for one thing and one thing only. To be used by their master."
Scythe and Iron Fist[src]

Gao then led Danny Rand to the third challenge. In the third challenge, he must defeat Scythe. Scythe asked him of what his weapon was. Rand answered that he is the weapon. Scythe explained to him that weapons don't feel pain. Then Scythe picked his own weapon and they started to fight. Rand took him to a room filled with metal bars. Eventually, it was led to another room where Gao was waiting. He then used the Iron Fist punch to break Scythe's weapon and punched Scythe until he fell.[1]


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Danny Rand won the duel and got back Sabina Bernivig.[1]