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"That means I am unpredictable. And therefore, much more dangerous!"
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Dale Yorkes is a bioengineer, the co-founder and CEO of Synnergy and a member of PRIDE. Incredibly science-minded, he is the husband of Stacey Yorkes, the father of Gert Yorkes and the adoptive father of Molly Hernandez. Dale was heavily uncomfortable at the idea of sacrificing young people in order to revive Jonah, being told by Gene and Alice Hernandez that Jonah was hiding something from them. Still, Dale carried on the PRIDE's activities, using the Synnergy Serum he had developed on Frank Dean to erase his memories.

Shortly following the sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez, Dale discovered that the dinosaur he and his wife had engineered had escaped, which forced them to explain what the creature was to Gert and Molly. Later, when Victor Stein fainted during a PRIDE gala, Dale secretly kept a vial of Jonah's Serum so that he could analyze it with his wife. However, Dale was also warned by Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder that Molly knew about the sacrifices. Heartbroken, Dale decided to send Molly to Graciela Aguirre for her own safety. When PRIDE was confronted by the Runaways, Dale and Stacey decided to investigate on the PRIDE Construction Site and discovered that it harbored an ancient and living creature. Dale then joined the PRIDE conspiracy to kill Jonah, planning to use the information obtained on the serum against him.


First Years in PRIDE

The father of Gert Yorkes and husband of Stacey Yorkes, Dale used the resources allocated by Jonah to start the biotechnology company Synnergy. Along with his wife, Dale was recruited into the PRIDE.[1][2]

When Frank Dean discovered that his wife Leslie Dean had an affair with Jonah, Dale used the Synnergy Serum he had created with his wife to erase Frank's memories.

Dale took part in the first sacrifice perpetrated by the PRIDE, although he was largely unaware of what was really happening. Dale gave Brooks Watten the incapacitating beverage used in the ritual and watched as he entered the Dematerialization Box. When the sacrifice was done, Dale, like most of the members of PRIDE, was horrified by the deed. However, he also discovered that he had no choice but carry on as the sacrifice had been recorded on video.[3]

Dale and Stacey later adopted Molly Hernandez when her parents Gene and Alice were killed in a so-called accident. However, Dale also feared that other members of PRIDE could discover that he and Stacey had spoken with the Hernandezes right before they died.[4]

Jonah's Last Revival

Sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez

Dale and his wife Stacey Yorkes accompanied Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez to the Atlas Academy, although the children were quick to leave their parents as they were embarrassed by the discussions.[1] Once they left, Dale was reminded by his wife that they had to attend to a PRIDE meeting on the evening, which greatly upset Dale as he felt heavily uncomfortable with PRIDE's activities. Nevertheless, Dale and Stacey agreed that they had to go to the Wilder Mansion for the meeting.[2]

Dale and Stacey joined the PRIDE meeting, where Dale awkwardly tried to joke with Geoffrey Wilder.[1] Like the other members of PRIDE, Dale was given documents about Destiny Gonzalez, who they were going to sacrifice despite Wilder's reluctance. Dale wore his traditional red gown and joined the members of PRIDE in the ritual, preparing the incapacitating beverage for the sacrifice. Dale then forced Gonzalez to go into the Dematerialization Box and be sacrificed.

However, once the ritual was completed, a flash suddenly appeared in the room, which alerted Dale and the others. Dale waited for Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder to check the house, who returned and informed them that their children were there and had probably not seen anything. Dale then went to the Wilder Mansion's lobby with the other members of PRIDE and their children, who he warmly greeted. Dale and Stacey then left with their daughters.[2]

Dale and Stacey were heavily affected by the sacrifice of Gonzalez. The day after the crime, they discussed it while working at the Synnergy Laboratories, only to discover moments later that Robert and Tina Minoru had come to celebrate the publication of an article about the Synnergy Serum in the American Journal of Experimental Medicine. When the evening came, Dale and Stacey went to order some food and talked about their plan of secretly moving to the ranch given to them by the Hernandezes so that they would leave PRIDE behind, although they struggled on how to announce it to Gert and Molly.[4]

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"You're making this worse, Dale!"
"I have a tendency to do that when I don't know what to say."
Molly Hernandez and Dale Yorkes[src]

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  • Expert Scientist: Dale is a highly skilled scientist whose research were highly valuable to the PRIDE. Along with his wife Stacey Yorkes, Dale notably developed the Synnergy Serum, a drug capable of erasing memories. Dale spent a lot of time performing in vivo experiments in his lab along with Stacey, and they were even able to recreate a dinosaur they kept in their basement.
  • Physician: Dale did medical studies and displayed some knowledge in the field when he and Stacey attempted to save Victor Stein.
  • Businessman: Dale and his wife started and ran the company Synnergy, whose products were praised in the specialized press.
  • Multilingualism: In addition to his native English, Dale is able to speak some Spanish.



Dale Tranquilizer

Yorkes tranquilizing Old Lace






Appearances for Dale Yorkes


  • In the comics, Dale Yorkes is a time-traveling criminal using artifacts from various times and a member of the Pride.


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