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A collection of quotes of the HYDRA leader Daniel Whitehall.

Doctor Whitehall

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Episode 2.01: Shadows

Spoken by Daniel Whitehall

"Oh, there's no reason left to fear the Red Skull. He's dead. However, his vision is not. The work HYDRA has done will live on."
―Daniel Whitehall[src]


"Not everything we dug out of the ground was an antique, my friend. Some of it was quite advanced."
"Is this the reason these men...? Hmm?"
"Ja. The Red Skull said it may hold the answer... the answer to death itself."
Reinhardt and HYDRA Officer[src]
"These assets are now under the protection of the Strategic Scientific Reserve. They'll be relocated and hidden out of sight, indefinitely, as will you."
"Cut off one head, two more shall grow in its place."
"Then I guess we'll keep cutting them off."
Peggy Carter and Daniel Whitehall[src]

Episode 2.03: Making Friends and Influencing People

Spoken by Daniel Whitehall

"Mr. Bakshi, I trust you to do what needs to be done."
―Daniel Whitehall[src]

Episode 2.04: Face My Enemy

Spoken by Daniel Whitehall

"Raina, I'm not like most people with whom you interact. I'm not easily confused. I've been around too long to lose sight of what's mine. I generally don't do my own dirty work anymore. We should all aspire to do only that which we enjoy. Don't you agree? But in your case, I will make an exception. Forty-eight hours seems fair, doesn't it? To bring it back to me? I once operated on a woman, on and off, for a full week. The struggle really is keeping the patient awake. The pain at certain levels has the tendency to cause us to black out. That can be... incredibly frustrating. But I'm confidant that I can do better now. I can find you wherever you are. Bring me the Obelisk. Forty-eight hours. The clock starts... now."
―Daniel Whitehall[src]

Episode 2.05: A Hen in the Wolf House

Spoken about Daniel Whitehall

"He's a butcher!"
Calvin Zabo[src]
"Daniel Whitehall will cut me to pieces."
"Yes, he will."
Raina and Calvin Zabo[src]


"There were positives. Many of the deceased were enemies of HYDRA."
"Some of us are pleased with these small triumphs. Others have loftier aspirations passion, even. Our founder, he had his Tesseract. As for me, well, it would be an understatement to say that I've waited my whole life to get possession of the Obelisk, to harness its power."
Lingenfelter and Daniel Whitehall[src]

Episode 2.08: The Things We Bury

Spoken by Daniel Whitehall

"Discovery requires experimentation."
―Daniel Whitehall[src]


"Werner Reinhardt."
"That wasn't any trick."
"I'm sorry I don't follow doctor."
"It's a pen. You wanted to see what I would do with it, after all there are so many uses: escape, confession, homicide, suicide."
"It's true I want to find out what kind of man you are. You didn't use the pen, so now I know."
"Pens also use for signatures."
Peggy Carter and Werner Reinhardt[src]
"As a person who has spent a considerable portion of his life incarcerated, I know how rare second chances are. If you're given one, you take it. The opportunity may be fleeting so it must be recognised and seized. Sometimes the solution takes days, or weeks, or years. But no matter the sacrifice one must be willing to endure the trauma of shaking off all that you were, to become something new, something better. Everyone deserves a second chance, but few are willing to do what it takes to earn one."
"I completely understand. I think my skills could be of use to you. I know sacrifice, what it takes to move forward in life."
"I have no doubt that's true"
―Daniel Whitehall and Grant Ward[src]

Episode 2.10: What They Become


"If my daughter wasn't here, I would tear you and your men to pieces."
"Well, then, I'll add that to the number of reasons that I'm glad she's here. (To Grant Ward) You are the piece of the puzzle I can't decipher. Why are you really here?"
"Is it really that hard to see? It's love. Agent Ward believes if he helps Skye fulfill her destiny, she'll see him for what he really is."
(To Zabo) "Aww. It's a pity you won't get to fulfill that destiny, or that after all those years, you won't get your vengeance after what I did to your wife."
Calvin Zabo, Daniel Whitehall, and Raina[src]

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