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"We don't live in a world that's fair. We live in this one. And I'm doing everything I can to make it a better place."
―Matt Murdock[src]

Matthew "Matt" Murdock is a man who was blinded as a young boy, but was gifted with extraordinary senses. After his father was murdered by mobsters, Murdock dedicated his life to fight injustice in New York City as a lawyer by day with his law firm Nelson and Murdock, and by night as a vigilante known as Daredevil. His actions as a crime fighter put Murdock into conflict with a crime lord named Wilson Fisk. Murdock used his skills to expose Fisk's criminal activities and have him taken to prison.

Daredevil's actions in New York City and his strict moral code soon put him into conflict with the Punisher, a vigilante who believed that death was the only punishment for crime. Daredevil was thrown into more turmoil by the return of his old lover Elektra and his former mentor Stick, who attempted to recruit him into their war with the Hand. Murdock eventually managed to find a middle ground with the Punisher while also defeating the Hand's leader Nobu Yoshioka, although losing Elektra in the process and watching Nelson and Murdock fall apart as Foggy Nelson struggled to cope with his friend's double life.

Daredevil eventually finds himself as the leader of a group of street-level vigilantes known as the Defenders.


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Early Life

Matt Murdock was born possibly sometime in the 1980s and lived with his father, a washed-up boxer named Jack Murdock. Jack consistently urged his young son to study hard and make something of himself, so Matt would not end up like him. When Jack returned from boxing matches, Matt would stitch his injuries. During one of these sessions, Jack allowed Matthew to have a drink of scotch, to keep a steady hand.[2] Matthew stayed awake at night listening to sirens, trying to know what they were, creating stories for them.[3]


"I can't see! I can't see!"
―Matt Murdock[src]

Murdock, age nine, is blinded

When he was nine years old, Murdock saved an elderly man from being hit by a truck, causing an accident. Hazardous chemicals from the flipped truck splashed on his face and as they were absorbed into his eyes, Murdock was blinded. The last sight he had was of his father trying to comfort him. He screamed in pain and fear when he realized he would never see again.

He woke up in the hospital where he found he could hear every sound in the nearby area, causing him pain. His father tried desperately to comfort him. He let his son touch his face so he could recognize that it was him, which seemed to calm him down. [4]


Murdock touches his father's face

Over the next few months, Murdock learned to read Braille and began to control his heightened senses, although he keep them a secret from everyone, even his father. His father continued to work as a boxer despite losing almost all his fights. One day he returned home while Murdock was reading in Braille with severe bruises on his face. He let Matt touch his face and made him promise not to be a boxer like him. One day, while Matt was reading in Fogwell's Gym, he overheard his father being offered money to lose his upcoming fight with Carl Creel.


Murdock finds his murdered father

Matt listened to his father's fight with Carl Creel on the television and cheered when his father overcame the odds and won the match. He waited at home for his father's return but became worried when he did not arrive. Murdock ran to Fogwell's Gym and was stopped by a police officer. Murdock managed to push his way past the officer and found his father lying on the street having been murdered by local mobsters. Murdock fell to his knees and begged his father to wake up before crying over his father's lifeless body.[2]

Trained by Stick


Murdock with Stick

"Connection, mind, body."
"The mind controls the body, the body controls our enemies, our enemies control jack shit by the time we're done with them."
Stick to Matt Murdock[src]

When his mother failed to take care of him after his father's death, Murdock was moved to Saint Agnes Orphanage. While there he continued to suffer with his enhanced senses. While at the Orphanage, Murdock was visited by an old blind man named Stick. Stick knew that Murdock's other senses had been heightened and took him outside for ice cream. While they sat together, Stick asked Murdock what he could understand about nearby people just from listening to them. Stick promised to train Murdock to control and master his "gift". Murdock kept the wrapper from his ice cream, planning on giving it to Stick as a present.


Murdock is trained by Stick

Stick began a harsh training regime with Murdock, often pushing an emotional response from him to teach him to control his anger. Over the next few months and years, Murdock became a powerful fighter with almost complete control of his blindness. During one of their training sessions, Murdock gave Stick the wrapper from his ice cream, having made it into a bracelet. Stick crushed it in his hand and told him he could no longer train him. Stick left and Murdock would not see him again for many years.[5]

Law School

In his early twenties, Murdock gained a place at Columbia University Law School. He arrived in his room and introduced himself to his new roommate Foggy Nelson. Nelson had heard of Murdock, as he remembered what had happened to him as a child. Murdock and Nelson immediately formed a strong relationship and Nelson often joked about his blindness while Murdock would tease Nelson about many of his poor life choices, such as his decision to take a course in Punjabi simply to get close to a girl.

Escapades with Elektra

Elektra and Matt's first

Elektra and Murdock's first encounter

Nelson and Murdock decided to crash a debutante's ball, through the kitchen, where they were welcomed by the disgruntled waiters. Later, Murdock decided to check out the party, where he sensed a very attractive woman. Before he could meet her, he was approached by one of the bodyguards, who discovered that he was a crasher. However, before he could kick Murdock out, the woman, Elektra Natchios, declared that he was with her.

Elektra and Matt drive

Murdock and Elektra steal a car

During their conversation, Natchios assumed Murdock to be weak and foolish, by judging him by his wing-tipped shoes, whereas Murdock countered her assumptions by detecting that she was a bored, rich girl who wanted excitement, all by perceiving why she stopped the bodyguard from kicking him out. Natchios stole an expensive car and Murdock left the party with her.

About a week later, Natchios and Murdock broke into Fogwell's Gym where Natchios jokingly fought him to figure out that Murdock was not exactly blind, and they had first a small fight and then sexual intercourse.

As they strengthened their relationship, Natchios led Murdock to a mansion that she claimed belonged to an associate of her father. However, it was a setup by Natchios to make Murdock confront Roscoe Sweeney, the man responsible for his father's death. Murdock beat Sweeeney up, but he then refused Natchios proposal to kill Sweeney. Natchios expressed her disappointment in Murdock and, while Murdock called the police to report Sweeney as a wanted felon, Natchios vanished, leaving Murdock, and not seeing him again for ten years.[6]

Avocados at Law

Murdock and Nelson College

Murdock and Foggy Nelson discuss the future

"Me and you, pal... We're gonna do this. We're gonna be the best damn avocados this city has ever seen."
"Best damn avocados."
Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock[src]

After a beer run, Murdock and Foggy Nelson swore to work together for many years. Nelson asked about the Greek girl named Elektra, but Murdock declared that their relationship ended because "it did not work out". When Murdock revealed to Nelson that he had his first alcoholic drink when he was eleven, because he had to stitch his dad up after a fight, Nelson comforted him, saying that if he could see him now, his father would be proud.[3]

Landman and Zack


Murdock working for Landman and Zack

Both Murdock and Foggy Nelson were able to work as interns at the large law firm Landman and Zack, during which time they found themselves being forced to defend large corporations against innocent people whose lives were being destroyed. Eventually the pair were both offered permanent jobs at the firm, which Nelson showed great enthusiasm about, but believing that working for such a soulless company was not the right direction for them to go in, Murdock managed to convince the skeptical Nelson not to take the job offer and instead start up their own law firm where they could really help innocent people and make a difference to their city.[3]

No Sleep for the Devil


Murdock as a vigilante for the first time

"He spent the next month in a hospital, eating through a straw. And I never slept better."
―Matt Murdock[src]

The night after he and Foggy quit Landman and Zack, Murdock would have trouble sleeping because he kept hearing his neighbor's daughter crying at night, as her father was abusing her while the neighbor's wife was asleep. Murdock contacted the police to have him arrested. However, the man was able to get away with the crime by not leaving any marks on is daughter, his wife claiming he would never do the crime (seemingly due to not believing it herself, according to Murdock) and his daughter not revealing the truth. Seeing that the man would not face justice, Murdock donned a black eyeless mask and hoodie and ambushed him at a train yard where he worked. After engaging the man in a fight, he beat him up severely and threatened that if the man ever touched his daughter again, he would know about it. Murdock then left him bloody and unconscious, stating to have not slept better since.[3]

The Mask


Murdock in confession

"Perhaps this would be easier if you told me what you've done."
"I'm not seeking penance for what I've done, Father. I'm asking forgiveness, for what I'm about to do."
"That's not how this works. What exactly are you going to do?"
Lantom and Matt Murdock[src]

Years later, Murdock chose to take his vigilante career to the next level. He bought a black outfit online, including a new black eyeless mask,which covered the top half of his face, and wore it when fighting crime. Later, Murdock went to confession, claiming he was not there to seek forgiveness for what he had done, but instead he was asking forgiveness for what he was about to do. He would not tell the priest his intentions, however.[3]


Murdock goes out as the Masked Man

The same night, Murdock tracked down a group of gangsters led by Turk Barrett who were engaged in kidnapping and sex trafficking. They planned on transporting a group of young women in a shipping container, but Murdock snuck up behind them and attacked, knocking down many of the guards and avoiding Barrett as he attempted to shoot him. Murdock quickly subdued the gangsters and freed the women before dodging out of the way of Barrett's gunshot and beating him senseless.

Daredevil S01E01 000560093

Murdock is awoken by Foggy Nelson

In the morning, Murdock was awoken by a phonecall from Foggy Nelson who ordered him to get out of bed so they could view the new offices for their law practice Nelson and Murdock, while teasing him about having possibly spent the night with a woman. Before they went Nelson joked that he was going to bribe Officer Brett Mahoney. The pair teased real estate agent Susan Harris about which one of them would get the room with a view. Murdock made her an offer on the office which was accepted and they both moved in, despite Nelson's protests.[4]

Defending Karen Page


Murdock and Nelson meet Karen Page

"It wasn't me, please, please you have to believe me. I didn't kill him."
"I believe you, Miss Page."
Karen Page and Matt Murdock[src]

Shortly after moving into their new offices, Nelson received a call from a policeman that a young woman called Karen Page had been found in her apartment having seemingly murdered a workmate with a knife. Murdock and Nelson met Page and offered to represent her; when she asked how long the pair had been practicing law, Murdock told her it had been seven hours. Murdock listened to her heartbeat while she told them what had occurred; knowing that her heartbeat was not changing, Murdock knew she was telling the truth and convinced Nelson that they should take on her case.


Murdock speaks to Karen Page

Later that night, they learned that Page was almost assassinated in her prison cell, so they managed to have her freed. Back in their offices, they began to question Page about who would try to kill her and why; she revealed that she had discovered a money laundering scheme inside the company she worked for. As it was clear that she should not stay in her apartment, Murdock allowed her to stay at his place. Once there he gave her new clothes and asked her more questions. When he asked if she had the incriminating files she had discovered, she lied and told him she did not. However, he could hear her heart racing and secretly knew she was lying.


Murdock protects Karen Page

During the night, Page sneaked out of Murdock's apartment; Murdock followed her and found her inside her home after collecting the hard-drive. He discovered her moments before she was attacked by an assassin. Murdock engaged the assassin in a fight, throwing himself and his enemy out the window. Murdock eventually used his strength and determination to defeat the assassin. After the fight, Murdock took the assassin to the offices of the New York Bulletin along with the hard-drive. This caused Page to be set free. She was quickly hired to work as a secretary for Nelson and Murdock.[4]

Meeting Claire Temple


Murdock is treated by Claire Temple

"Okay, I find a guy in a dumpster who turns out to be some kind of blind vigilante who can do all this really weird shit, like smell cologne through walls and sense whether someone's unconscious or faking it. Slap on-top of that, he can take an unbelievable amount of punishment without one damn complaint."
"The last part's the Catholicism."
Claire Temple and Matt Murdock[src]

Murdock heard a young boy had been kidnapped by Russian gangsters so he went out to try to rescue him. However, he soon discovered that it was a trap and he was attacked. Barely escaping with severe injuries, he hid inside a dumpster until he was found by Santino and Claire Temple. Temple took him upstairs into her apartment and treated his injuries; she quickly discovered that he was blind. Murdock woke up and tried to leave but Temple insisted that he had to stay as his wounds were too severe. As Murdock refused to give her his name, she began calling him "Mike".


Murdock drops a fire extinguisher on a mobster's head

After a while, Murdock smelled a Russian mobster wearing strong aftershave and cologne coming up the stairs looking for him. While Murdock got a kitchen knife, Temple told him to not attack the man coming and let her talk to him, as he was not strong enough to even stand right. Temple answered the door while Murdock hid and the man claimed to be an NYPD officer looking for the suspect of a robbery; Temple told the man that she had not seen anything. The mobster left but Murdock heard him on the phone and knew that he had not believed her, so he chased him down and dropped a fire extinguisher on his head, knocking him out. Murdock noticed that Santino had witnessed the attack and ran away. Together, Murdock and Temple dragged the unconscious mobster up to the roof.


Murdock threatens a mobster

Once on the roof, Murdock began questioning the mobster on the location of the missing boy, telling him that he would hurt him every time he lied. Temple suggested that Murdock should stab him just above the eye, causing the man incredible pain. When that still did not work, Murdock threatened to throw him off the roof; this made the mobster tell him exactly where the boy was: underneath a restaurant controlled by the Russians. Murdock still threw him off the roof, letting him fall into the same dumpster he had been pulled from earlier. When Temple asked if he was alive, Murdock assured her he was. Murdock told her that it would be wise for her to relocate.


Murdock rescues a young boy

Murdock then went to the restaurant where the boy was being held hostage. He arrived and immediately began fighting the mobsters. After a prolonged fight during which many of the mobsters were thrown through doors, Murdock came out as the winner with all the mobsters lying unconscious on the floor or in too much pain to move. Murdock then removed his mask and freed the boy, telling him that he was now safe. Murdock carried him from the restaurant and later returned him to his family.[2]

Defending John Healy


Murdock speaks to Father Lantom

The next morning Murdock visited his church and spoke to Father Lantom. Lantom told him that he was aware he was Jack Murdock's son but assured him that through the seal of confession he could not tell anyone what they had spoken about. He asked if Murdock was there for confession, but he told him he was not. Fantom then suggested that Murdock should join him for a cup of coffee but Murdock said they would do it another time.[7]


Murdock and Nelson speak to James Wesley

Back at the office, Murdock and Nelson were visited by James Wesley, who asked them to represent his client John Healy, who had just brutally murdered a gangster called Prohaszka. When Wesley left the office, having insulted Karen Page, Murdock followed him, tracking him by the tick of his watch. Murdock heard Wesley enter a limo and be driven away He considered following him, but Murdock felt a pain in his side and felt blood running from an open wound. Although he showed initial uncertainty towards the case, Murdock decided to take the case in an attempt to learn who was behind the criminal activity in Hell's Kitchen.


Murdock defends John Healy in court

Murdock and Nelson cross-examined Healy, who clearly was experienced in court proceedings. They began working out a strategy to get Healy off by claiming self-defense. During the trial, Murdock noticed a female juror's heart begin to beat faster when Wesley entered, Murdock tracked down the man threatening her and forced him to leave her alone. Murdock later gave a speech during the trial claiming that there was not enough evidence to convict Healy. As the result was being read out, Murdock noticed that another juryman's heart raced as Wesley entered; the jury announced a hung jury, resulting in Healy's freedom.


Murdock questions John Healy

Murdock later tracked down and confronted Healy. The pair began to fight, Healy using objects around him to attack Murdock. After an exhausting fight, Murdock came out as the victor and began questioning Healy on who his employer was. Eventually, Healy claimed it was Wilson Fisk. Healy told Murdock that now that he had revealed Fisk's name, he, his family and his friends would all become targets. Seeing no alternative, Healy called Murdock a coward for not killing him before he slammed his own face into an iron spike, killing him instantly. Murdock could only listen in horror.[7]

Pursuing the Russians


Murdock throws a Russian out of a window

"You really need to get some kind of body armor or something."
"It would slow me down too much."
"So will a bullet."
Claire Temple and Matt Murdock[src]

Murdock later attacked the Russian gangster Anatoly Ranskahov and his men. Although Ranskahov escaped with only minor injuries, Murdock was able to throw one of his men out of a window and onto his car. After escaping, Murdock went to Claire Temple to treat his injuries. Later, he received a phone call from Temple just as she was being kidnapped by Russian mobsters. Murdock ran to her aid but was too late. He spoke to her neighbor Santino who was able to reveal that she had been taken away in a taxi driven by the Russians.


Murdock searches for Claire Temple

Murdock arrived at the taxi's firm where he found Temple being beaten and tortured by the Russians. Murdock switched off the lights in the room and managed to fight off the Russians in the dark and rescued Temple. He took her back to his apartment and tried to comfort her. Temple asked him to feel her heart and tell her how she was feeling; Murdock knew then that she was terribly afraid for her life. However, Temple assured him that he could do something about that fear. Murdock then revealed to her his real first name.[8]

Daredevil Promo1

Murdock questions a Russian mobster

He tended to Claire's wounds and explained that his other senses, such as balance and direction, where enhanced, allowing him to detect micro-changes in air density, vibrations and temperature, which made his impressionistic radar/sonar-like sense. He asked her to stay at his apartment for her safety and they ended up sharing a kiss. The next night, Murdock followed a taxi carrying a blind man to a warehouse. Once there, he attacked the Russian gangsters guarding the man, although the blind man was killed after being shot in the cross-fire, Murdock was able to catch one of the gangsters, Piotr. Murdock tried to learn the location of Vladimir Ranskahov, who Claire had heard about when she was captured, but Piotr begged him not to cut off his head. When Murdock asked what he meant, Piotr told him that everyone believed the masked man had cut off the head of Ranskahov's brother Anatoly. Before he could learn any more, the police arrived and Murdock made his escape, leaving Piotr to be arrested.


Murdock listens to Elena Cardenas

Back at the office, Murdock began to ask Foggy Nelson and Karen Page whether they had heard about a Russian gangster having his head cut off before they were interrupted by the arrival of Elena Cardenas. Mrs. Cardenas explained that she needed legal help as her landlord was attempting to kick her out of her property and demolish her home after failing to finish repair work to the property. They agreed to take the case and Murdock told Mrs. Cardenas that Nelson would speak to her landlord's lawyer while he went to the NYPD. Nelson complained, knowing that the landlord was represented by their former employers Landman and Zack.[9]


Murdock speaks to Brett Mahoney

Murdock arrived at the police department and spoke to Brett Mahoney. Murdock explained the situation to Mahoney and asked to see the complaint files against Armand Tully, who owned Cardenas' home. Mahoney agreed and asked Murdock to wait. While he was waiting, Murdock overheard the questioning of Piotr, the mobster he had attacked the night before. Using his enhanced hearing, he heard Piotr asking for a deal in exchange for information on his employer Wilson Fisk. The two officers questioning him, Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman, turned out to also be under Fisk's pay. They pretended to be attacked by Piotr and shot him before Murdock could do anything.


Murdock speaks to Claire Temple

Knowing that the detectives were working for Fisk, Murdock tracked down and attacked detective Christian Blake. Blake tried to stick to his story that the Russian had attacked his partner, until Murdock began breaking his arm. Murdock asked him why Fisk had had Prohaszka murdered; he refused to answer, so Murdock knocked him out and stole his phone. Murdock later called Claire Temple and had her help him look at the phone. She told him the phone had a list of four locations sent to it. He recognized the addresses as locations under the control of the Russians. Murdock went to go after the locations, but Temple told him that she could not fall in love with someone who was so willing to put his life in danger.[9]

Final Days of the Russians


Murdock fights Vladimir Ranskahov

"That sounds bad but I don't speak asshole."
―Matt Murdock to Vladimir Ranskahov[src]

Murdock traveled to a location from the list on Blake's phone and found a pair of Russian guards standing by the door. Murdock began fighting the men. During the fight he overheard panic inside the building and knew a bomb was about to be set off. Murdock was shielded by his opponent as the door was blown off towards them as the building exploded, killing the Russians inside. When he awoke, Murdock caught Vladimir Ranskahov attempting to escape the wreckage. He attacked him and knocked him out, but before he could do anything, the police arrived and attempted to arrest him. Murdock was able to fight off the police, who mentioned killing them as they were "told" to leave "no witnesses", meaning that they were corrupt. He was unable to stop Ranskahov from being shot in the side, although he managed to escape with Ranskahov's unconscious body.[9]


Murdock speaks to Vladimir Ranskahov

Murdock carried Ranskahov to an abandoned building and began questioning him. Ranskahov claimed that Murdock was responsible for the murder of his brother Anatoly Ranskahov and that he had been working with Wilson Fisk. Murdock told him that he had been played by Fisk, who was responsible for Anatoly's murder and the destruction of his warehouses. Murdock offered to help him escape from Fisk's men, in exchange for information that would help him make Fisk pay for everything he had done, Ranskahov crudely refused before losing consciousness.

Murdock lits the flare to burn Ranskahov's open wound & sealing it

Murdock lights a flare to burn Ranskahov's open wound

Knowing that Vladimir Ranskahov would die without medical attention, which he could not give him, Murdock phoned Claire Temple for assistance. He explained the situation to her and asked her to walk him through saving his life, but when he explained who it was they were helping, Temple was furious. She agreed to help, however, and asked Murdock to tell her what tools he had available. Murdock used his heightened senses to detect a flare in the warehouse. Under Temple's instruction, Murdock lit the flare and used it to burn Ranskahov's open wound, sealing it. Ranskahov screamed in agony until he lost consciousness again.[10]


Murdock questions Vladimir Ranskahov

Murdock heard a police officer arriving in the warehouse, after hearing Ranskahov's screams. Murdock attacked the man and began questioning him. Murdock realized that the officer was a new cop who had not been paid off by Fisk. Murdock ordered the man to call off backup, but instead the officer told them that he had been taken hostage. Murdock was unable to knock him out in time to stop him. Murdock tied up the officer before pulling the officer's gun apart and throwing it away. Murdock began questioning Ranskahov again, who asked him about his morals on not killing people but being willing to let people die. Murdock reminded Ranskahov that Fisk had taken down his operation and had enough police in his pocket to ensure that Ranskahov was killed before he could leak information. Ranskahov agreed and told the man about his first encounter with Fisk and how their operation first came about. Murdock learned that Fisk was working with the Chinese. Ranskahov told him there was one name he needed to know, the name of Fisk's money man. When Murdock leaned in to hear it, Ranskahov attacked him, causing them to fall through the floorboards.

We're nothing alike

Murdock speaks to Wilson Fisk

The pair survived the fall and Murdock told him that it was not a smart thing to do. Ranskahov then lost consciousness again, and this time, he went into cardiac arrest. Murdock performed CPR and saved his life. Afterwards Murdock began to look for a way out, finding a sewage manhole cover but finding it was too hard to lift alone. He was interrupted when Wilson Fisk used Sullivan's radio to contact them. Murdock picked up the radio and spoke to his enemy for the first time. Fisk told him that they had a lot in common but Murdock assured him that they did not and he would bring him down. Fisk then offered Murdock the chance to kill Vladimir Ranskahov and go free. When Murdock refused, Fisk ordered his men to open fire at the police and release footage of Murdock attacking police. Fisk then hung up. Believing he'd be killed in the night, Murdock called Claire Temple to say goodbye and began searching for a way out. This time, however, Ranskahov helped and they made their way through the sewer.


Murdock leaves Vladimir Ranskahov behind

Once in the sewer, they were attacked by a small team of ESU officers, Murdock was able to beat them but found the wounded Ranskahov had taken one of their guns and was aiming it at him. Ranskahov told him that he planned on staying behind and fighting to the death, as his testimony would not lead to Fisk's arrest and only death would stop Fisk. Murdock insisted that he was not a killer. Ranskahov told him that Fisk would destroy his life and his family. He then told him that Fisk's money man's name was Leland Owlsley. Murdock then escaped as Vladimir Ranskahov fought until his death.[10]

Reunion with Stick

Daredevil confronts Leland Owlsley

Murdock confronts Leland Owlsley

"You wanted a father and I wanted a soldier."
"Then I guess we were both disappointed."
Stick and Matt Murdock[src]

In the offices of Nelson and Murdock, Murdock, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page discussed the recent events in Hell's Kitchen, including the footage of the masked man attacking the police. Nelson had become convinced that the masked man was a terrorist while Page insisted he was not.

Murdock later tracked down and attacked Leland Owlsley and asked him for whom he worked; when Owlsley lied, Murdock punched him. Before he could get any more information from him, however, he was distracted by the sound of a man with a stick approaching; Owlsley used this moment to stun Murdock with a taser before escaping. As Murdock lay on the ground, his own mentor Stick arrived and berated him for being beaten by an old man.


Murdock speaks to Stick

Murdock brought Stick back to his apartment, where Stick began to immediately insult him, claiming that he should not be living such a comfortable lifestyle. Murdock argued that Stick was just pissed off that he had made something of his life without his help. Stick told him that he should abandon his work, life and friends and live as a warrior. When Stick insulted Jack Murdock's legacy, Murdock attacked him but was only able to break his hold. Stick revealed he was there to continue his war by fighting the Japanese and wanted the weapon Nobu Yoshioka was transporting, known as Black Sky. Murdock agreed to help him as long as Stick promised not to kill anyone.


Murdock at the docks fighting Nobu Yoshioka's men

The pair arrived at the dock and found Yoshioka moving a large container from a cargo ship. Stick sent Murdock down to fight off Yoshioka's soldiers; he went down and silently knocked out a few of the guards without raising the alarm. When the container was opened, Murdock realized that Black Sky was, in fact, a young child. Sensing that Stick was preparing to shoot the child with an arrow, Murdock leapt into action and deflected the arrow, alerting the guards to his presence. Yoshioka escaped with Black Sky and Murdock fought off the guards. When the guards were defeated, Murdock realized that Stick had disappeared.


Murdock after fighting Stick

Back in his apartment, Murdock found Stick waiting for him. Stick revealed that he had indeed hunted down and murdered Black Sky. Furious at the realization, Murdock attacked Stick; during the fight most of Murdock's apartment was damaged or destroyed. Stick was able to maintain the upper hand during the majority of the fight but in the end, Murdock managed to defeat his former mentor. Murdock threw Stick's bag at him and demanded that he leave his home. After Stick had gone, Murdock was cleaning up his apartment when he found the bracelet he had made for Stick as a child, which he believed Stick had destroyed when he left him as a child.[5]

Exposing Fisk


Murdock argues with Nelson and Page

The next morning, Murdock awoke in his wrecked apartment and went to work. Arriving, Murdock overheard Foggy Nelson and Karen Page discussing their secret investigation of Union Allied Construction. Murdock tried to convince them to leave it alone for their own good, but Page was insistent. They told him they were working with Ben Urich, who would break the story for them. Murdock agreed to help them, as long as they promised they would bring down Union Allied through the legal system. While they investigated the case, Page told them Detective Christian Blake had just woken up in hospital after being shot.


Murdock speaks to Christian Blake

When Murdock arrived at Blake's hospital ward, he found Carl Hoffman injecting him with poison. Murdock put Hoffman in a chokehold and knocked him out before turning his attention to Blake. He locked the door and informed Blake the poison had already reached his heart; there was nothing anyone could do to save his life. The vigilante told Blake to tell him everything he knew about Wilson Fisk. Once Blake had given him the information he needed, Murdock escaped the room moments before the police kicked down the door and found Blake lying dead.


Murdock meets Ben Urich

Murdock later tracked down Ben Urich, the journalist Karen Page had been speaking to. Murdock insisted he was not the one responsible for the explosions in Hell's Kitchen. Instead, he wanted Urich to expose the man who was--Fisk. Urich was initially unsure about this claim. When he pressed Murdock for proof, the vigilante was unable to provide any. However, Murdock did reveal to Urich the details of Fisk's operation, including Leland Owlsley's involvement and Fisk's part in the murder of Detective Blake. Urich ultimately agreed to write the article. However, not long afterwards, Fisk made a public announcement which contradicted everything Urich would have said.[11]

Questioning Morality


Murdock and Lantom discuss the Devil

"Do you believe in the Devil, Father?"
"You mean as a concept?"
"No, do you believe he exists, in this world, among us?"
―Matt Murdock speaks to Father Lantom[src]

Considering the recent events, Murdock went to Father Lantom for counsel and accepted his offer for a latte. Once Lantom had poured his coffee, Murdock asked him if he believed in the Devil and if the Devil walked among them. Lantom chose to tell Murdock the tale of a holy man he had met while working overseas; Lantom had witnessed the man and his family murdered by a military commander. Lantom claimed that he had seen the Devil in the eyes of the man who had murdered his friend.


Murdock speaks to Ben Urich

Murdock arrived back at the offices of Nelson and Murdock to discover Ben Urich was having a meeting with Karen Page and Foggy Nelson about what to do about bringing down Fisk. Murdock joined the debate, agreeing with most of Urich's points as they both wanted to keep everyone as safe as possible; they discussed tracking down Armand Tully who was responsible for moving tenants from their homes under Fisk's orders. When Page commented on how "bad ass" the man in the mask was, Murdock could not help but smile, despite Nelson still claiming that the man was a terrorist.


Murdock speaks to Elena Cardenas

As their leads proved more and more fruitless, they were visited by Elena Cardenas, who revealed that Wilson Fisk had doubled the offer to get the tenants to move from their homes. They agreed to refuse the offer and to continue to fight back. After she had gone however, Murdock argued that it was too dangerous to fight Fisk this way as he was sure to win. He told them to continue digging as he believed they would find something in a lost document somewhere. Murdock then went out to look for the woman who appeared with Fisk at his press event as he appeared to be close to her; Page confirmed which art gallery she worked and Murdock left.[12]

Meeting Wilson Fisk


Murdock meets Wilson Fisk

"This city and its future, seeing Hell's Kitchen to its fullest potential is very important to me."
"I feel the same way."
Wilson Fisk and Matt Murdock[src]

Murdock arrived at the Scene Contempo Gallery where he was soon approached by Vanessa Marianna. Murdock jokingly explained the reasons for a blind man looking to purchase art as he claimed his guests would often state his home was a bit stark and he wished to warm it up. Marianna began describing some of the pieces of artwork for Murdock to imagine. He then asked her if she was seeing anyone, claiming to wish to know what a man who won her heart appreciated. Wilson Fisk then arrived in the building; although he had to control his anger, Murdock greeted him warmly. Fisk claimed that if he wished to purchase art he should buy whatever Marianna suggested; Murdock however reminded him that they should not be speaking as they were on opposing sides of a law case. Murdock then left claiming he needed to consider the cost of the art work.


Murdock seeks guidance from Lantom

Seeking moral guidance, Murdock went to visit Father Lantom again. Murdock told Lantom that he had been to visit someone close to the devil and had only learned that Fisk did indeed have someone he loved, who loved him in return. Lantom tried to convince him to leave the judgment and punishment to God, as he did not wish for Murdock to commit murder. Murdock and Lantom discussed if it was better to commit murder or allow someone to continue to cause grave crimes without being stopped. Lantom then posed the question if Murdock was struggling with the thought that he had to kill the Devil but did not want to, or that he did not have to but wanted to.


Murdock learns Elena Cardenas is dead

Back in the office, Foggy Nelson presented Murdock with an official sign for Nelson and Murdock. While they were celebrating however, Karen Page received a phonecall that Elena Cardenas had been murdered in her home. They went together to identify the body and Brett Mahoney revealed that a junkie had stabbed her while stealing her purse. The group went to Josie's Bar to drown their sorrows with alcohol; there they discussed the idea that Cardenas' death was not a random act of violence but a planned assassination. While they were talking, Wilson Fisk appeared on the TV claiming to be mourning Mrs. Cardenas' death. Murdock and Page then discussed religion where Murdock revealed his Catholic beliefs. Murdock then claimed to have had enough and left.[12]

Duel at Pier 81


Murdock confronts Elena Cardenas's killer

"I'm gonna kill you."
"Take your shot."
―Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk[src]

Putting on his black suit, Murdock hunted down the junkie who had killed Elena Cardenas. He found the man high on drugs before he violently questioned him, throwing him into broken glass. The junkie claimed not to know the names of the men who hired him, stating he had been taken to a warehouse and given his orders. Murdock ordered the man to surrender himself to Brett Mahoney at the police station.


Murdock is nearly killed by Nobu Yoshioka

Arriving at the warehouse, armed with his escrima sticks, Murdock was confronted by Nobu Yoshioka, who was wearing an all red ninja suit. Murdock complimented Yoshioka on his ability to slow his heartbeat and reduce his body temperature to ensure the encounter was a surprise. As the two fought, Murdock was vastly outmatched and was cut and stabbed repeatedly by Yoshioka's Kyoketsu-shoge. The ninja commented that Murdock was a worthy opponent and he considered it to be an honor to claim his life. Eventually, Murdock, barely able to stand, managed to kick Yoshioka, which caused a damaged fuel tank to leak onto Yoshioka's feet, which got ignited and immolated him when Murdock deflected his blade into a lamp that showered sparks.


Murdock is attacked by Wilson Fisk

Before he could escape, Murdock was confronted by Wilson Fisk, who was accompanied by James Wesley and one of his guards. Fisk claimed he had used Murdock to kill Yoshioka, although he had wished that they had killed each other, and admitted to organizing the death of Elena Cardenas. Murdock told him he would kill him and the two began fighting, but the wounded Murdock was no match for Fisk and was brutally beaten. During the fight, he tried to cut Fisk and learned he was wearing body armor in his suit. As Murdock lay wounded, Fisk ordered Wesley to shoot him, but Murdock threw one of his sticks to block Wesley's gun and then managed to leap from the window and swim to safety. He eventually made it back to his apartment where he collapsed and was found and unmasked by Foggy Nelson.[12]

Nelson vs Murdock

Nelson v. Murdock

Murdock recovers from his injures

"If you weren't half dead I would kick your ass, Murdock; am I lying about that?"
Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock[src]

Nelson called Claire Temple who arrived and treated Murdock's injuries. When he regained consciousness, Murdock found Nelson still in his apartment, furious about having been lied to for all the years of their friendship. Nelson questioned if Murdock was the one responsible for the bombing and shooting police officers. Murdock told him that Fisk was responsible for everything. When Karen Page called Murdock's phone, Nelson turned the phone off. When Page called Nelson, he answered and told her that Murdock was in a car accident. He then demanded that Murdock tell him everything about his abilities and his history.


Murdock tells Foggy Nelson the truth

Murdock told him how he was trained by Stick and how he had been taught to use his blindness as an advantage. Later Nelson received a call from Brett Mahoney informing him that the junkie who killed Elena Cardenas had seemingly committed suicide by jumping off a roof. Murdock told Nelson that he had never killed anyone but wanted to after Cardenas' death, telling him how he had gone to the warehouse with the intention of killing Wilson Fisk. Murdock then told Nelson how his abilities actually developed as he was a child and how he tried not to become a fighter to make his father proud, but was left with no choice when he heard about a little girl being abused by her father, leading him to attack the father, putting him on the path to wearing the mask. During their continued arguments Nelson compared Murdock to Fisk and told him he would not have kept this a secret from him before storming out.[3]

Mental and Physical Recovery


Murdock is given a balloon

Karen Page arrived the next morning to check on Murdock, believing him to have been in a car accident. Murdock opened a bottle of beer for himself and skirted around the questions Page threw at him. Page started to suspect there was not a car accident and Murdock had endangered himself, making an enemy of Wilson Fisk after meeting Vanessa Marianna. She asked him if someone had broken in and beaten him up and Murdock said nothing. Page then told him that they had discovered that Fisk's mother was still alive and living under the name Marlene Vistain and Fisk had murdered his father as a young boy. Murdock reminded skeptical as he did not believe it would make a difference. Page left after giving Murdock a balloon.


Claire Temple treats Murdock's wounds

When Murdock tried to move too much he pulled out his stitches, so he called Claire Temple, who returned to stitch up is wounds again. They spoke about how Murdock used meditation to help heal his wounds. Temple suggested that Murdock should invest in body armor to protect himself. He told her how he had sensed that Wilson Fisk wore a special light body armor. Temple then announced that she was planning on leaving the city for a few months. She told him that she believed he had been killed the night the Russians were blown up and they knew that they could only be together if Murdock stopped wearing the mask, which he never would. She left after telling him she would always be there to patch him up and comparing him to a martyr.


Murdock speaks to Lantom

With little confidence, Murdock returned to church to seek guidance from Father Lantom. Murdock told him that he did not kill the man he had told him about, but that he had wanted to. He explained how Claire Temple had told him that if he continued what he was doing, he would end up bloody and alone. Lantom revealed that he knew that Murdock was indeed the man in the mask who was attacking criminals at night, although he did not know how he did it. Murdock asked why God had put the Devil within him and they discussed what the Devil actually represented.[13]

Designing the Red Suit


Murdock meditates

"What do you want me to make?"
"A symbol."
Melvin Potter and Matt Murdock[src]

Murdock returned home and tried to meditate to calm his mind and recover his body, but he continued to suffer from the memories of his violent fights with Nobu Yoshioka and Wilson Fisk. Putting his suit back on, he tracked down and chased Turk Barrett and disarmed him. He threatened that if he went for any of his backup weapons, he would throw him off the roof. Murdock demanded to know where Fisk got his armored suits from. Barrett initially claimed to not know but quickly revealed that it was Melvin Potter when Murdock nearly threw him off the roof.

Gladiator Symbol

Murdock arrives in Melvin Potter's Workshop

Arriving at Melvin Potter's Workshop, Murdock explored the Workshop and noticed the designs and blueprints on the tables. He was soon interrupted by the arrival of Melvin Potter. Potter appeared confused and frightened, claiming that no one should be there. Potter then attacked Murdock with martial arts, brute strength similar to Wilson Fisk's and various items around the workshop including chains and buzzsaws. Eventually, Murdock managed to overpower Potter with a strangle hold and spoke to him. Murdock quickly realized that Potter was a mentally unstable man who was being forced to work for Wilson Fisk under the threat that his friend and caregiver Betsy Beatty would be killed. Murdock promised he would protect Potter and Beatty if he designed an armored suit for him.[13]


Murdock encounters Foggy Nelson

Murdock arrived back at the Nelson and Murdock Law Office and found Foggy Nelson and Karen Page speaking to each other. After an awkward encounter with Nelson as he was leaving in which neither said a word, Murdock spoke to Page. Page told him that Nelson believed that he was responsible for the death of Elena Cardenas. She tried to convince Murdock to repair his relationship with his friend. Murdock suspected that Page was hiding something. When he asked if something had happened she told him that the world had fallen apart.[14]

Bringing down the Drug Trade


Murdock gets information from Ben Urich

Murdock met with Ben Urich outside his office and asked him for information regarding the heroin he had taken from the junkie who had killed Elena Cardenas. He told Urich that he believed since the Russians had been wiped out, Wilson Fisk would have likely taken over distribution of the heroin and he wanted to disrupt that trade to throw Fisk off balance. When Urich revealed he was working on something he believed could help, Murdock told him to keep his head down, using Anatoly Ranskahov's death as an example. Urich told him it was a woman running the Chinese drug trade and they were using blind men and women to deliver the heroin. Urich jokingly told Murdock he needed a new outfit and Murdock assured him he was working on it.


Murdock searches for the blind drug movers

Waiting on the street where Ben Urich told him he had seen the blind men delivering the drugs, Murdock used his heightened hearing. He waited to hear the taps of a cane. Murdock followed a blind woman until she was picked up by a car. Murdock followed the car using the classical music it was playing to keep track of its location, running and using acrobatics to move across rooftops until it stopped outside a warehouse. Murdock listened and memorized the secret knock to gain entry and returned home. While stitching up his wounds again he called Karen Page to tell her he would not be coming into the office as he claimed he was working on something that could help the case.


Murdock attacks the Chinese base

Murdock used the secret knock to gain entry into the Chinese drug den. Once inside he took out the guards. He noticed that the workers did not take any notice of him, and he realized they all been blinded. He was spotted by the woman in charge, Madame Gao, who ordered the workers to attack him, resulting in them grouping up on him while he said he was trying to help them. Murdock survived the attack however and confronted Gao. She revealed that all her workers had blinded themselves rather than her blinding them because they had faith in her. When Murdock tried to ask her about Wilson Fisk, she pushed him to the floor and sent him sliding a few feet. When he looked up, she was nowhere to be seen. With the building burning down, Murdock ordered one of the guards to help the blind workers escape. As Murdock was leaving he was confronted by Brett Mahoney who attempted to arrest him. Murdock knocked him down and told him that Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman were dirty cops before escaping.


Murdock opens up to Karen Page

Murdock returned to the office to find Karen Page had locked the door. Page asked him if the company had become three people who never speak to each other. In response Murdock quoted Stick's speech that he should push the people he cared about away, and told her that although he had tried to ignore that advice, he clearly had listened to those words and taken them to heart. He told Page that he had had a terrible night in which he had seen the worst of humanity and learned that he could not do what he did alone anymore. As he broke down crying, Page took him in her arms and comforted him, telling him that he was not alone and he never was.[14]

Personal Loss


Murdock and Lantom at Ben Urich's funeral

"How are you holding up?"
"Like a good Catholic boy."
"That bad huh?"
Lantom and Matt Murdock[src]

After Ben Urich was found murdered in his home, Murdock and Karen Page attended his funeral, led by Father Lantom. He listened as Page spoke to Ben's widow Doris Urich. Lantom approached Murdock to ask how he was holding up after the death of his friend. Murdock told him he felt that it was his fault that Urich had died, as he had not stopped Fisk. Back at the office, Page expressed her anger that Urich's former boss Mitchell Ellison had attended, as she believed he had been taking money from Wilson Fisk. They then discussed Foggy Nelson, who had failed to turn up to the funeral. Page told Murdock she was too afraid to return home in case Fisk ever found out she was with Urich when they spoke to his mother. Murdock swore to protect her.


Murdock speaks to Foggy Nelson

Murdock attempted to question Ben Urich's former boss Mitchell Ellison but failed. While training at Fogwell's Gym, Murdock was visited by Foggy Nelson. When Murdock asked how he had found him, Nelson told him he had always known about the gym but assumed it was something to do with Murdock's father so he had never questioned it. They spoke about Karen Page's reactions to Nelson not attending the funeral and their own relationship. Nelson revealed that he had been working with Marci Stahl, who had been copying files concerning Landman and Zack's dealings with Wilson Fisk and Leland Owlsley, Murdock told him to leave it alone as this is what killed Urich. Nelson desperately tried to convince him not to go after Fisk in the mask again, and to use the law instead. They agreed to work together again.[15]

Bringing down Fisk


Murdock and Nelson speak to Brett Mahoney

The pair met with Brett Mahoney who spoke about the warehouse fire at Madame Gao's base. He told them about his encounter with the masked man and how he was starting to believe that Wilson Fisk was the enemy, mentioning that there was not a single fingerprint at the scene of Ben Urich's death. During their conversation Murdock overheard two officers talking about hunting down Carl Hoffman. They continued their research back at the Nelson and Murdock offices where Karen Page commented on how nice it was to be back together. They looked through the files given to them by Marci Stahl to try and find anything in the money movements that could lead them to where Leland Owlsley could be keeping Carl Hoffman. Eventually Page worked out that there was a property missing from the record and there was no profit from selling it, meaning it was being hidden from the records.


Murdock threatens Carl Hoffman

Murdock went down to the building and found a team of corrupt police officers had killed Owlsley's guards and were preparing to shoot Carl Hoffman. Murdock was able to save Hoffman and take out the corrupt officers. He sat opposite Hoffman and convinced him to give evidence against Wilson Fisk rather than sit and wait for someone to kill him. He told him to turn himself in to Brett Mahoney and use Nelson and Murdock as his lawyers. Murdock followed him to ensure he did as instructed and watched as Hoffman arrived at the precinct and gave himself up to Mahoney. Nelson and Murdock were hired as his lawyers and sat with him as he gave evidence against Fisk, exposing his entire operation and leading to the arrests of Turk Barrett, the corrupt cops, Senator Randolph Cherryh and Wilson Fisk.


Murdock, Nelson and Page celebrate

With Fisk being taken to prison, Murdock celebrated with Foggy Nelson and Karen Page. They raised their glasses in tribute to everyone Fisk had hurt, including Elena Cardenas and Ben Urich. However during their celebrations, a news report came on the television showing that the armored van carrying Wilson Fisk was being hijacked. They decided to get home quickly before they became endangered, but Murdock decided to leave them and get his own taxi. Nelson tried to convince him not to endanger himself but Murdock convinced him that he knew what he was doing. He took a cab to Melvin Potter's Workshop where he collected his new red and black armored suit. Standing on a rooftop, Murdock listened to the police sirens to try and locate Fisk.[15]

Duel of Hell's Kitchen

Daredevil Red Suit 02

Daredevil confronts Wilson Fisk

"You were right. What you told me over the radio that night. Not everyone deserves a happy ending."
―Daredevil to Wilson Fisk[src]

Finding the van transporting Fisk, Murdock threw one of his batons at the window, causing the driver to crash. Murdock confronted Wilson Fisk and told him that not everyone deserved a happy ending. While Murdock fought his guards, Fisk attempted to escape on foot. After knocking out the guard with the use of his batons, Murdock cornered his enemy. Fisk roared at Daredevil, telling him that he was going to kill him; Murdock repeated what Fisk had told him after his fight with Nobu Yoshioka and told him to take his shot.

Daredevil Red Suit 10

Daredevil knocks out Wilson Fisk

The pair engaged in a fierce and brutal fight, where Fisk's brute strength and determination was equally matched with Murdock's speed and agility. Although Murdock's new armored suit offered extra protection, Fisk was still able to beat him nearly to death by throwing him at walls and hard onto the ground before beating him repeatedly with a metal pole, all the while ranting about how the city did not deserve heroes but deserved people like himself and his father. Determined to bring Fisk down, Murdock disarmed Fisk and used his own batons to beat him into submission. Barely able to stand, Fisk mocked Murdock's attempts to make a difference to the city while wearing a costume, but with a final hard punch to the face, Daredevil knocked out Fisk. Brett Mahoney then arrived on the scene and arrested Fisk.[15]


Gz30ec6yaek3cceimpqk (1)

Murdock and Karen Page discuss Daredevil

"That is a serious upgrade."
"I don't know, I think the horns are a little much."
Karen Page and Foggy Nelson talk about Daredevil[src]

The next morning, Karen Page read the newspaper article regarding Wilson Fisk's arrest at the hands of Daredevil and joked about the name and the costume. Foggy Nelson finished attaching a sign to the outside of the Nelson and Murdock offices. They discussed how long it could take for Fisk to go to trial. Murdock then spoke to Page alone, commenting that there was still something in her voice that told him she was still frightened; she told him that putting Fisk behind bars would not bring back Ben Urich or Elena Cardenas or erase the trauma they had been through. He told her all they could do was move forward.


Daredevil overlooks his city

That same night, Murdock put on his new red armored suit once more and stood on a rooftop overlooking his beloved city, now free from the clutches of Wilson Fisk and his deadly plans, but still in need of a lone hero willing to protect its people from any dangers and new enemies that came its way. Upon hearing gunshots and the screams of some women in danger nearby, Daredevil readied his batons and ran off the roof to save them, ready to forever protect the good and innocent people of Hell's Kitchen from whatever threat that came their way, now or in the future.[15]

Another Brawl with Barrett

Daredevil and Turk Comic

Daredevil confronting Barrett.

"Turk, I've been all over the city looking for you."
―Daredevil to Turk Barrett[src]

Upon discovering Turk Barrett had escaped jail, yet again, Daredevil tracked down and ambushed him while he was trying to collect money from one of his clients. Daredevil fought and defeated not just Barrett, but the gangsters there who were having an illegal card game. The brawl brought Barrett to the hospital, having been almost beaten to death by Murdock, which was brought to the attention of Jessica Jones, who was conducting her own investigation into Barrett.[16]

Protecting the Kitchen

Ten months after Wilson Fisk's imprisonment, Zuly Almeida, a woman who was being abused by her husband, came to Nelson and Murdock. While they were unable to help her legally, Foggy Nelson suggested Almeida stay at a home for woman suffering domestic abuse. However, Almedia's husband found out that she was leaving him and under the influence of alcohol followed her to a bus stop with a butcher knife, wanting to behead and butcher her to death. Murdock, however, as Daredevil, found out about this and interrupted him before he could harm Almeida. Daredevil brutally assaulted him, which resulted in Almeida sustaining two broken arms and waking up in Metro-General Hospital with a restraining ordered safety pinned to his chest by Murdock himself. Murdock did not tell Nelson about this incident.

Guardian Devil


Daredevil looking for a robber in a church.

Daredevil chased down four robbers in New York City. He subdued the first one who was about to kill a police officer. The second one, he cornered and brutally beat in the kitchen of a restaurant; the third one, who was interrupted by a man who nearly drove him over and whose car he was about to steal, he knocked out and told the driver to call 9-1-1. The final one took a teenage girl hostage and held himself up in a church. Daredevil tracked him down and cornered him where, after a brief stand off, he managed to subdue the robber and secure the girl's safety as officers arrived. As he watched from above, more officers arrived to the scene. Murdock smiled happily, having now fully immersed himself in his vigilante life.

The "Devil" Problem

The next morning Murdock and Foggy Nelson walked to to the Nelson and Murdock Law Office together with Nelson telling him about his date the previous night. As the two joked, Nelson noticed blood coming from the back of Murdock's head from his latest outing as Daredevil. While Murdock insisted they didn't have to talk about it, Nelson insisted, and told Murdock that he was having a hard time making up excuses for his numerous injuries, and pointed out that he would be arrested, or at the very least, disbarred from practicing law, only for Murdock to claim that Nelson would just continue to run the firm without him.

Murdock then proceeded to tell him the story of Zuly Almeida and insisted that if he took a night off as Daredevil people would get hurt. Nelson told Murdock he didn't want to lose him and Murdock assured him he wouldn't. Arriving at the office, the two met up with Karen Page, who proceeded to lay out the cases they had today before telling them in private that while they had more clients then ever, they were broke. Murdock insisted they would get by.

A New Client


Murdock plays pool with Karen Page

"If you're the only one who survived your good fortune is going to rub some powerful people the wrong way."
"No shit! I got a pack of killers gunning for my men, my people think I'm a traitor or a rat."
―Matt Murdock and Grotto[src]

Later Murdock, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page went to Josie's Bar where they shot pool. When Nelson went to get some more drinks Page helped Murdock try to shoot. He then heard her heart racing. Murdock picked up another rapid heartbeat as well, mentioning it to Nelson along with the fact that the man had his finger on the trigger of a gun. Murdock went to confront the man named Grotto, a low member of the Kitchen Irish, who was actually looking for both him and Nelson.

Speaking to Nelson, Murdock, and Page, Grotto described a massacre in which every Irish member was killed. After listening to his heart beat Murdock knew he was telling the truth. Grotto then claimed that he only wanted to be placed in witness protection. Grotto then told them he would give the police anything if he could get out of New York City, and he told them all he wanted was a second chance to do right. He then collapsed, from a wound he had sustained during the gunfire.

Murdock and Nelson went to the scene of the massacre which was now being investigated by the New York City Police Department. Meeting up with Brett Mahoney, who refused to tell them anything, Murdock used his superhuman hearing to listen in on the cops who revealed that the gangsters were wearing body armor. Mahoney relented and told the lawyers that this wasn’t the first huge gang hit, and that the police thought a paramilitary outfit of some sort was behind the attacks. Mahoney then warned them to keep their witness away. Murdock then decided to investigate further, much to Nelson's charging, as Daredevil.

Hunting the Punisher

Another confrontation with Daredevil

Daredevil interrogates Turk Barrett

"The Irish had a whole squad massacred tonight."
"That's a damn shame cause I'm fresh outta sympathy cards."
"There's talk about an army in town, military grade firepower, high volume, whose the supplier Turk?"
―Daredevil and Turk Barrett[src]

Daredevil disrupted the deal going on between Turk Barrett involving firearms. After defeating the thugs and Barrett, Daredevil interrogated Barrett, asking about who had supplied the weapons that had caused the Massacre at the Burren Club. When Daredevil literally twisted his arm, Barrett told Daredevil that the Mexican Cartel might be behind the the attack before he was knocked out by Daredevil and left for the police.


Daredevil finds the massacred Mexican Cartel

Daredevil then went to the location given to him by Barrett where the Mexican Cartel were hiding out, only to discover most of them dead and hung on meat hooks. As he sensed over the scene, Daredevil discovered that only one person was still being alive, clinging to life despite being injured horrifically and left to die on the hook. Daredevil carefully took the man off the meat hook and asked what had happened. As the tried to stay alive while slowly bleeding to death from his injuries, the gang member eventually revealed that it was not a whole army targeting the gangs, but only one man.

Finding the Punisher


Daredevil is shot in the head by the Punisher

"Blood is being shed, Foggy."
"And you've donated more than your fair share to the cause."
―Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson[src]

Daredevil located the culprit who was about to kill Grotto with a sniper rifle outside Metro-General Hospital. The two engaged in a brutal fight where Daredevil found himself suprised by the man's brutal savagery and strength. Daredevil eventually seemed to finally gain the upper hand, only for the shooter to take out a pistol and shoot Daredevil in the head, knocking him off the building.


Murdock recovers with Foggy Nelson's help

The gunshot knocked Murdock unconscious, but did not penetrate his helmet, which was damaged. Murdock remained unconscious until the following morning, when Foggy Nelson found him. Nelson managed to get back to Murdock's home without being noticed. Nelson once again expressed anger and exasperation at Murdock's vigilanteism, but Murdock made it clear that he did not trust the New York City Police Department to handle the shooter. Although he was suffering from a headache and clearly still recovering from the gunshot wound, Murdock wanted to join Nelson and Karen Page at the 15th Precinct to help get a witness protection agreement for Grotto. However, Nelson insisted that Murdock stay home and recover, and asked him to trust him to do his job.


Murdock suffers a horrific headache attack

Some time later, Murdock attempted to get a glass of water from his sink when his hearing became distorted. Sounds were so loud that they were painful. The sound of an aspirin hitting the tabletop disturbed him so much that he dropped his glass of water. To his shock, he realized that the glass made no sound when it shattered on the floor. He panicked, realizing that he now could no longer hear nor see. After some time, he meditated, and his hearing returned in time for him to hear someone knocking at the door.


Murdock speaks in private with Karen Page

He opened the door to let in Karen Page, who was still shaky after fleeing the shooter the night before. Seeing the broken glass on the floor, she assumed that Murdock had been drinking. When she questioned him about his injuries, he jokingly reminded her that he was blind. She sarcastically replied that she was not an idiot. Backing off, she told him that she would be there for him whenever he felt comfortable telling her what is going on.

She then changed the subject, filling him in about Grotto's case, including the fact that Reyes personally met them at the Precinct. She also told him that the shooter was being called "The Punisher" and mused if the people of the city had helped create him by cheering on Daredevil. Murdock quickly pointed out that Daredevil had never killed anyone, but she replied that they simply never heard about him killing anyone. Before leaving, she told Murdock that she and Nelson cared about him and that he was worth keeping around.

As soon as Page left, Murdock brought the damaged helmet to Melvin Potter in his workshop and asked him if he could repair it. Potter was not optimistic, saying that it would be best if he could construct an entire new helmet, as the damage was severe. Murdock convinced him to repair the damaged helmet as best he could so he could go after The Punisher as soon as possible, and then create a new one later.

Wearing a black hoodie, Murdock clandestinely inspected the Burren Club where the Kitchen Irish had been massacred. Outside the club, he found a dog's chain and picked up the scent of the dog, who had been injured. He was able to track the dog's movements until he came across a stretch of pavement that was being washed, eliminating the scent. Standing on the street, he picked up the sound of a police radio, and traced the sound back to a small apartment, where a chained dog began barking at him. Murdock calmed the dog with a handful of nearby dog food and listened to the police radio. He overheard plans to draw out The Punisher using Grotto as bait.

Round Two with Punisher

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Murdock returned to Melvin Potter's Workshop and donned his newly repaired helmet and suit. He went to the location where the New York City Police Department had set their trap for The Punisher. Finding him on a nearby roof, he attacked him, and the two brawled while the police shot at The Punisher. The two combatants crashed through a skylight into the building below. Arising, Daredevil's hearing began to fail him again and he became disoriented. The Punisher used this to his advantage, knocking Daredevil unconscious.

Debating with Punisher

Murdock awoke from a dream in which a nun was tending to him while he was a boy. Upon awakening, he discovered that he was chained to a chimney on a rooftop. He struggled against the chains but could not free himself. The Punisher sarcastically wished him a good morning.

When Murdock asked him why he didn't remove his mask, he responded that he didn't care about his identity. Murdock deduced that the man was a soldier. Murdock tried to get The Punisher to reveal information about himself, asking if he was a Catholic, and if he was from New York. The Punisher warned him not to dig for information.

Murdock heard someone approaching the roof from inside the building, and asked The Punisher not to hurt him. The Punisher warned Murdock that if he called attention to himself again, the person approaching the roof was going to get hurt.

Murdock overheard the Punisher speaking to an older man, introducing himself as Frank. The old man and Frank bonded over being veterans; Frank served in Iraq and Afghanistan, while the older man served in Viet Nam.

During the conversation, Murdock strained against his chains, attracting the veteran's attention. Frank told the old man the noise was a rat and pressed a gun to the door leading inside the building in a way that the old man couldn't see it. Satisfied that Frank was just on the roof to have a smoke, the old man left and returned to his apartment.

Alone with the man who called himself Frank, Murdock accused him of threatening an innocent man, but Frank replied that the gun was for Daredevil's benefit. The two began to argue about their differing methods of justice. Murdock argued that all human beings had a spark of goodness in them, and that there was always hope they would find redemption and change their ways. Frank argued that the criminals Daredevil put away always got out again, and continued to hurt innocents. Frank claimed that the only way to stop the cycle was to kill them.

Murdock then told Frank that he would never stop coming after him, because Frank was insane and needed to be stopped. Furious, Frank knocked Murdock unconscious.

A Fatal Test

When Murdock regained consciousness, he was horrified to find that Frank had duct taped a gun to his hand. Frank informed him that there was only one round in the chamber, and that he was wearing body armor, so the only way to stop him was to shoot him in the head.

Frank then dragged Elliot Grote into Daredevil's view, explaining that he was going to kill him, and the only way Daredevil could stop him was to shoot Frank. Frank coerced Grote into telling Daredevil that he had performed hits for the Irish mob. He then admitting to killing an old woman who had witnessed one of the hits. Despite hearing all this, Murdock loudly refused to shoot Grote. Frank said that he would do it himself, and the only way for Daredevil to stop that from happening would be for him to shoot Frank.

Murdock, however, found another way - he used the one bullet in the gun to shoot through his chains and free himself. He attacked Frank, but was unable to stop him from fatally shooting Grote. As Murdock tried to comfort the dying Grote, Frank took aim at motorcycles parked outside the Dogs of Hell headquarters.

Murdock launched himself at Frank, but Frank was able to take the shot, causing an explosion. Murdock fought and eventually subdued Frank, taking him inside the building and placing him in a freight elevator.

Fighting the Dogs of Hell

Just as Murdock was about to leave in the elevator with Frank, bikers from the Dogs of Hell arrived, angry at the destruction of their bikes. The old man from the rooftop then emerged from his apartment. Murdock, knowing the man was in danger, left Frank in the elevator and grabbed one of the bikers, threatening him with the empty gun. Once the man was safely back in his apartment, Murdock pulled the trigger and chuckled.

This began a long, protracted fight between Daredevil and the Dogs of Hell, in which Murdock used his superior fighting skills along with the chain he was still trailing to defeat them. However, once he returned to the freight elevator, he noticed that Frank was gone.


"Lawyer by day, vigilante by night. How does that work?"
Claire Temple[src]

Matt Murdock, for lack of a better term, is complicated. As a child, he felt immense guilt and loss: blaming himself for the death of his father as well as feeling lost after losing his sight. He was both heroic and selfless even as a child, as was shown best when he saved an elderly man from being hit by a truck, at the cost of his own vision. Murdock has "daddy issues" with both his actual father Jack Murdock and his subsequent father figure Stick, having lost both either to death or from being abandoned. Stick tried to raise him to be coldblooded but suddenly abandoned him when Matt started expressing filial affection; this abandonment and rejection has left Murdock with difficulty forging real emotional connections, despite his determination to not let Stick define him.

Murdock has a high desire for justice and doing the right thing. He convinced his friend Foggy Nelson to quit their internship at Landman and Zack to start their own firm which would work for the common man. During the start of their firm, he aimed to help only innocent people. Unable to allow injustice, he got frustrated when the police or judicial system failed to help. He decided to work as a vigilante to save people and help where the justice system could not. During this, he demonstrated extreme selflessness as he kept risking his life for others, even after he barely made it out of dangerous situations and ended up badly wounded multiple times.

While fighting crime, he can be very brutal and heavily injures criminals in such manner as breaking their bones. He has hospitalized multiple criminals in this regard, with the first man he beat up having to eat through a straw for a month. However, he has avoided intentionally killing anyone so far and limits himself to hand to hand combat and sticks so as to not inflict lethal injuries, even if this results in himself getting injured during fights. When the Steel Serpent warehouse started burning, he used a gun to try and scare everyone into leaving and ordered a downed guard to evacuate them, showing great concern for even his enemies, as both the guards and the workers there had attacked him. He usually attempts to avoid killing anyone, however on occasion, when sufficiently infuriated or when the situation is dire, he has thrown away his concern for the well-being of his opponents, such as when he used a kitchen knife when Semyon came for him, tortured him with it and even threw him off of a rooftop, though he knew he would live because of the dumpster positioned under where Semyon fell. The harming or killing of innocent people, such as Elena Cardenas, makes him even more willing to kill, as he told Elena's killer that he would not stop beating him if he did not go to the police.

Later on, his fight with Nobu Yoshioka resulted in the latter's accidental immolation and apparent death, though he was angry when he learned that Wilson Fisk actually wanted Nobu to die and did not lift a finger to save him when he had the chance. When the resurrected Yoshioka ended up killing Elektra, his resulting ferocity made him able to easily beat Yoshioka and knock him off a building with a wire from his Billy Club, seemingly not caring if Nobu came back to life or not. He has also threatened to kill Wilson Fisk, and has acknowledged that he meant it at the time, while he also did slash Fisk with one of Yoshioka's discarded blades, only to find that his suit was concealing body armor. So far he has been lucky that during these lapses in his sense of morality he has failed to follow through on his intent, however even his temporary willingness to kill still feeds his sense of guilt when he reflects on it.

As a Catholic, Murdock experiences a lot of guilt and soul-searching over his actions when he allows his anger and contempt for violent criminals to cause him to enjoy beating them bloody, and he frequently wonders whether he is doing the right thing in the eyes of God or whether he is allowing evil into his heart. When he feels this way, he approaches his local priest, Father Lantom, for spiritual guidance and advice, however, he asks his questions in a roundabout way to conceal his identity as Daredevil, though Lantom has managed to figure out the truth. Either way, Lantom is bound by the seal of confession not to divulge what they discuss. After Murdock met his mentor Stick again, he started to doubt his ways and even considered killing Wilson Fisk as he doubted he could stop him any other way. This created an internal struggle as his best friend and others did not want him to act as a vigilante. In the final confrontation against Fisk, he kept true to his vow and ultimately did not kill Fisk. 

Powers and Abilities


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World on Fire

A visual representation of how Matt Murdock "sees" the world.

"There are other ways to see."
―Matt Murdock[src]
  • Enhanced Senses: Despite being blinded as a child, Murdock's remaining four senses, besides sight, are enhanced to a superhuman level, resulting in them becoming radar/sonar-like. He claims to constantly feel numerous things, including balance, direction, minuscule changes in air density, vibrations, and blankets of temperature variations, that are usually imperceptible to human beings. That, combined with his acute hearing and olfactory senses, allows Murdock to evaluate his surroundings in what he describes as an "Impressionistic painting" of the world around him, which, according to him, looks like "the world on fire".
    • Enhanced Hearing: Murdock's hearing is so acute, he can clearly hear conversations, heartbeats and even breaths from several meters. He was able to hear and memorize the sound of James Wesley's watch ticking, and hear Claire's bones shifting as she breathed. Murdock can focus on what he hears; in a crowded courtroom with the judge speaking, Murdock heard a juror's heartbeat accelerate when James Wesley entered the room. Hearing the changes in people's heartbeats allows Murdock to predict how they feel and what actions they'll take, such as attack or run. He was also able to memorize the pattern of Wesley's watch so he could follow the latter. When forced to improvise while fighting extremely stealthy Hand ninjas, Murdock was able to effectively keep track of their movements by listening to their breaths and the sound of their swords cutting through the air.
      • Echolocation: Matt possesses an advanced form of human echolocation. He is able to detect objects in his environment by sensing echoes from those objects, by actively creating and listening for sounds - for example tapping his cane, stomping of his enemies' feet, raindrops, ticking from a watch, rattling chains or even a person's heartbeat. He can interpret the sound waves reflected by nearby objects, accurately identifying their location and size.
      • Lie Detection: Murdock's hearing is so acute, that he can tell whether people are lying or not, based on the rate of their heartbeats.
    • Enhanced Smell: His olfactory senses allow him to detect the scent of stale cigarettes and cheap cologne three floors above him and through several walls. When he was a boy, his sense was already so acute, he could smell that an old man sitting at a bench across from him had cancer. By smelling an old cigarette, Murdock could tell that whoever smoked it previously had rotten teeth. He was even able to smell that Foggy Nelson had onions in his lunch, the current time, but two days ago.
    • Enhanced Taste: Murdock was able to tell that Claire Temple had ripped open some of the stitches on her back, due to tasting copper in the air from the blood of her open wound. Stick taught him how to train this sense, which allowed him to pick out every individual ingredient of the ice cream he was eating, including that the milk used came from three different dairy farms, and that the man who served him used a certain type of soil in his garden.
    • Enhanced Touch: Murdock can feel the presence of those around him through vibrations, air currents and body temperatures. He can dodge attacks and even bullets by feeling them cut through the air, creating ripples of currents only detectable by him. He locates enemies through walls and from different floors by feeling the vibrations they make from moving, such as their footsteps.
      • Enhanced Thermoreception: Matt can sense changes in heat in the environment. Murdock could even feel the heat generated from the blood spilling from the gunshot wound on Vladimir Ranskahov; to one-half of a degree, he was able to distinguish the difference in temperature.
      • Enhanced Endurance: By mastering his body's sense of nociception (ability of a body to sense potential harm) Matt can numb himself to pain. This allows Matt to take severe damage, such as a brutal fight with Nobu Yoshioka that left numerous severe knife cuts across his body, and then a violent beating from Kingpin immediately after. Matt still feels the pain and his body is still damaged. He just can suppress these feelings, allowing him to continue on fighting as if uninjured, or to escape and find medical attention.
      • Electroreception: Matt is able to detect electric fields, similar to a shark. When out on a mission with Elektra, Matt was able to find a hidden room by feeling an electrical current coming from behind the wall.
    • Enhanced Balance: Murdock's sense of balance is superhuman, giving him perfect equilibrium, coordination, dexterity, reflexes, and agility, resulting in high levels of acrobatic and gymnastic ability. His dexterity and reflexes were enhanced even before his training with Stick, as he could effortlessly catch keys thrown to him while hearing the sound they made. He can instinctively react to oncoming blows nearly effortlessly with the use of his other senses, such as avoiding attacks with a sharp weapon at close quarters by hearing the noise of its approach.


  • Master Martial Artist: Despite being blind, Murdock was rigorously trained in martial arts by Stick at a young age, and excelled in it. He continued training himself, despite Stick giving up on him, becoming an exceptionally fit man who is extremely skilled in martial arts. Murdock eventually used his skills to fight crime as the vigilante "Daredevil". Daredevil's fighting style incorporates Boxing, Muay Thai, grounding-and-pounding, Kung Fu, Judo, Aikido, Capoeira, Taekwondo, Escrima, tricking, and Pro-Wrestling.[17] Hence, Daredevil could take down the criminals of Hell's Kitchen with ease, defeating professional hitman Rance, highly skilled assassin John Healy, single-handedly taking down eight Russian gangsters at once (despite having not yet full recovered from his wounds at the time), and was even able to take down multiple cops while handcuffed. His ex-girlfriend Elektra claimed that Murdock was one of the best fighters that she knew. By the time he met Stick again, Murdock rivaled his former mentor in skill, managing to keep up with him in an intense one-on-one duel and ultimately overpowering him, earning Stick's praise. Though with some difficulty, Murdock was also ultimately able to overpower Kingpin, a man of immense brute strength, and even flip him through the air during their fight. However, Daredevil would still have problems facing opponents with more combat skill and experience, such as the Hand leader Nobu Yoshioka, though even the latter acknowledged Daredevil as a worthy opponent. Despite his beating at Nobu's hands, he still managed to fight him on near equal grounds and ended the fight by knocking him several feet and accidentally igniting the fuel at his feet, which immolated Nobu. A year later, Daredevil's combat skills seem to have improved, as he was now able to hold his own against the fierce and extremely dangerous Punisher (even gaining the upper hand against him a few times), to single-handedly take down multiple highly skilled Hand ninjas, to last longer than Elektra against a resurrected Nobu Yoshioka in their final duel, and even to finally defeat the extremely skilled Hand leader himself, albeit only with considerable effort and initial failure.
  • Master Acrobat: Murdock incorporates gymnastics and acrobatics into his fighting style as he battles opponents, and could already do several agile flips as a child. He is skilled with parkour and free-running and able to quickly move over rooftops and climb buildings, managing to keep up with a car this way. Even when handcuffed, Daredevil performed an agile back flip, bringing his hands back in front of his torso. He also utilized his superior agility to successfully gain the upper hand against Stick. However, Daredevil is notably not quite as agile as Nobu Yoshioka, though a year after their first encounter, his agility seems to have improved, with Daredevil's now rivaling that of the resurrected Yoshioka.
  • Expert Marksman: Because of his enhanced senses, Murdock has an increased awareness of where objects are, allowing him impressive marksmanship with both firearms and throwing weapons, with him able to quickly knock guns out of the Punisher's grasp with a hurled Billy club. Also, he was able to drop a fire extinguisher on Semyon's head several floors down, timing it perfectly and knowing when Semyon would be off the stairs and directly below it.
  • Staff Mastery: Thanks to his early training with Stick, Murdock is highly skilled in the use of staves and similar melee weapons. The billy club that Melvin Potter created for him maximizes this ability by being able to easily change between different combinations of weapons.
"That sounds pretty bad, but I don't speak asshole."
  • Multilingualism: Murdock speaks fluent English and Spanish, having studied the latter at college. However, he cannot speak or understand Russian or Japanese.
  • Master Lawyer: Murdock is a persuasive and trained lawyer, having graduated summa cum laude from Columbia University. Foggy Nelson claimed that had Murdock been able to put more effort into the case of Frank Castle, that they might have won it. When threatening Wilson Fisk, Murdock expressed confidence in his ability to use "every legal loophole and footnote" to keep Fisk and Vanessa Marianna from ever being able to reunite, claiming to have the ability to break him without breaking any law.


"Thing about red, they can't tell how much you're bleeding."
―Matt Murdock[src]
  • Vigilante Suit: Murdock bought a black suit with red stitching online to wear in his vigilante activities. He also wore a black mask over his head, eyes and nose, leaving only his mouth uncovered. He also had padding which he wore underneath the suit, so that the beatings would not hurt as much, but they did not stop him from being seriously injured. He would ultimately discard this suit in favor of a much more durable armored one.
  • Wooden Sticks: At a young age, Murdock was trained to be an expert stick fighter by Stick, but he stopped using the weapons after Stick left, preferring to fight unarmed. He began using them again at Stick's insistence when his mentor returned to New York City. However, he discarded them after Melvin Potter made him a more advanced Billy Club.
"What do you want me to make?"
"A symbol."
Melvin Potter and Matt Murdock[src]
  • Armored Suit: In their first fight, after being severely injured by Nobu Yoshioka, Murdock noticed Wilson Fisk's impermeable armored suit and decided to take Claire Temple's advice to get some body armor of his own. He located Melvin Potter, who made Fisk's suit, and persuaded him to make a red and black suit with a facemask and helmet resembling the Christian Devil, leading to his new name. This suit is highly durable, allowing him to be nearly unfazed by an opponent's attacks and recover more quickly from being hit, such as being hit in the head with a metal pip or slammed into a wall by Fisk. It notably allowed Daredevil to survive unscathed from battling a resurrected Yoshioka with the same shoge hook that badly wounded him when he wore his more simple vigilante suit. After his first protective helmet got cracked by a close-range bullet from the Punisher, Daredevil had Potter make him a new, more durable one.
  • Billy Club: When Murdock asked Melvin Potter to create an armored suit for him, Potter also created a special Billy Club. It can be used as a short staff, or two individual sticks joined by a high tensile wire for grappling. It can also be split into two individual short sticks for close quarters combat. It is kept in a holster on the suit's left thigh.






Appearances for Matt Murdock

In chronological order:


  • In the comics, Daredevil has a long and complicated relationship with Black Widow.
  • The black costume Matt Murdock wears takes inspiration from Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.'s 1993 limited series Daredevil: The Man Without Fear; said series serves as a slight retelling of Daredevil's origins, notably the inclusion of Stick.
  • Murdock is at least 30 years old, as he was blinded when he was 9 years old and twenty years had passed since Stick left him until he met him again in New York City, meaning that he is older than 29.
  • In the comics, the origin of Daredevil's codename is based on what the other kids used to call Matt when he was younger.
  • The substance which blinds Matt is never revealed, but the barrels reveal it to be “TYP A” with the serial number “0464XXXX” as in April 1964 when Daredevil #1 was first published.


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