DD Red Thread

"Justice is blind in Hell's Kitchen. Illuminate its mysteries with the Daredevil Red Thread investigation board."
"The investigation grows deeper. More connections have been discovered in the underbelly of Hell’s Kitchen"

Daredevil: Red Thread is a promotional website for the first season of the TV series Daredevil. It is based on the board with the investigation that Ben Urich conducted to connect the different players in Hell's Kitchen. On the board various names of key figures from the TV series were placed in a orderly formation. For each character the name was either written on a photo or a playcard, when a card or photo was related to one of the characters on the board, they would be connected with a piece of tape between them. Having the most connections, Wilson Fisk was placed at the top-middle of the board and was represented by a diamond king playing card. The masked vigilante, better known as Daredevil, was portrayed as a jack heart playing card, with the head on the topside colored black in the form of a mask.

General Board

Daredevil Red thread investigation board

General Board

Behind each card or photo on the board, a small collection of pictures, gifs and videoclips of the person of interest could be viewed. There are in total 113 unique pictures, 60 gifs and 6 videoclips. Each of these items had a small note, related to the characters as seen on the item. By viewing the items on the investigation board even more video's could be unlocked:

- Video 1 is unlocked after 41 items viewed. Charlie Cox on Matt Murdock.
- Video 2 is unlocked after 99 items viewed. Fight scenes revealed.
- Video 3 is unlocked after 180 items viewed. Fighting Styles.

With only 179 items on the board, it is impossible to unlock the 3rd video. However, the video's can be seen via the above links.




After each card on the general board you could find images, gifs and video's. When mutiple persons were displayed on a image you could find them under mutiple cards. However, to avoid seeing the same picture over and over. The list below only shows each picture once.


Ben Urich

Claire Temple

Detective Blake

Detective Hoffman

Elena Cardenas


Foggy Nelson

Global Art Takeover

John Healy

Karen Page

Landman & Zack

Leland Owlsley

Madame Gao

Marci Stahl

Marlene Vistain

Masked Vigilante

Matt Murdock

Nelson & Murdock




Stuart Schmidt & Joseph Pike

The Russians



Union Allied

Vanessa Marianna

Veles Taxi



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