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Reviews of Daredevil.

  • Not only is this the first Marvel Studios live action series to fully live up to its potential, it's also populated by well written characters as portrayed by a very talented cast that seems up for the challenge.
    - Blair Marnell
  • Since embarking on adapting its own properties, Marvel has done well to make its adaptations accessible to the general public. Daredevil represents a leap into more niche territory, and the results are encouragingly different.
    - David Sims
  • Netflix's Daredevil ... is a shock to the senses in a number of ways, but the first and biggest is that it's really, really good.
    - Jack Hamilton
  • Marvel's great new Daredevil series for Netflix proves, once again, that no one understands the multiple-platforming world better than the comic book company originally, and fittingly, known as Timely Publications.
    - Mary McNamara
  • Yes, we can finally put visions of Ben Affleck in red in the rearview mirror as Matt Murdock has at long last been given the treatment his legions of fans have long-claimed he deserved.
    - Brian Tallerico

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