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The Dark Elf Harrow were a class of ships used as starfighters by the Dark Elves.


The Dark Elves used Harrows repeatedly in battle during the war against Bor and the Asgardians. At the war's end, thousands of wrecked Harrows littered the surface of Svartalfheim.

A few dozen Harrows were used by Malekith and his men thousands of years later, during an invasion of Asgard to reclaim the Aether.

Thor and Loki briefly commandeered one of the Harrows left behind by the Dark Elves in order to escape from Asgard, using it as a bait for the Einherjar.[1]


One of its weapons is a blade protruding from above the engine, which they used to great effect, managing to smash one of the platforms holding an Asgardian Cannon with little to no damage to the blade. They also destroyed two Asgardian Skiffs with relative ease.


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