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"This is all because of your obsession with that damn book!"
"That book can help us now. Fix us."
Hugo and Lucy Bauer[src]

The Darkhold, also called the Book of Sins or the Book of Spells, is a book with mystical abilities.


The Darkhold was said to contain infinite knowledge. Over the course of history, many individuals searched for it, including Red Skull, Daniel Whitehall, and Nick Fury.[1] In the 21st century, Lucy Bauer found and studied the Darkhold, becoming obsessed with it.[2]

Momentum Labs, the scientific research corporation that Bauer worked for, sought to use the secrets within the Darkhold to building a Quantum Particle Generator. The device was originally designed to use the mystical properties of the book to create matter out of nothing, but the experiment went horribly wrong as the machine exploded and transformed Bauer and three of her coworkers into spiritual entities.[1]


  • In the comics the Darkhold is the ultimate dark grimoire, a collection of all evil spells in the existence collected by the Elder God Chthon. It serves as the anti-thesis of the Book of the Vishanti.



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