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"Dearest Darren: Counting the seconds we're apart. -Love, Your Island Flower"
―Watch inscription[src]

Darren is a member of the United States Air Force.


Upon arriving in Oahu, Hawaii, S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Phil Coulson had Skye take a watch to a jeweler to have it inscribed with a message to Darren.

Darren was a new transfer to Kaena Point Air Force Base as the relay commander. He was scheduled to meet General Cole when Cole made his quarterly inspection.

Coulson made sure that Darren got the watch. Inside the watch was one part of a Trojan program, that, when coupled with its counterpart, would cause an EMP large enough to shut down the Air Force base.

As predicted, Darren met with General Cole and the two shook hands. Darren's watch glowed and the EMP caused a blackout in the base.[1]


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