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"You have failed, Danny. Failed in every way. The Fist won't even ignite now. Our only chance may be to return and submit to Lei Kung and let's hope he can restore you, because if not I don't know what happens."
―Davos to Iron Fist[src]

Davos is the son of Lei Kung, and a previous pretender to the Iron Fist. During his training, he becomes the best friend of Danny Rand, but soon grows jealous of him when the latter receives the Iron Fist. Eventually, Davos turns against his old friend when he realizes how Danny changed while he was in New York City.


Early Life

Growing up in K'un Lun

Davos was the son of Lei Kung "the Thunderer", a revered member of the Order of the Crane Mother. Growing up, Davos had always wanted to become the Iron Fist and trained hard to achieve that goal. One day, the monks Chodak and Tashi returned to K'un-Lun with an outsider named Danny Rand. Rand became apprenticed to Thunderer and Davos became close friends with the outsider and came to regard him as a brother. The two youth shared many experiences together such as stealing wine and apples or stealing Brother Kuo's cart to go and peek on the village girls.[citation needed]

Training for Iron Fist

"The trial of Shou-Lao, you survived. You're the Iron Fist. The people need to meet the Immortal Weapon. I'll be your second, standing beside you on the pass. Protectors of K'un-Lun."
―Davos to Iron Fist[src]

Years passed and eventually another trainee was chosen to go through Shou-Lao's trials and become Iron Fist. Instead of himself as Davos hoped, Rand got chosen instead. Despite feeling intense jealousy over being passed over, Davos buried his feelings because he still regarded Rand as his friend.

Davos Danny Forest

Davos finds Rand outside Shou-Lao's cave.

When Rand went to undergo his trials, Davos went to check on him. When he reached Shou-Lao's cave, he found Rand unconscious outside the Shou Lao's cave. Concerned for his friend, he went to check on him. Rand awoke and in his confusion and panic, his burn brightly with Chi, proving that Rand had succeeded in his trial. Davos helped Rand onto his feet as they headed back to the village, promising that he will stand by his side as his second and fellow protector of K'un-Lun.

For a time, both Davos and Rand guarded the passage together. Suddenly one day, Rand left without a word or trace. Davos hoped Rand will eventually come back. As time went by, that hope turned into disappointment and resentment for his friend's abandonment.

War in New York

Retrieving Danny Rand

"One day, you were just gone. Without a word. I kept waiting, Danny, thinking you'd be back. What happened?"
"I'm not sure I can explain."
"You owe me an answer. The people of K'un-Lun need to know why they were abandoned."
―Davos and Danny Rand[src]

As Danny Rand had left K'un-Lun and therefore leaving it unprotected, Davos was sent to New York City to find and collect his friend and their guardian. Davos headed straight towards Rand Enterprises where his friend had reclaimed his name, finding it closed. While outside the building, Davos bumped into Harold Meachum, with the pair sharing a prolonged look at each other before Davos walked away to continue his search for Rand.

Seeking a place to continue waiting for Rand, Davos walked to a food truck where he was greeted by the owner, who mistook Davos for a rude customer. When Davos stepped inside the truck, the owner threatened his with a wrench, but Davos was able to easily disarm and knock him out cold before locking the door behind him as he waited for Rand to show himself. Davos tied up the food truck owner while he looked at his copy of Forbes Magazine which featured Rand's image while making shurikens out of tin foil and throwing them at the wall.


Davos sees Bakuto taking Danny Rand

While Davos was still waiting and throwing more tin foil ninja stars, he caught sight of a guard leaving Rand Enterprises who had received intel that Rand was spotted in Chikara Dojo. Davos decided to follow him, in the hopes of locating the Iron Fist. Davos followed the man back to Chikara Dojo where he stood on the other side of the street and witnessed the now unconscious Rand being loaded into a car by Bakuto. Rand was joined by Colleen Wing while Claire Temple had insisted on going with them, however, Bakuto and Wing simply drove away with Rand with them. Davos watched the incident from across the street and followed, believing Rand to be in danger.[1]

Fighting The Hand

"Lei Kung sent me to bring you home, and who the hell are these people?"
"It's the Hand!"
"What? Then we'll kill as many as we can on our way out."
―Davos and Danny Rand[src]

Davos followed their tracks and appeared at the Hand Safe Haven, where he encountered Rand having just battled against Bakuto, preparing to fight two other people. Davos ran to his friend's aid and managed to sneak up on two soldiers who were just about to attack Rand and quickly subdued them both. He chastised Rand for being the worst Iron Fist ever before advancing towards the exit, leaving Rand calling out his name in disbelief, before soon following Davos.

As the two old friends walk along the hallways, Davos explained why he was there. Lei Kung had sent him to retrieve Rand and return him back to K'un-Lun. When Davos questioned who was attacking them, Rand informed him that it was the Hand, much to Davos' horror. Davos vowed to kill as many of the Hand as he could. The alarm sounded, and soon they were cornered with guards advancing towards them. The two Order of the Crane Mother warriors responded by fighting against their enemies, teaming up to subdue them all. After Rand and Davos managed to defeat them, they tried to make their way to the gate. Where the plan, when they got there, was for Rand to summon the Iron Fist, thus smashing the gate to make their way out. Rand warned that they'd be seen, but Davos said that he'd hold them off. Noticing Rand's tensed look, Davos tried to reassure him that stealing apples from Master Q'uon was harder.

As they charged forward, Rand's path was blocked by his former friend Darryl and, while he was distracted, Bakuto stabbed him in the side. Davos responded by breaking Darryl's leg and pulling Rand away. At the gate, Davos demanded that Rand use the Iron Fist to free them from staying within the walls of the compound, only to discover that Rand was now unable to as Bakuto explained that his Chi had been destroyed by his anger and confusion over all of his recent betrayals.

With no other choice, Rand and Davos charged forward and engaged Bakuto's army of Hand soldiers, using all their abilities to gain the upper hand against their more inexperienced foes. In a moment's break between the fight, Davos reminded Rand that he was going against their plan as they continued fighting against the seemingly unending Hand soldiers. However, Colleen Wing decided to betray the Hand and opened the gate in order to allow Rand and Davos to get away during the chaos, with Davos subduing the final two soldiers behind them.

Having made it back to New York City, Davos noted that they needed to get Rand stitched up before they could return to K'un-Lun. When Rand claimed he would not be going back with him, Davos confronted his friend over failing to keep guard over their home, noting that he clearly had no issue leaving them. Rand insisted that he needed to protect the people of New York, only for Davos to remind him that those people had tried to kill him before telling Rand he had failed in every way, noting Lei Kung was now the only one who could restore his Chi.[2]

Time in New York

"I'm not the Iron Fist. I wasn't chosen. You were, and you took it and ran."
"I didn't run."
"You were gone, Danny. There one moment, then nothing. You failed us, and for what? For what? What do you have to show for abandoning us?"
―Davos and Danny Rand[src]

On the outskirts of New York City, Davos once again pushed Danny Rand to return to K'un-Lun with him, leading to Rand asking how Lei Kung had responded to him leaving the city, with Davos explaining he was confused and very pissed off. When Rand asked how Davos had found him, he told him he had followed them to the Hand Safe Haven after he was taken from Chikara Dojo, also noting he found Rand in New York through the internet.

Rand smashed Davos' phone, noting Bakuto may be able to track it before insisting that they must remain in the city for longer. Davos argued that the path to K'un-Lun would close soon, trapping them outside it, but Rand explained that the Hand had killed his mother and father in the plane crash years earlier which was why he had to stay. They argued about the Iron Fist's responsibilities, with Davos expressing his disappointment at not being chosen. Eventually, Davos agreed to help, provided they return home once the Hand was defeated in New York.

Davos and Rand went to Claire Temple for aid, with Davos referring to her as a healer. Temple took Rand inside and began treating his wound from where Bakuto had stabbed him during the battle. Davos watched Temple as she pulled out Bakuto's blade and recommended he heal himself with the Iron Fist, surprising Davos that she had been told of his abilities. Davos complimented Temple on all her skills as a healer, but when Temple asked where Colleen Wing was, Rand asked Davos to make sure they were safe while he told Temple the whole truth.

While Rand went onto the roof to restore his Chi, Davos stayed in the apartment to look after Temple as they discussed food and living conditions back in K'un-Lun, as Davos rejected Temple's offer to eat pizza with her. They discussed the concept of Chi as Temple had been studying it, with Davos explaining that the Iron Fist was granted to those who defeated Shou-Lao, something Temple found hard to believe as dragons were a myth to her, jokingly comparing the idea to Pete's Dragon, much to Davos' confusion as he did not know who Pete was.

When Temple asked if Davos had the Iron Fist, he explained there was only one, hinting at his disappointment that Lei Kung had chosen Rand over him to take the test, claiming that Kung had made a mistake. When Temple noted that Rand was only trying to do good and he belonged in New York City, Davos lost his temper, noting that the people of K'un-Lun and cared and raised him and he had betrayed them by leaving. Davos managed to control himself and apologised before noting he would soon force Rand to return to K'un-Lun if he needed to.

Temple collected her pizza and offered Davos a slice, which he confessed to quite enjoying. They were joined by Rand who asked if Temple still had the ipad which he got in China, telling the pair they needed to take it to Harold Meachum and ask for his help, although Temple insisted that he needed to think his plan through before charging forward. Rand insisted that all he wanted was for the Hand to be destroyed before he would return to K'un-Lun, so Temple asked Davos to give them privacy, with Davos making a comment about keeping guard. [3]

Seeking Help

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Battling Bakuto

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Turning Against Iron Fist

"I wish you could understand."
"I never will, all I know is the way to K'un-Lun is open, and there's no one guarding the pass. There will be consequences for this, brother."
Iron Fist and Davos.[src]
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Betraying Iron Fist

Alliance with Joy Meachum

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Davos carries himself with a stoic and dutiful attitude. Grown and raised in K'un-Lun, Davos was loyal to the ways of his home. Despite his stoicism, Davos was willing to engage in mischief activities with his friend, Danny Rand. He remembered those times with fondness.

After Rand got chosen to become Iron Fist, Davos became jealous of his friend. Nevertheless, he accepted that his friend was chosen and dutifully served with him to guard the gate to K'un-Lun. When Rand left and abandoned his duty, Davos felt betrayed by his friend's decision. When he found and reunited with Rand in New York, Davos scorned and berated Rand for his decision. Nevertheless he still regarded Rand as his friend and was willing to assist him in his quest to take down the Hand.

His loyalty to K'un-Lun's teachings and fueled by his inner desire to become the Iron Fist, Davos was ruthless and bloodthirsty when he was fighting the Hand. During his fight against the Hand, he fought with lethal intent and when Colleen Wing hesitated to kill Bakuto, he went ahead and finished him off much to Rand's protest. Also due to his beliefs, he was unwilling to believe the sincerity of Wing's defection from the Hand which caused more tension and staining in his friendship with Rand.

Ultimately, his loyalty and duty to K'un-Lun as well as being taught to hate the Hand are driving points for Davos' and Rand's brotherhood to break apart. Filled with resentment, jealousy, envy and hatred over Rand's failures as Iron Fist and his blatantly abandonment to K'un-Lun, Davos became devoted on a quest to kill his former best friend.


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  • Master Martial Artist: Davos was trained by his father, Lei Kung in K'un-Lun. He was shown to be able to help Danny Rand fighting the Hand together.






In chronological order:


  • In the comics, Davos is also known as the Steel Serpent, and one of Danny Rand's main recurring enemies.
  • Despite regarding the food of Earth as "poison for both the mind and the body", Davos has shown a small appreciation for pizzas.[4]

Behind the Scenes

  • Sacha Dhawan worked with Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock shortly after he auditioned for the role of Davos. During this time, Cumberbatch contacted Marvel and put in a good word for Dhawan, ultimately helping him secure the role.[5]


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