"I thought the Iron Fist was my birthright."
"You wanted to be chosen?"
"It's all I ever wanted. To be the protector. To guard the pass. And you took it from me. I accepted that. You were still my brother. But then you ran, like a thief in the night."
―Davos and Danny Rand[src]

Davos is a member of the Order of the Crane Mother, the son of Lei Kung and a previous contender for the Iron Fist mantle. Davos later became friends with Danny Rand, but soon grew jealous of Rand when he received the honor of becoming the Iron Fist. Davos' jealousy turned to anger as Rand abandoned his post at K'un-Lun to return to New York City, as Davos had eventually turned against his friend when he saw how Rand had changed while he was in New York and his unwillingness to kill the Hand during their conflict with Bakuto. Seeking the help of Joy Meachum, Davos chose to take revenge by killing Rand for his decision to leave K'un-Lun and betraying him.

Having gained the corpse of the previous Iron Fist, Davos and Meachum hired Mary Walker to track down and kidnap Rand, using the Crane Sisters to perform a ceremony to transfer the power over to Davos, giving him the ability to channel his Chi to become the Immortal Weapon. Seeking to use the power as he believed it was intended, Davos had then recruited the aid of Chen Wu and Ryhno's Gang to track down and murder members of the Yangsi Gonshi and Golden Tigers. However Davos was tracked down by Rand, who attempted to transfer the Iron Fist to Colleen Wing. Despite furiously attempting to keep his new power, Davos was eventually overpowered and Wing took the Iron Fist from him, as Davos was then arrested for his crimes, still vowing to get revenge against Rand.


Early Life

Growing up in K'un Lun

"We only ate vegetables we grew in the monastery. But sometimes I'd sneak out with my friend Davos. We'd, uh, go eat some donkey."
Danny Rand to Claire Temple[src]

Davos was the son of Lei Kung "the Thunderer", a revered member of the Order of the Crane Mother. Growing up, Davos had always wanted to become the Iron Fist and trained hard to achieve that goal.[3] Davos' mother, Priya, would also push Davos to be the greatest warrior in K'un-Lun, taking nothing less than perfection from him and scolding Davos if he ever dared to slack in his mission to become the Iron Fist.[4] While growing up in K'un-Lun, Davos witnessed those who proved themselves to be dishonourable, being thrown to the bottom of a ravine, where Davos would walk among their corpses and break their bones.[2]

Meeting Danny Rand

"The Iron Fist must strike their enemies as a falcon does, without mercy or hesitation."
"The Iron Fist protects K'un-Lun."
"He doesn't only guard the gates. He kills all our enemies."
"Kills them? I don't think I could do that."
―Davos and Danny Rand[src]

One day, the monks Chodak and Tashi returned to K'un-Lun with an outsider named Danny Rand. Rand became apprenticed to Lei Kung and Davos became close friends with the outsider and came to regard him as a brother, as the pair would sneak away to eat a donkey together rather than vegetables.[5] Being an outsider to K'un-Lun, Rand was able to show Davos some of his ways from New York City to amuse themselves, which included making paper-airplanes.

While inside their room, Davos and Rand had amused themselves by playing their game of noughts and crosses which Rand had learned while growing up in the United States of America, Davos once again lost and complained that it was a stupid game, as Rand bet Davos that if he won again then Davos would have to do all of his knuckle pushups for him, which Davos had simply refused to bet on, claiming that Rand was so skinny that he needed to do more pushups rather than him. Rand however noted how Kung taught them that having a sharp mind could be better than the sharpest of swords.

The friends then discussed the Iron Fist and the teachings of Kung and Yü-Ti, as Davos jad noted that the Iron Fist must strike without mercy or hesitation, claiming that the Iron Fist not only guarded the pass to K'un-Lun, but also killed them against all of their enemies. When Rand questioned if he would actually be able to kill, Davos had insisted that once he was the Iron Fist, he would then hunt down and destroy their enemies, which included the Hand. When Rand then questioned if Davos would be willing to kill him if he joined the Hand, Davos had claimed he would not as they were still brothers.

They were then interrupted by Priya, who insisted that if Rand joined the Hand then Davos must kill him without a second thought, telling Rand that he would never face Shou-Lao due to his compassion. Priya then whipped Davos' hands for speaking out of turn, making him recite what made him worthy of becoming the Iron Fist.[4] The two youth shared many experiences together such as stealing wine from Master Kuo and replacing it with water[6] as well as stealing apples from Master Q'uon[7] or stealing Kuo's cart to go and peek on the village girls, only to find Davos' father bathing in the nude.[8]

Seeking Iron Fist

Duel of K'un-Lun

Kun-Lun Duel

Davos and Danny Rand prepare for their duel

"Yield. Yield! Danny, it's over. You can't run forever."
"I'm not running. I'm leading."
―Davos and Danny Rand[src]

Years had passed and eventually another trainee was chosen to go through Shou-Lao's trials and become Iron Fist, which Davos had trained for his entire life with the Order of the Crane Mother. Davos furiously fought against all the other challengers for the title in ritual combat, becoming victorious over them all one by one until only he and Danny Rand remained and were forced into combat with each other for the right to become the Iron Fist. The ceremony for their final fight was begun with Yü-Ti announcing that only one would be able to go and face Shou-Lao and have their chance at becoming the Iron Fist.

IFS2 Davos (Face Off 1)

Davos preparing to challenge Danny Rand

Davos and Rand had worn their traditional karategis and were given masks as they meditated before the fight. The two friends were then tied to one another by a long piece of cloth which would make their fight more of a challenge as each could use it to their advantage as either protection or their weapon. Lei Kung explained that neither of the fighters would be allowed to leave the room until one was finally victorious, noting that their fight would only end by yield or death. Davos and Rand then circled one another, eyeing up their opponent until Kung had then finally told them to begin their fight.

IFS2 Rand & Davos (Fight)

Davos and Danny Rand begin their duel

Without hesitation, Davos and Rand furiously charged at one another, fuelled by their determination they each used all the skills they had learned in K'un-Lun in their duel, seeking to gain victory as soon as possible, but with them being equally matched, gaining an advantage proved to be challenging. Davos and Rand then each launched into the air at each other and landed a flying punch. Their duel continued for several hours, going into the night as neither fighter was able to fully gain an advantage and end their duel, as they took momentary pauses to calm themselves as the pain continued to increase.

Davos chose to be the more aggressive fighter, pulling at the cloth to bring Rand closer to him but struggled to land a finishing blow as Rand used his speed and fast reflexes to avoid his strikes, attempting to tire Davos out. Using the long cloth to his advantage, Davos was able to pull Rand close to him as he attempted to land a deadly series of blows to Rand's neck which would cause a stroke, only to fail to pull off the move before Rand was able to knock him back, with Kung looking over at Priya upon seeing this, fearful that Davos would actually kill Rand finally to gain his victory.

Rand then used a similar technic as he used the long cloth to wrap up Davos' arms, making him unable to defend himself as Rand landed a series of hard blows against Davos' face and body. Davos was just able to free himself by kicking Rand away from him, becoming enraged that Rand was coming so close to victory as he furiously tore the long cloth apart and roared at Rand to continue their fight without it. Their fight continued as Rand managed to knock the enraged Davos off his feet and landed a heavy strike onto his chest, only for Davos to get back up and continue fighting regardless.

With his anger getting the best of him, Davos received several heavy blows to the face off Rand that knocked him down to his knees, forcing him to remove his mask as blood dripped from his open wounds. Seeing his friend in such a state of pain, caused Rand to momentarily pause before he would have landed the finishing strike, which Davos then used to his own advantage by furiously hitting Rand in the face. Knocking him to the ground, Davos appeared to be coming close to victory as he brutally slammed his foot down on Rand's fingers, crushing them as Rand screamed out in agony.


Davos demands Danny Rand yield the fight

As Rand lay in agony on the floor and struggling to move, Davos had then walked over to his brother and demanded that he yield the fight and allow Davos to claim victory. When Rand said nothing, Davos began repeatedly hitting him in the head and demanding that he yield while Kung and the other monks watched on. As Rand said nothing, Davos gripped his hands around his throat and prepared himself to break his brother's neck. However Rand was able to gather enough strength to throw Davos off him, wrapping up his broken fingers with the torn cloth and preparing himself to continue their duel.

With the duel continuing into the early hours of the morning, Davos had now gained the clear advantage as he repeatedly hit Rand in the face, with both of the now covered in their own and each other's blood. As Rand could barely stand, Davos insisted that the fight was over and continued to demand that Rand finally yield the fight so that he did not have to kill his brother. Rand however refused to back down, blocking as many of Davos' strikes as he could but seemingly unable to land any counter strikes. When Davos insisted that he could not run forever, Rand claimed he was not running but leading.

This comment angered Davos as he charged forward and attacked Rand, only for Rand to block the blows and move aside, allowing the bright sunlight of the early morning coming from the window to momentarily blind Davos at a crucial moment in their duel. This distraction for just a single moment allowed Rand to use all the energy he had been reserving and land several hits against Davos, striking him across the cheek, stomach and under the chin before launching a flying punch directly to Davos' head, which knocked him down to the ground and left him completely unable to defend himself.

As the advantage in the fight had finally come his way, Rand took advantage and grabbed ahold of the injured Davos, demanding once again that he yield, and when he said nothing, Rand raised his bleeding fist, prepared to continue striking his brother until he finally yielded the duel to him. Before Rand could deliver one more blow, Lei Kung spoke out and told him that Rand would face Shou-Lao to become the Iron Fist. Davos was then left mortified and heartbroken that he had failed in his mission to become the Iron Fist, something he had trained for his entire life, while Rand walked away victorious.[9]

Mother's Scorn

"Excuses for your failure. Better I were barren than to bring a disgrace like you into this world. Second best. The fool who lost his birthright to an outsider. I thought I had raised a champion. I was mistaken. I now must wear that shame."
"Mother, I'm sorry. I will make you proud."
Priya and Davos[src]

In the wake of the Duel of K'un-Lun, the gravely wounded Davos had recovered in his room, where he considered the great shame he had bought upon his family by losing. He was eventually joined by Priya who had bought him his medicine and then informed Davos that Lei Kung was busy preparing Danny Rand for the Trial of Shou-Lao. Davos painfully sat up in his bed as Priya mocked him for the excuses which he would use, like Rand using the trick of the sun.

Commenting that Davos might argue that Kung had betrayed Davos when he called the fight as he had never yielded, Priya insisted that these would merely be excuses for Davos' failure. With Davos unable to even look his mother in the eye, she told him that she would have rather been unable to bear children than have a disgrace like Davos as her son. Priya furiously called Davos second best and a fool who lost the right of the Iron Fist to a mere outsider rather than one born and raised in K'un-Lun and had therefore brought shame not only to K'un-Lun, but to his family who expected more of him.

While Priya continued expressing her disgust that she was wrong in her belief that she had raised a champion, she smashed Davos' bowl of medicine before storming out, leaving Davos alone and filled with both shame and regret. Once he was alone, the mortified Davos said he was sorry to his mother and then vowed that he would make her proud, someday and somehow. Unsure of his own purpose in life now that he had just lost the right to face Shou-Lao and become the Iron Fist, Davos could now only sit alone and repeat to himself that one day, he would finally make his family proud of him again.[4]

Danny Rand's Victory

IF111 IronFist01

Davos learns Danny Rand is now the Iron Fist

"The trial of Shou-Lao. You survived. You're the Iron Fist. The people need to meet their Immortal Weapon. I'll be your second, standing beside you on the pass. Protectors of K'un-Lun."
―Davos to Iron Fist[src]

Davos had eventually recovered from all of the serious injuries which he gained in the Duel of K'un-Lun, and chose to accept the fact that he had been beaten by Danny Rand during their duel, choosing to withhold his disappointment and shame, instead supporting his own brother in defending K'un-Lun from the Hand because he had still regarded Rand as his brother. As Rand went to undergo the Trial of Shou-Lao, Davos personally went to check on him to see if he had survived the ordeal.


Davos helps the Iron Fist back onto his feet

When he reached the Cave of the Dragon, Davos soon found Rand unconscious outside the cave. Concerned for his friend, he went to check on him, fearing that Shou-Lao may have defeated Rand and claimed his life. However, as Davos checked on him, Rand suddenly awoke and in his confusion and panic, his fist started burning brightly with Chi, proving that Rand had succeeded in his trial against the dragon and had become the Iron Fist and the protector of K'un-Lun. Amazed that an outsider had succeeded where so many had failed, Davos helped Rand onto his feet as they headed back to the village, promising that he will stand by his side as his second.[3]

Davos had carried Rand all the way back to K'un-Lun, as Rand could barely stand following his furious duel against Shou-Lao which had almost killed him. When the brothers had then returned to K'un-Lun, Davos sat Rand down and watched as Rand lit up the Iron Fist, with both the brothers amazed that he had succeeded and become K'un-Lun's Immortal Weapon.[10] For a time, both Davos and Rand guarded the passage together as Davos had acted as the Iron Fist's second in command, with Davos taking their role of guardians seriously, while Rand himself had still seemed distracted by outside thoughts.

DannyDavos guardians

Davos guards K'un-Lun with the Iron Fist

As they stood overlooking the passage to K'un-Lun, Davos and Rand discussed how this would be how they would spend the rest of their lives, protecting K'un-Lun. Suddenly one day, Rand left for New York City without any sort of word or trace, leaving K'un-Lun unprotected from any possible attack from the Hand. Davos had hoped Rand will eventually come back and continue his new role as their protector, but as time went by, that hope soon turned into disappointment and resentment for his friend's sudden abandonment, with Lei Kung also expressing his disappointment over Rand's disappearance.[3]

Leaving K'un-Lun

"I'm leaving K'un-Lun. And I'm going to bring Danny back. I just, um, I know... I know how much you sacrificed for me. I know that you pushed me so that I might have the keenest edge in battle. There are things unsaid between us. There are things other mothers could say to their sons, things other sons could just say... to their mothers. I may not return, Mother. My bones may rot in cursed soil, far from home."
―Davos to Priya[src]

Ever since Danny Rand departed from K'un-Lun, Davos and all the other members of the Order of the Crane Mother debated what was to be done. Eventually Davos made the decision to track Rand down himself, believing that he would have likely gone back to the United States of America to where he was born, New York City. As he prepared to leave to go after Rand, Davos first visited Priya, who was silently meditating as Davos had quietly knocked on her door.

Davos informed her of his decision, finding that his mother would not respond to him, which Davos assumed was due to her still feeling ashamed of him following his defeat in the Duel of K'un-Lun. Despite his mother seemingly ignoring him, Davos noted how he knew how much Priya had sacrificed for him to be a greater warrior. Davos also admitted that he knew there were many things that they struggled to communicate with each other. Davos acknowledged that he may never return home and invited her to speak to him, but found Priya said nothing, as Davos left promising to make her proud.[4]

War in New York

Retrieving Danny Rand


Davos finally arriving within New York City

"One day, you were just gone. Without a word. I kept waiting, Danny, thinking you'd be back. What happened?"
"I'm not sure I can explain."
"You owe me an answer. The people of K'un-Lun need to know why they were abandoned."
―Davos and Danny Rand[src]

When Danny Rand had suddenly left K'un-Lun and therefore leaving it unprotected, Davos was sent to New York City to find and collect his friend and their guardian. Davos headed straight towards Rand Enterprises Building where his friend had reclaimed his name, finding it closed. While outside the building, Davos had bumped into Harold Meachum, with the pair sharing a prolonged look at each other before Davos then walked away to continue his search for Rand.


Davos waits for information on Danny Rand

Seeking a place to continue waiting for Rand, Davos walked inside a food truck where he was greeted by the owner, who mistook Davos for a rude customer. When Davos had stepped inside the truck, the owner threatened his with a wrench, but Davos was able to easily disarm and knock him out cold before locking the door behind him as he waited for Rand to show himself. Davos tied up the food truck owner while he looked at his copy of Forbes Magazine which also featured Rand's image on the front cover while making shurikens out of tin foil and then throwing them at the wall by the owner.


Davos watches as Bakuto takes Danny Rand

While Davos was still waiting and throwing more tin foil ninja stars, he caught sight of a guard leaving Rand Enterprises who had received intel that Rand was spotted in Chikara Dojo. Davos decided to follow him, in the hopes of locating the Iron Fist. Davos followed the man back to Chikara Dojo where he stood on the other side of the street and witnessed the now unconscious Rand being loaded into a car by Bakuto. Rand was joined by Colleen Wing while Claire Temple had insisted on going with them, however, Bakuto and Wing simply drove away with Rand with them. Davos watched the incident from across the street and followed, believing Rand to be in danger.[11]

Fighting The Hand


Davos is reunited back with Danny Rand

"Lei Kung sent me to bring you home. Who the hell are these people?"
"It's the Hand."
"What?! Then we'll kill as many as we can on our way out."
―Davos and Danny Rand[src]

Needing to confront Danny Rand, Davos then followed them and appeared at the Hand Compound, where he eventually encountered Rand who had just successfully battled against Bakuto, preparing to fight two other people. Davos ran to his friend's aid and managed to sneak up on two soldiers who were just about to attack Rand and quickly subdued them both. Davos chastised Rand for being the worst Iron Fist ever before advancing to the exit, leaving Rand calling out his name in disbelief, before soon following Davos.


Davos and Rand are surrounded by enemies

As they headed towards the exit with the alarms sounding, Davos then told Rand that Lei Kung had sent him to collect Rand and, when Davos questioned who was attacking them, Rand informed him that it was the Hand, much to Davos' horror. Davos vowed to kill as many of the Hand as he could just as they were cornered in a corridor on both sides. The two Order of the Crane Mother warriors responded by fighting against their enemies, teaming up to subdue them all before continuing to make their way towards the exit as quickly as they could before they could soon become surrounded.


Davos and Rand escape Bakuto's compound

Nearing the exit, Davos compared the task to stealing apples from Master Q'uon back at K'un-Lun. As they charged forward, Rand's path was blocked by his former friend Darryl and, while he was distracted, Bakuto stabbed him in the side, leaving the wounded Rand in considerable pain. Davos responded by breaking Darryl's leg and pulling Rand away. At the gate, Davos demanded that Rand use the Iron Fist to bust them free, only to discover that Rand was now unable to as Bakuto explained that his Chi had been destroyed by his anger and confusion over all of his recent betrayals.


Davos fighting the Hand alongside Iron Fist

With no other choice, Rand and Davos charged forward and engaged Bakuto's army of Hand soldiers, using all their abilities to gain the upper hand against their more inexperienced foes. In a moment's break between the fight, Davos reminded Rand that he was going against their own plan as they then continued fighting against the seemingly unending Hand soldiers. However, Colleen Wing decided to betray the Hand and opened the gate in order to allow Rand and Davos to get away during all the chaos, as Davos subdued the last soldiers behind them with a hard punch to the head.


Davos begins furiously confronting Iron Fist

Having made it back to New York City, Davos noted that they needed to get Rand stitched up before they could return to K'un-Lun. When Rand had still claimed he would not be going back with him, Davos then confronted his friend over failing to keep guard over their home, noting that he clearly had no issue leaving them. Rand insisted that he needed to protect all of the people of New York, only for Davos to remind him that those people had tried to kill him before telling Rand he had failed in every way, noting Lei Kung was now the only person who could finally restore all of Rand's broken Chi once again.[7]

Time in New York


Davos explains how he located Danny Rand

"I'm not the Iron Fist. I wasn't chosen. You were. And you took it and ran."
"I didn't run."
"You were gone, Danny. There one moment, then nothing. You failed us, and for what? For what? What do you have to show for abandoning us?"
―Davos and Danny Rand[src]

On the outskirts of New York City, Davos once again pushed Danny Rand to return to K'un-Lun with him, leading to Rand asking how Lei Kung had responded to him leaving the city, with Davos explaining he was confused and very pissed off. When Rand asked how Davos had found him, he told him he had followed them to the Hand Compound after he was taken from Chikara Dojo, also noting he found Rand in New York through the internet, showing off a video of Rand that had previously gone viral.


Davos reluctantly agrees to aid Danny Rand

Rand smashed Davos' phone, noting Bakuto may be able to track it before insisting that they must remain in the city for longer. Davos argued that the path to K'un-Lun would close soon, trapping them outside it, but Rand explained that the Hand had killed his mother and father in the plane crash years earlier which was why he had to stay. They argued about the Iron Fist's responsibilities, with Davos expressing his own great disappointment at not being chosen to be the one to face off against Shou-Lao. Eventually, Davos had agreed to help, provided they return home once the Hand was defeated.


Davos goes to Claire Temple for some help

Davos and Rand went to Claire Temple for aid, with Davos referring to her as a healer. Temple took Rand inside and began treating his wound from where Bakuto had stabbed him during the battle. Davos watched Temple as she pulled out Bakuto's blade and recommended he heal himself with the Iron Fist, surprising Davos that she had been told of his abilities. Davos complimented Temple on all her skills as a healer, but when Temple asked where Colleen Wing was, Rand asked Davos to make sure they were safe while he told Temple the whole truth, leaving Davos frustrated over still not being included.


Davos has a conversation with Claire Temple

While Rand went onto the roof to restore his Chi, Davos stayed in the apartment to look after Temple as they discussed food and living conditions back in K'un-Lun, as Davos rejected Temple's offer to eat pizza with her. They discussed the concept of Chi as Temple had been studying it, with Davos explaining that the Iron Fist was granted to those who defeated Shou-Lao, something Temple found hard to believe as Dragons were still nothing more a myth to her, jokingly comparing the idea to Pete's Dragon, much to Davos' confusion as he did not know who Pete was, which had amused Temple.


Davos explains his intention for Danny Rand

When Temple had asked if Davos also had the Iron Fist, he explained there was only one, hinting at his disappointment that Lei Kung had chosen Rand over him to take the test, claiming that Kung had made a mistake. When Temple noted that Rand was only trying to do good and he belonged in New York City, Davos lost his temper, noting that the people of K'un-Lun and cared and raised him and he had simply betrayed them all by leaving without any warning. Davos managed to control himself and immediately apologized for his anger, noting that he would soon force Rand to return to K'un-Lun if he needed to.


Davos eating some pizza with Claire Temple

Temple collected her pizza and offered Davos a slice, which he had confessed to quite enjoying despite previously insisting that it would be poison for body and soul. They were joined by Rand who asked if Temple still had the ipad which he got in China, telling the pair they needed to take it to Harold Meachum and ask for his help, although Temple insisted he needed to think his plan through before charging forward. Rand insisted that he wanted was for the Hand to be done with before he would return to K'un-Lun, so Temple asked Davos to give them privacy, with Davos commenting about keeping guard.[3]

Seeking Help


Davos being introduced to Harold Meachum

"Even if we take Bakuto off-guard, and he's away from his soldiers, he's still a skilled fighter."
"Yeah, but he'll be no match for the two of K'un-Lun's finest warriors. Especially when one of them has the Iron Fist."
―Davos and Harold Meachum[src]

Seeking a new ally in their fight, Davos and Danny Rand then went to meet with Harold Meachum inside of his Penthouse. While Rand was greeted by Harold and Joy Meachum, Davos still waited inside the elevator until Rand invited him forward to be introduced to the Meachums, with Rand then introducing Davos as somebody else from K'un-Lun. Harold immediately asked if Davos also had the Iron Fist, only for him to be told that he did not, although Rand still insisted that he was a highly skilled warrior and willing to fight with them.

Davos - Iron Fist

Davos discusses how to finally defeat Bakuto

Taking a seat, Davos then listened closely while Rand explained in detail about Bakuto's Hand Compound which Davos noted had too many Hand guards for them to fight alone. Harold however insisted they did not need to attack Bakuto, but would instead draw him out by attacking his money, noting he was taking Madame Gao's money from Rand Enterprises and putting it into his own accounts, therefore Joy could simply stop the transfer. Davos noted that Bakuto was still a skilled fighter but Harold insisted he would not be able to stop both Davos and the Iron Fist if it had come down to a final battle.


Davos demanding answers from Danny Rand

While outside Bakuto's base, Davos and Rand reminisced about their time in K'un-Lun, remembering the time they had accidentally come across Lei Kung meditating in the nude while attempting to see the women bathing. Davos and Rand had then discussed if he had been poorly chosen to be tested by Shou-Lao and becoming the Iron Fist instead of him, as Rand noted he got flashes of rage that damaged his Chi. Davos however argued that Rand going against Kung was the reason for his personal and emotional doubts. Davos confessed that he had always believed the Iron Fist was his birthright.


Davos watches Danny Rand and Colleen Wing

Davos began confronting Rand yet again about leaving K'un-Lun and abandoning his post, claiming he had stolen the Iron Fist from them. Rand confessed he had doubted himself from the moment he arrived at K'un-Lun and the moment he became the Iron Fist, telling Davos that while guarding the pass he saw a hawk which allowed him to leave, although Davos claimed New York City was not worth fighting for despite the strong connection which Rand clear had for it. They were interrupted by seeing Colleen Wing escaping the Compound, at which point Rand ran to her aid while Davos simply watched.[3]


Davos furiously arguing with Colleen Wing

As they returned to New York, Wing explained that Bakuto had tried to kill her, although Davos insisted she could not be trusted as she was a member of the Hand, questioning who she was to Rand. To Davos' horror, Wing made it clear she knew who he was although Wing had insisted she would never harm Rand, which Davos did not believe due to his hatred of the Hand. Davos suggested destroying the compound, but Wing refused to save her Chikara Dojo students, claiming that they were not actually bad people but that they had just been misled by Bakuto's teachings where he had lied to them.


Davos questioning Danny Rand's motivation

Davos claimed Wing was simply trying to seduce the Iron Fist into the Hand before committing on how he had broken her own students during their escape from the compound earlier. All these torments eventually led to Wing furiously punching Davos directly in the face as Rand got between them as a fierce argument broke out, as Davos insisting that it was the duty of the Iron Fist to destroy the Hand and if Rand was unwilling to do it then he would. When Rand promised they would all destroy the Hand together, Davos claimed New York had confused him and was the cause of him losing his Chi.[12]

Fighting Bakuto


Davos becomes more frustrated at Iron Fist

"The Iron Fist does not surrender."
"Look, I'm not gonna let them die."
"Who cares about them? Wait for Bakuto to leave the building, then we take him down."
―Davos and Iron Fist[src]

While at Chikara Dojo, Davos told Danny Rand that he and Colleen Wing were both seemingly losing the focus on their battle just before Rand got a call seemingly from Ward Meachum. Much to his horror, the caller was in fact Bakuto who had taken the Meachum family hostage, even shooting Joy Meachum in the gut. Bakuto then demanded that Rand come and surrender or he would kill all the hostages. Although Davos insisted Rand could not surrender to Bakuto, he ignored his advice and left, much to Davos' annoyance.


Davos furiously fights against Bakuto's men

Iron Fist allowed himself to be captured by the Hand, while Davos and Wing waited for him to walk Bakuto into their trap. Once Iron Fist freed himself by briefly regaining him Chi, Davos and Wing charged forward, with Davos throwing knives and immediately killing two of the Hand soldiers before fighting another in a brutal one on one duel. Davos eventually got into a knife fight with the soldiers, losing his own blade while keeping his enemy's knife away from his own throat. Davos managed to break his foe's arm and even stabbed him in the side, but the fight still continued as the soldier refused to yield.


Davos gaining the upper hand during the fight

Having wrestled the man onto the floor, Davos attempted to strangle him to death, finding that the man had continued to try and get free. Eventually Davos finally regained his knife and managed to plunge it into the Hand soldier's heart, finally killing him. Meanwhile Wing and defeated her enemy while Rand had managed to gain the upper hand against Bakuto, who was now without any back up to protect him. Seeing that he was clearly outmatched by them all, Bakuto chose not to fight and instead ran through New York City while the three chased after him, refusing to allow Bakuto to get away with his life.


Davos and Rand watching Bakuto's final fight

Davos chased down Bakuto with the other three until they cornered him in Central Park. Bakuto challenged his former student Wing to be the one to battle him, noting that Iron Fight and Davos were both warriors trained with the Order of the Crane Mother, while she was nothing more than a teacher of children at Chikara Dojo. As Bakuto and Wing began fighting with their katana swords in the rain, Davos noted to Rand that he must not intervene, as Bakuto was Wing's sensei and therefore this was her fight to win, even when it appeared that Bakuto was gaining the upper hand against Wing.


Davos stabbing Bakuto through the heart

Eventually, Wing defeated Bakuto by stabbing him in the stomach but refused to land the finishing strike against him, instead of wishing to hand him over to the New York City Police Department. Davos was mortified at this, noting that it was still their duty as warriors to kill a leader of the Hand, not have him arrested. While Bakuto had begun mocking Rand, claiming this was not his father's intention for him and the Iron Fist was merely a weapon for K'un-Lun, Davos insisted they honor their mission. Seeing Rand was not willing to, Davos then stepped forward and stabbed Bakuto through the heart.[12]

Turning Against Iron Fist


Davos furiously calls Danny Rand too weak

"I wish you could understand."
"I never will. All I know is the way to K'un-Lun is open, and there's no one guarding the pass. There will be consequences for this, brother."
Iron Fist and Davos.[src]

With Bakuto finally lying dead from Davos' final fatal strike, Davos then insisted that Danny Rand was failing at his mission by not killing a leader of the Hand as they had been trained to do, claiming that he was clearly not the warrior that he was expected to be, as it was still the duty of the Iron Fist to destroy the Hand, not have the New York City Police Department arrest them and put them into cages like he was planning on doing with Bakuto. When Colleen Wing had insisted that it was not that simple, Davos had yelled out that she did not have a say in the matter, while Rand defended her from him.


Davos having his fight against Danny Rand

Davos noted that if Chodak and Tashi had never found Rand in the mountains following his plane crash, then maybe K'un-Lun would have been better off. Enraged by this, Rand turned and attacked his friend, as they began using all their training to defeat one another. As Davos managed to knock Rand back, he furiously accused Rand of choosing the people of New York City who he had despised over the people who had raised him up back at K'un-Lun. Although they were mostly evenly matched, Rand eventually managed to gain the upper hand and furiously demanded that Davos finally yield the fight.


Davos being finally defeated by the Iron Fist

Refusing to give in easily, Davos continued fighting until Rand pinned him down and again demanded that he yield, noting how he had defeated him before back in K'un-Lun and that he had just managed to do the same here. When Davos attempted to get back up, Rand harnessed his Chi and threatened him with the Iron Fist. Rand then told Davos that while it was selfish and wrong of him to leave without warning, he had now learned that the Iron Fist should not only be for K'un-Lun, as he could do good within New York, insisting that he was both Danny Rand and the Iron Fist as Davos then yielded.


Davos vows to get his revenge on Iron Fist

With the fight over, Rand allowed Davos to get back up before telling him that he only wishing Davos could understand what he was going through. Davos, however, told his former friend that he would never be able to understand the choices Rand had made with betraying their home, instead of telling him that he only knew that the path to K'un-Lun was now open and there was no Iron Fist protecting them from future attackers. Having told Rand that consequences would be upon him, Davos turned and walked away, disgusted by Rand's actions as he seemingly not only betrayed K'un-Lun but their friendship.[12]

Betraying Iron Fist

Alliance with Joy Meachum


Davos makes a alliance with Joy Meachum

"He destroys everything he touches. Isn't it true your world fell apart after his return?"
"Things changed for me."
"And you know that if you have any hope of returning to your old life, he must be removed."
―Davos and Joy Meachum[src]

Sometimes later, Davos met up with Joy Meachum in Paris. While they were having a discussion about Danny Rand's recent return back from the dead. Davos stated that Rand becoming Iron Fist had changed him, and he also reasoned that Rand destroyed everything that he touched, including Meachum's own life. Davos then offered to help Meachum kill Rand, which Meachum had seemed open to. Meanwhile Madame Gao was sat nearby, listening to their conversation.[13]

Arrangements with Yang

"My wife likes to tell me this place is a cautionary tale. All the little fish that thought they were headed upstream, now someone else's meal."
"No more stories. You raise the price again you, your wife and your business will suffer."
Hai-Qing Yang and Davos[src]

Seeking to gain his revenge, Davos had attempted to gain possession of the body of a previous Iron Fist for his upcoming ritual to steal Danny Rand's power. Having learned that Orson Randall was the man who had access to the body, Davos had then made a deal with the Yangsi Gonshi to have this transported to him from Randall. When Davos was told there was an update regarding his shipment, he then went over to the Red Hook Pier, finding all of the workers quickly moved aside when Davos entered the building.

There Davos had met with Hai-Qing Yang, the leader of the Yangsi Goshi, who informed Davos that although the shipment was still on it's way there, the price for transporting it had just gone up, which greatly annoyed Davos as he reminded Yang of their original deal which they had already agreed on. Yang then explained that the Golden Tigers were attempting to take control of the docks, putting the shipments at risk of being blocked by customs and told Davos that the price had gone up to four million dollars in order to ensure that the shipment would be safe from the Tigers sabotaging it.

Annoyed, Davos told Yang of how in K'un-Lun, all those who broke their word were put to death by having their bodies thrown into a deep raivine where Davos would then break their bones to ensure their deaths, which had resulted in Yang's own men stepping forward and threatening Davos while armed with their hatchets, ready to strike him down if he dared make a move against Yang's life. Seemingly outnumbered, Davos told Yang that he would discuss the deal with Joy Meachum before preparing to walk out of the docks while still greatly annoyed that Yang would dare change their deal without warning.

Before he could leave however, Yang told Davos how his wife would claim that these docks were a cautionary tale about fish becoming other peoples meals. Believing that Yang thought that he was weak for agreeing to this deal, Davos used the martial arts skills which he had learned with the Order of the Crane Mother to brutally kill two of Yang's men in mere seconds, taking their hatchets and cutting their throats. With that, Davos warned Yang that if he ever raised the price for their deal again, then his own family and business would suffer the consequences before Davos then walked out of the docks.[2]

Updating Joy Meachum

"He changed the price we agreed on. He has no honor, no moral center, I debase myself by association with him. It's not just Yang, it's this city, every breath I take of its fetid air is like poison in my lungs. Like everything else in it, Yang can be bought, traded, sold. For what? To wear a crown in a kingdom of iniquity."
―Davos to Joy Meachum[src]

Following the tense meeting with the Yangsi Gonshi, Davos then went to meet with Joy Meachum at her new Apartment to update her on the situation. Meachum offered Davos a glass of wine, but he noted that he did not drink and regulated his diet to ensure his body was at peak physical perfection. Davos informed Meachum that Hai-Qing Yang had changed the price of their arrangement, as Davos complained that his connection with Yang as well as New York City was a plague to him and was poisoning his soul.

While Davos continued complaining about how sickened he was by New York, Meachum had simply teased him by commenting on the traffic jams which she claimed were also a nightmare to deal with. Changing the subject, Davos had then noted that Meachum seemed upset while she was drinking her wine and questioned what was wrong, as Meachum explained that Danny Rand and Ward Meachum had been there, noting how difficult it was to look Rand in the eye due to what they were planning for him, referring to their plan to steal the Iron Fist from Rand's body and give it over to Davos.

When Davos questioned if this experience of manipulating Rand was something she had enjoyed, Meachum noted that she did at first, until Rand had stayed behind and had been kind to her, although Davos still referred to Rand as a fool. Davos questioned if Meachum was wavering with her belief in their current mission, to which Meachum turned around to Davos and still insisted that she was not, and instead was simply drinking. With concern with Meachum's commitment to their cause, Davos turned and walked out without another word to focus on completing his deal with Yang.[2]

Reunion with Iron Fist

Marvel’s IF S2 Trailer2 4

Davos being finally reunited with Danny Rand

"What if there was a way? For you to give me back my birthright? I mean it. Would you do that, little brother?"
"The Fist... It gives me purpose."
"You don't know what it is or how to use it."
"The fact is, it's my duty to carry it."
―Davos and Danny Rand[src]

Wishing to see him face to face, Davos went to Chikara Dojo where he then waited for Danny Rand to arrive so he could confront him over everything that had happened. Eventually Rand had arrived alongside Colleen Wing, as Rand expressed his great surprise at seeing Davos there and questioned where he had been, to which Davos simply answered that he had been in New York City. Rand then questioned why Davos had not reached out to him at any point while he had been in New York, to which Davos had simply claimed that it simply had not been the right time.

As Rand claimed that there was a lot they needed to talk about, Davos mentioned K'un-Lun and noted how their home was gone due to Rand walking away from them as Davos once again insisted that if Rand had come back when Davos told him to then the Order of the Crane Mother would not have been slaughtered by their enemies. Rand insisted that he had his reasons for staying in New York, to which Davos noted that one was allying with a soldier of the Hand, pointing to Wing. Before a clash could start, Davos then insisted that he and Rand now had family matters that they needed to discuss.

Davos asked to speak with Rand alone as they left Wing at Chikara Dojo as Rand noted that a lot had happened since they last saw each other, noting that New York was now his home. Davos noted that Rand had inherited Rand Enterprises from his father and was therefore a rich man, although Rand insisted that his focus was not on money but protecting New York. This comment angered Davos as he noted that Rand had not protected K'un-Lun, although Rand insisted that he had destroyed the Hand by defeating Alexandra Reid and Bakuto, to which Davos noted that K'un-Lun had paid the price.


Davos furiously confronting Danny Rand again

Although Rand continued trying to argue that he had done what he thought was right, Davos was getting considerably more annoyed and questioned if he had ever listened to what Lei Kung had taught him. Davos then struck Rand in the chest, reciting Kung's teachings to them while Rand insisted that Davos needed to stop what he was doing before catching Davos' next blow before he could hit him yet again, telling Davos that he did remember all Kung's teachings. Still quoting Kung's teachings, Davos then attempted to land a furious series of strikes against Rand, letting his anger get the better of him while Rand was still able to block most of Davos' strikes.

Davos was able to grab Rand by the throat and pushed him against the railings, furiously telling Rand that he had always been weak and insisting that without Kung's help, Rand would have never won the Duel of K'un-Lun. While Rand insisted that this was not true, Davos noted that once Rand got the power of the Iron Fist, he had run away to his money in New York, commenting that when he had come to take him home, Davos had also witnessed Rand's cowardice during the Duel at Bethesda Terrace when Rand had refused to land the final killing blow against the defeated Bakuto.

When Davos compared Wing to a Hand whore, Rand refused to allow him to continue speaking as he pushed Davos away from him and proved himself to be the superior fighter as he swiftly subdued Davos and threw him onto the ground, warning Davos that if he dared to speak about Wing like that ever again, then he would break him while the irritated Davos got back onto his feet. Davos questioned if Rand would change what had happened if he could, to which Rand insisted that there was no going back, as he won the right to fight Shou-Lao and now the Iron Fist was his to wield.

When Davos commented that his victory was still debatable, Rand pointed to the Mark of Shou-Lao, however Davos hinted that there was a way to give the power of the Iron Fist over to him, and questioned if Rand would be willing to hand it over to him. Although Rand insisted that the Iron Fist gave him purpose in life, Davos noted that he did not actually know what it was or how to use it, but still Rand refused to hand it over to Davos. Rand invited Davos to ask his questions, but Davos noted that Rand had already answered everything he wanted to ask and then he simply walked away.[2]

Hatred Intensifies

"I went there tonight to offer him a chance to make it right. To just give up what is my due of his own free will."
"And which one of us was wavering?"
"You saw him. You looked him in the eye. Maybe I needed to hear that pompous, conciliatory tone. Be reminded of the way he has rewritten our shared history, perverted all I hold dear."
―Davos and Joy Meachum[src]

Angered by the failed meeting with his former friend, Davos had then met with Joy Meachum back at her Apartment where he informed her that he had gone to speak with Danny Rand. Meachum was initially worried that Davos had gone to far but he noted that despite having the opportunity to break his neck, he had still allowed Rand to live while Meachum had then questioned why Davos would risk everything they had been working for in order to speak with Rand face to face.

Davos explained that he had wanted to give Rand the opportunity to hand over the Iron Fist to him of his own free will, only to be rejected as Davos claimed that this was done out of mercy. Davos also noted how Meachum had given herself the chance to speak with Rand face to face along with Ward Meachum, as Davos noted that he felt he needed to speak with Rand himself, claiming that Rand's pompous and conciliatory tone had made Davos remember how much Rand had twisted their shared history together to create his own narrative where he destroyed the Hand and became a hero.

Agreeing with what was being said to her, Meachum compared Davos' experiences to Rand and her brother having lied to her about Harold Meachum's survival, where they had lied and manipulated her for decades. Meachum noted that the moment Rand had returned to New York City and come back into her life, he had destroyed everything she had held dear, from her family to her work within Rand Enterprises. Meachum told Davos that she wanted Rand to experience what this was like, as Davos promised her that he would learn as Davos would personally teach him his suffering.[2]

Finding the Bowl

"I want no restoration. I need it as it is."
"It hasn't been priced yet. But trust me, it's outside your price range."
―Davos and Mika Prada[src]

In their attempt to locate a Tibetan Singing Bowl which they would need for their ritual to transfer all the power of the Iron Fist away from Danny Rand and into Davos, Joy Meachum held her party with an antique collected, Mika Prada in which Davos attended. Not enjoying parties, Davos had chosen not to join Meachum while she spoke with Prada, ignoring offers of champagne as the party continued, while being aware that he had become the topic of Meachum and Prada's current conversation.

Although Prada had attempted to make flirtatious small talk with him, Davos noticed that Ward Meachum was speaking with his sister and went over to make sure that everything was okay. While Ward was still angered about information which Meachum had learned from Mary Walker about him, Meachum told him to be nice and greet Davos, which Ward did mockingly and claiming that he gave their relationship no more than a week. Davos then informed Meachum that Prada was ready to show them the bowl and he and Meachum then walked away from Ward who remained annoyed.


Davos being shown the bowl by Mika Prada

Prada had then showed Davos and Meachum all the items from the collection of Ernst Erskine, including the bowl which they required. When Davos tried to take the bowl, Prada insisted that he could not touch it as it was too valuable. Davos then demanded the bowl as it was, to which Prada claimed that it was yet to be priced but insisted that it was outside his price range. Meachum then asked if she would be able to afford to buy the bowl herself, claiming that it spoke to her, to which Prada claimed that she could speak to her partners about selling it as it would be coming up for auction within three months, to which Davos had simply insisted that he needed it immediately.

With Prada still refusing to hand over the bowl to them, Davos had briefly considered using a nearby blade to kill her, but Meachum demanded that he not. Davos however insisted that their plan to take Rand's power away from him would not work if they did not have the bowl, to which Meachum promised she would handle Prada and ensure they got the bowl by the end of the night. When Prada then questioned what they would like to see next, Meachum instead suggested that they return to the party and continue drinking, as Davos remained sober and waited for Meachum to make her move.[9]

Sexual Sacrifice


Davos sits with Joy Meachum and Mika Prada

"This tactic, it's distasteful."
"But it's a tactic nonetheless. You want this bowl, you gotta ask yourself is your code of honor more important than your purpose? Besides, it's not torture we're talking about here. It's sex."
―Davos and Joy Meachum[src]

Eventually Davos joined Joy Meachum and Mika Prada as they had then returned into Meachum's Apartment, where both of the women continued drinking while Davos remained sober and uninterested in joining them as Davos sat away from the women despite being invited to sit closer to them. While Prada got up to get more alcohol, Meachum explained to Davos that Prada had recently married a congressman and would do anything to prevent a scandal from breaking out and then suggested Davos should have sex with Prada.

Davos complained that this tactic of blackmailing Prada through sex was distasteful, to which Meachum argued that if Davos wanted the bowl, then his code of honour had to be put aside in favour of his mission, claiming that it was only sex and not torture. Before long, Prada returned with more drinks as she questioned if Davos really hated the experience of being with them so much, to which Meachum softly touched Davos' leg of claimed that this was not the case, before stepping outside in order to leave Davos and Prada alone as Prada gently touched Davos' skin in her attempt to seduce him.

Although Davos had attempted to stop Prada from touching him, she persisted, much to Davos' discomfort as he recalled the vows of the Order of the Crane Mother which he had made back in K'un-Lun to swear off women and other pleasures of life. Although wanting to resist, Davos allowed Prada to remove his jacket and bite his ear before unbuttoning and removing his shirt while teasing each other with a kiss. Stressed over breaking his vows, Davos grabbed Prada tightly by the throat before they got onto the couch and made passionate sex together, while Meachum secretly filmed everything.[9]

Assassination of Hai-Qing Yang

"Today is not the day to test me, Mr. Yang. I have made sacrifices."
"I am doing this to prevent an Open War with my rivals."
"This is about making peace?"
"It is."
"Then I am honored to know you. You have a good day."
―Davos and Hai-Qing Yang[src]

The next day, Davos was asked to come to Red Hook Pier where he had met with Hai-Qing Yang who had first thanked him for coming at such short notice. Questioning if his shipment from Orson Randall had arrived early which Davos hoped was the reason why he had been called there, Davos was instead given back all of the money which he had previously paid to Yang for the shipment, much to Davos' great confusion as he had then demanded an explanation.

Yang explained that he was meeting with the Golden Tigers and his power over the Pier would be in question, and as a result he would not be able to deliver Davos' shipment as he had promised. Deeply annoyed, Davos warned Yang that this was not the day to test him as he had just made many sacrifices, including breaking his vow to the Order of the Crane Mother by sleeping with Mika Prada the night before, however Yang had simply argued that he was making this change of plans in order to prevent the Triad War from continuing and putting more innocent lives in harms way as a result.

Davos questioned if all of this was in order to make peace, which Yang confirmed it was. Seemingly calming down, Davos stepped towards Yang, which the Yangsi Gonshi allowed as he did not appear threatening, and claimed that it was an honour to know Yang. However when Davos softly pulled Yang to him for a hug, he quietly performed Devil's Claw, a move which he had learned back in K'un-Lun and then landed three deadly blows to the pressure points on Yang's neck. With this, Davos wished Yang a good day before leaving, as Yang then had a stroke as a result of Davos' silent attack against him.[9]

Dinner at the Chikara

"A teacher lives by example. And I, uh, I recall a moment of truth. Do you remember? A true test that you just walked away from."
"Do you think you know me?"
―Davos and Colleen Wing[src]

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Becoming the Immortal Iron Fist

The Golden Tigers

"Who were these men?"
"Golden Tiger Triad."
"Where can I find more of them?"
"There's a club on Ditmas and 17th. Who are you?"
"The Immortal Iron Fist."
―Factory Worker and Davos[src]

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Grasping his Destiny

"Did you think taking the Iron Fist from Danny was an end unto itself?"
"That's how you presented it to me."
"I didn't just take it, Joy. I have become the thing Danny never had the strength to be. I've... I've grasped my destiny."
"Your fist lights up. That's really exciting."
"This is not a weapon to be held. It is to be used."
―Davos and Joy Meachum[src]

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Attacked by Danny Rand and Walker

"What are you doing, Davos?"
"The work of an Iron Fist, Danny."
"Is that what you call it?"
"You've got blood on your face. You've been killing people."
"When a feral dog is put down, do you call it murder? When a virus is flushed from the body, is that murder? Call it justice. You should be thanking me. I freed you from a responsibility that had become a burden."
Danny Rand and Davos[src]

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Recruiting Ryhno's Gang

"You live on the fringes. You catch as catch can. And what if all that effort it takes to survive a day, a week, a year was directed to a noble purpose? What if I could make you warriors? I can offer you a place to study, give you instruction in the martial arts. You can help me turn this neighborhood around and perhaps, one day, this city."
"You for real?"
"Oh, I am. Eden Towers on the waterfront. Do you know it? Room and board for as many who choose to join me. I will work you hard. But you'll all be better for it."
―Davos and Ryhno[src]

To be added

Attempting to Rebrand

"Have you seen these? A killer. That's how they see me. They don't understand that all of this is a necessary component of what will be a great rebirth."
"Show them more. It's a sales thing. The way you brand yourself."
"I don't understand."
"You want to make the city a better place, but you're killing people. It's mixed messages. Be the change you wanna present, and the people of this city will see you as you want them to. Show them how you will better their lives. Show them the man that I see. The man I respect. And all of this goes away."
"The city must be purged. But maybe the righteous should be given a chance to see me as you do."
―Davos and Joy Meachum[src]

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Attack on Bayard Community Center

"It gave me no pleasure to cripple you, but I will do worse without hesitation. Now, I'm here to retrieve the bowl. And eliminate those who stand against me."
"It isn't just Triad members here, Davos. This is a community center."
"Guilty by association. Move. MOVE!"
―Davos and Danny Rand[src]

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Losing the Iron Fist

The Transference Ceremony

"Why would you even try and give the Fist to her?"
"You can't stop the ceremony halfway through. The heart of the dragon will kill you both. You have to let Colleen complete the transfer."
"If he feels anything like I do, we can take him."
"The power of the Iron Fist is mine. And mine alone!"
―Davos, Danny Rand and Colleen Wing[src]

To be added

Battle at Eden Towers

"You need to give back what you stole from me."
"This doesn't belong to you. And it never did."
"To who, then? A disciple of the Hand? Huh? Or her lover? The weak-willed pretender who fell from the sky. I am the last son of K'un-Lun."
―Davos and Colleen Wing[src]

To be added

Taken into Custody

"You fought for the Fist to fill a void in yourself. Do you really think destiny is enough? That it will lead you to a true purpose? Because it won't. At least I picked a path. I walked it. Because in the end, Danny, you still have no idea who you are or what you stand for."
―Davos to Danny Rand[src]

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"Where I'm from, Mr. Yang, those who go back on their word are tossed to the bottom of a ravine. As a child, I would walk among their corpses and break their bones for extra measure."
―Davos to Hai-Qing Yang[src]

Davos carries himself with a stoic and dutiful attitude. Grown and raised in K'un-Lun, Davos was loyal to the ways of his home. Despite his stoicism, Davos was willing to engage in mischievous activities with his friend, Danny Rand. He remembered those times with fondness.

Once Rand got chosen to become the Iron Fist, Davos became jealous of his friend. Much of this jealousy stemmed from his own insecurities and a constant desire to prove himself to the Order of the Crane Mother and his own mother in particular. Nevertheless, he accepted that his friend was chosen and dutifully served with him to guard the gate to K'un-Lun. When Rand left and abandoned his duty, Davos felt betrayed by his friend's decision. When he found and reunited with Rand in New York City, Davos scorned and berated Rand for his decision. Nevertheless he still regarded Rand as his friend and was willing to assist him in his quest to take down the Hand.

Due to his loyalty to K'un-Lun's teachings, which was fueled by his inner desire to become the Iron Fist, Davos was ruthless and bloodthirsty when he was fighting the Hand. During his fight against the Hand, he fought with lethal intent and when Colleen Wing hesitated to kill Bakuto, he went ahead and finished him off much to Rand's protest. Also due to his beliefs, he was unwilling to believe the sincerity of Wing's defection from the Hand which caused more tension in his friendship with Rand.

After acquiring the Iron Fist for himself, Davos developed an extremely black-and-white view of the world similar to Frank Castle, determined to destroy all crime and corruption in New York City by any means necessary. Unlike Frank, however, Davos was not above killing innocent civilians, such as Henry Yip, on the mere suspicion of being tied to a criminal organization. Also unlike Frank, he was perfectly willing to recruit and indoctrinate known criminals such as Chen Wu and Rhyno's gang to further his goals, becoming no different from the very people he sought to destroy.

Ultimately, his loyalty and duty to K'un-Lun as well as being taught to hate the Hand are driving points for Davos' and Rand's brotherhood to break apart. Filled with resentment, jealousy, envy and hatred over Rand's failures as Iron Fist and his blatantly abandonment to K'un-Lun, Davos became devoted on a quest to kill his former best friend.

Powers and Abilities

Former Powers


Davos obtaining the power of the Iron Fist

  • Chi Manipulation: Under the tutelage of the Order of the Crane Mother, Davos gain deep knowledge and understanding of chi. After absorbing the power of the Iron Fist, Davos can harness his own chi to augment his physical and mental capabilities.
    • Chi Absorption: Davos was able to absorb Shou-Lao chi energy from Danny Rand's body and transfer it into his own body, gaining the abilities of the Iron Fist.
    • Iron Fist Punch: By channeling Shou-Lao's stolen chi and focusing it into his hand, Davos can make his fist super-humanly powerful and resistant to injury and pain. With his fist in this state, Davos can exert superhuman strength and force with which he can punch through concrete walls, lead lined doors, and punch his opponents with tremendous force that causes fatal injury or death. He was able to kill multiple muggers that were about to beat up a civilian with his chi, stop multiple guards in the club with using his chi sparingly, and punch though a brick wall entirely. He was even able to kill Ho by sending him flying with a single punch to the chest and punch through Henry Yip's stomach. Also, Davos' emotional, mental and physical state are essential to him using his powers, with drugs being able to suppress his chi and remove his ability to use the fist. Davos was able to completely destroy Rand and Wing’s home by slamming his fist into the ground, sending waves of force that broke the windows, uprooted all the furniture and sent them flying upwards.
    • Enhanced Endurance: By channeling his Chi Davos’ stamina and resilience become greatly enhanced above normal human levels. Davos was able to hunt down multiple Triad gang headquarters and intensely fight dozens of men throughout the night, without feeling strain or becoming tired.


What If... Coulson
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"He's as skilled a warrior as I am, and he's ready to fight."
Iron Fist to Harold Meachum[src]
  • Master Martial Artist: Davos was intensively trained by his father, Lei Kung in K'un-Lun since childhood as one of the potential candidates to be the next Iron Fist. Davos is an extremely skilled master of Kung Fu, he could assist Danny Rand fighting the Hand together. He could even fight evenly with Rand himself. His fighting style is similar to Rand but more aggressive in comparison as he could efficiently disarmed his enemies of weapons and violently used it against them.
  • Master Marksman: Davos is shown to be a master marksman with his origami aluminium shuirkens and throwing knives.
  • Master Acrobat: Davos has occasionally shown some acrobatic skills during his fights with the hand such as using a tucking side flip to kick down a Hand Ninja.
―Davos to Iron Fist[src]
  • Bilingualism: Davos is fluent both English and Chinese Mandarin.



  • Dagger: During his support in the fight at Harold Meachum's Penthouse, Davos managed to obtain one of the daggers that were carried by Bakuto's henchmen. He later used this dagger to stab Bakuto in the heart.
  • Hatchet: In a demonstration of power, Davos assaulted two members of the Yangsi Gonshi and used their trademark hatchets to brutally cut them down in front of Hai-Qing Yang. When Davos was later confronted by Liu, he was able to take Liu's hatchet and impaled him, before beheading him with the Iron Fist.

Other Equipment

  • Mark of Shou-Lao: With the aid of the Crane Sisters, Davos had the mark of the Dragon tattooed onto his back, which allowed him to absorb the Iron Fist away from Danny Rand and channel his Chi into his fist to turn it into a powerful weapon, making him the Immortal Iron Fist.






Appearances for Davos

In chronological order:


  • In the comics, Davos is also known as the Steel Serpent, and one of Danny Rand's main recurring enemies.
  • Despite regarding the food of Earth as "poison for both the mind and the body", Davos has shown a small appreciation for pizzas.
  • Although Davos claims to never eat meat, Danny Rand has claimed that while at K'un-Lun they used to occasionally eat donkey meat while they got tired of the vegetables being given to them.

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