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"We come to you for discretion, Doc. What the hell is this?"

Deacon was a criminal that paid Calvin Zabo for medical attention. However when he offended Zabo, Deacon and his partner Brick were murdered.



"And for God's sake, man, try to keep it together."

Deacon's partner-in-crime Brick was shot; Deacon brought him to The Doctor for an operation to remove the bullet. During the operation, Raina interrupted The Doctor to beg for the Diviner because Daniel Whitehall threatened her. Deacon reminded The Doctor that they came to him for discretion. He witnessed the Doctor choke Raina; she told him that he was losing control. The Doctor regained his composure, dismissed Raina without the artifact, and returned to the operating table. As the Doctor approached, Deacon told him to "try to keep it together" as he operated. The Doctor frowned.[1]


"And this, it's just pure strength."
Melinda May[src]

Melinda May found the dead bodies of Deacon and Brick in the hideout of The Doctor. May told Phil Coulson and Skye that Deacon was killed by a person who was incredibly strong. Upon seeing the bodies, Skye called her father "a monster."[1]





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