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Destruction of the Chinese Theatre

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The Destruction of the Chinese Theatre was a terrorist attack on Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles that caused Tony Stark to become personally involved with the hunt for the Mandarin.


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Happy Hogan, suspecting Eric Savin had something to hide after his visit to Stark Industries Headquarters, where Savin went to accompany his boss Aldrich Killian, tracked Savin to the surroundings of the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, where Savin met Jack Taggart. Savin showed concern about Taggart's self-control regarding the use of Extremis and handed him a briefcase containing injections to regulate himself.

Hogan watched the encounter, and purposely collided with Taggart in order to check the briefcase. Hogan helped him to pick up the injectors but witnessed the Extremis effects on Taggart's face. Hogan tried to flee the scene with one of the injectors, but Savin collided with him, recognizing his face.

Savin taunted Hogan, but Hogan revealed the injector thinking Savin was involved in drug-dealing crimes. When Savin tried to take the injector, Hogan punched his face and broke Savin's nose, that healed quickly due to the Extremis, and Savin violently threw Hogan across the square. Meanwhile, Taggart started to succumb to the effects of Extremis, and although he asked Savin for help, Taggart violently exploded and destroyed the Chinese Theater, killing many people.

Hogan was able to hide behind a cart, and although he barely survived the blast, he used his remaining strength to point at Taggart's location during the explosion. Savin regenerated from the damage suffered during the explosion and left the scene.[1]


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After Happy Hogan was hospitalized, Tony Stark went to visit him and threatened the Mandarin, and Aldrich Killian retaliated by destroying Stark's home.[1]


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