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A collection of quotes of Willis Stryker also known as Diamondback.

Stryker the King

Luke Cage

Episode 1.01: Moment of Truth

Spoken about Willis Stryker

"What can I do for you?"
"It's the other way around. Y'all got hit last night. That expensive, exclusive, hard-to-get hardware that Diamondback gave you is in a police evidence lockup. And the money that Domingo and his crew were supposed to give you is gone. I'm with Diamondback now. You knew that, right?"
"Well, tell Diamondback, it's about time--"
"Uh-uh Diamondback tells you."
"I'm his number one seller."
"I ain't here to spank you. But I do need to look you in your eyes Was it an inside job?"
"No. Hell no."
Cottonmouth and Shades[src]

Episode 1.05: Just to Get a Rep

Spoken about Willis Stryker

"There's a bullet for everyone. Diamondback taught me that."
Shades to Cottonmouth[src]
"I can think of a few fools I'd love to baptize with that joint. How do I get 'em?"
"One of two ways. You pay for it. Or you ask Diamondback to handle Carl Lucas for you."
"I don't need Diamondback to handle my problems."
Cottonmouth and Shades[src]
"Diamondback can front me. I'm good for it."
"He ain't gonna front you a dime. You made too many mistakes."
"He told you that?"
"Does he have to?"
"I'll call him my damn self."
"He ain't the same Diamondback. If he does you this favor... he's taking Harlem from you. I'm just letting you know."
"I'll get Domingo his guns, square everything away so Diamondback can front me the loan. Then I'll kill Cage so shit can get back to normal."
Cottonmouth and Shades[src]

Episode 1.07: Manifest

Spoken by Willis Stryker

"Hey, Carl. One Judas for another."

Episode 1.08: Blowin' Up the Spot

Spoken by Willis Stryker

"Can you dig it?! Carl come out and play! I'm enjoying this shit Carl. Keep running!"
―Diamondback and Luke Cage[src]


"Come on aren't you gonna beg? Not even a little bit?"
"If you gonna shoot me, then do it!"
"You're slowing me down baby girl, besides Luke likes you, I'll hurt you later, he'll suffer more that way."
―Diamondback and Misty Knight[src]
"The crimes you went to jail for, the torture you endured once you were inside, all me I'm afraid. Well not Reva's death, I just like saying her name just to watch you squirm."
"You ruined my life."
"I gave you wings! I sent you to hell and you come back with superpowers! Ain't that a bitch."
―Diamondback and Luke Cage[src]
"I'm sorry, Willis. I wasn't a good friend. I loved you like a brother."
"Nigga, I am your brother."
Luke Cage and Diamondback[src]

Episode 1.09: DWYCK

Spoken by Willis Stryker

"Two rule books got me through the darkness, the Bible, and the forty eight laws of power. Do you want to know what the forty ninth is? Luke Cage ain't dead until you find his goddamn body."
―Diamondback to Shades[src]
"Anybody else not made it to confessional this week? Your men outside are dead. Your greed superseded your common sense. So now, I have the pulpit. Rich men, camel and needles."
"No one's coming at me, they'll ask around so you tell 'em, I'll murderize everything in sight, because I don't care, and I won't quit. You can't bargain with me, you buy or you die."
―Diamondback to Domingo Colon[src]


"My cousin has valuable assets and connections. I'll give them to you for a price."
"And you walk away?"
"I walk away."
"Why do I find that hard to believe?"
"Because you're smart and stupid at the same time."
"Diamondback, what are you doing here?"
"You invited me by not inviting me."
Mariah Dillard, Jacques Alef, Peter Hong, and Diamondback[src]
"Tell me why we should be friends."
"Luke Cage. Clearly, we both have issues with him. I heard he killed your cousin. Allegedly. Rest assured, I will end him when the time is right. But the time is not right."
Mariah Dillard and Diamondback[src]

Episode 1.10: Take It Personal

Spoken by Willis Stryker

"I killed two birds with one stone by sticking a body on Luke Cage, he's hiding somewhere in the blessed aquarium, so I turned the heat up. Old Carl, he's either going to stand up and defend his name, or he's gonna run and hide like a bitch. Either way it doesn't matter, I've got the gun to take him out."
―Diamondback to Mariah Dillard[src]


"Well you don't need to kill God with one shot to sell a weapon, you just need to make him bleed."
"That's all well and good but whose going to be able to afford it?"
"What price can you put on peace of mind?"
―Diamondback and Mariah Dillard[src]
"You quote the Bible like you actually believe in God."
"And you speak to me as if you're not in the presence of death."
Mariah Dillard and Diamondback[src]

Episode 1.11: Now You're Mine

Spoken by Willis Stryker

"Anybody ain't us is a hostage, make sure none of them look me in the eye. Lopes, Sugar, you're babysitting, move them up there and face them towards the wall, anybody resists blindfold 'em, too much lip, shoot 'em in the head, the rest will get the message."
"Carl, Carl, Carl, here you go again, bobbing and weaving because you're too scared to take a hit, it's just like I taught you in the ring, no matter how much you duck eventually you're gonna have to nuck and buck. If you don't surrender yourself and Misty Knight, I'm gonna kill a hostage every ten minutes, starting with Damon Boone."
―Diamondback to Luke Cage[src]


"Unpredictability gives us leverage."
"All you're doing is scaring them, let me help you, what do you want?"
―Diamondback and Damon Boone[src]

Episode 1.12: Soliloquy of Chaos

Spoken by Willis Stryker

"You know when a rattlesnake is at its most dangerous, Domingo? When it's cornered."
―Diamondback to Domingo Colon[src]


"What the hell? What type of Jean-Paul Gaultier shit is this? What are you, a pimp stormtrooper?"
"No, I'm the angel of death."
"You look like a damn fool."
Bobby Fish, Diamondback and Luke Cage[src]
"You know I'm gonna kill 'em all later, right?"
"You have to get past me first."
"Oh, I don't go past. I go through."
―Diamondback and Luke Cage[src]

Episode 1.13: You Know My Steez

Spoken by Willis Stryker

"You still hit like a bitch!"
―Diamondback to Luke Cage[src]
"Don't forget to breathe, Carl."
―Diamondback to Luke Cage[src]

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