"I have faith in a system. Our system. The one that took you and dad in and made you wealthy and respected. This country gave us freedom. But it's fragile. It needs protection."
―Dinah Madani to Farah Madani[src]

Dinah Madani is a highly-trained, sophisticated Homeland Security agent who, upon returning from active duty in Kandahar is vexed by the Punisher during her own investigation into the death of her partner Ahmad Zubair. Upon gaining a leadership position after the sudden murder of Carson Wolf, Madani soon learned that Frank Castle was still alive and uncovered a conspiracy involving William Rawlins and Billy Russo linking to Zubair's death and, siding with Castle, assisted in the death of Rawlins and the capture of Russo, exposing Operation Cerberus and all their illegal actions to the world.


Early Life

Rising in the Ranks

Dinah Madani was born by Doctor Hamid Madani and his wife Farah and raised in Manhattan, New York City. She graduated from Fordham University in 2005 and attended Columbia University where she earned a Masters in Islamic Studies. Later, she recieved field training in Quantico, at the FBI National Academy, where she drew top marks in intelligence analysis, profiling and investigations.

In 2009, Madani was recruited to the United States Department of Homeland Security by OOC Director Rafael Hernandez. For three years she worked at the DHS Field Office in Washington, D.C. as Intelligence Analyst before 2012, when she was posted at the office in the Middle East.[1] Madani was designated the DHS Liaison to the United States Mission in Kandahar. There she served with Ahmad Zubair, officer of Afghan National Police. Together, they investigated criminal activity in the Kandahar region until Zubair was captured and killed for unknown reasons.

Later, Madani recieved footage from anonymous source, known as Micro. At the footage, she saw assassination of her partner by hands of unknown group of US soldiers. However, she lost the footage in Kandahar before she was pulled out of Afghanistan by her superiors.[2]

Returning to New York City

DHS New York Office

"Frankly, you must have a guardian angel, Madani. They pulled you out of there before you did your career some real harm. I guess you tick a lot of boxes, because they didn't want the poster girl embarrassing them."
Carson Wolf to Dinah Madani[src]

In 2016, Madani was transferred to the DHS Office in New York City. She was made partners with Sam Stein, a junior agent under the direct orders of SAC Carson Wolf. At her office, she began an investigation in order to learn who killed Ahmad Zubair. Looking at her investigation, Stein doubted that Wolf let her run with all of that. Madani was sure that she can persuade the SAC of the case's merits and Stein guessed that she new here. Then they were visited by Wolf who wanted to know about her investigation. She presented him Zubair's case as she explained Zubair discovered American soldiers were trafficking heroin out of Afghanistan, which had led to Zubair being assassinated as the direct result.

Upon hearing this, Wolf ordered Stein to leave the room so he could speak with Madani in private. Wolf noted that the investigation she was running within Kandahar had been deemed to serve no one, claiming that she was lucky to still have a career for pursuing it for so long. When Wolf claimed that she had been saved due to being the poster girl as she was both a woman and mixed race, Madani called him out for his sexiest and racism, which Wolf dismissed. Although Madani insisted that US government had gotten Zubair killed, Wolf insisted this was not true, suggesting Zubair was perhaps dirty. Madani was sure that she was pulled out of Afghanistan because she was close to finding out something big. Then Wolf said that he will not tolerate insubordination and Stein has already experienced that. He put in a condition that Kandahar is off-limits and otherwise she can quit. Madani calmly obeyed what Wolf approved.

Later, Madani checked her files when Stein returned to her office. He said that he knew that Wolf wouldn't accept her case because Stein was assigned as her partner. Stein noted that Madani seems like a good person and she could make a carrer in the department if she really wants it. Then Stein joined her investigation and Madani requested all Homeland files on United States Marine Corps Colonel Ray Schoonover, the explosion of ship with drugs at the docks what happened last year and his subordinate Lieutenant Frank Castle. Stein said that the Punisher is dead but Madani noted that Castle and Schoonover served in the same unit in Afghanistan and then both died at one day and 20 miles apart here in New York City. Stein understand that she going to run her case anyway and decided to assist her because he already in the Wolf's black list and he had nothing to loss.

After a day's work, Madani returned to her family house to share some wine with her mother Farah. Following discussion about Farah's psychiatric analysis and Dinah's urge for drinking, Farah said her daughter that her case is heresy and if she continues she can end up dead.[2]

Carson Wolf Case

"I wanted him out of my way, Mom, but not like this."
"And now you get to sit in his chair."
―Dinah Madani and Farah Madani[src]

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The Greek Mob Operation

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False Lead

"He reached out to an arms dealer I had on a watch list. He's got two priors and wants to avoid a third, which is a problem because we just caught him with 10,000 rounds of military-grade ammo."
"Jack DeLeon. Yeah, I heard about it."
"Castle is the buyer."
―Dinah Madani and Sam Stein[src]

Acknowledging the located bug in her office, Madani and Stein acted out a pretend conversation, in which they put out a false lead on the location of Frank Castle somewhere in an old building. Later, she and Stein relayed the plot to other participants of the plan on paper.[5]

Meeting with Micro

"So Frank Castle turns up alive, and now you're sitting here. No way that's a coincidence. So you, you and Castle, you're what? Partners? Are you here to kill me?"
"I'm here because I hope I'm right and you're not one of 'em."
―Dinah Madani and Micro[src]

Before attending Sam Stein's funeral, Madani goes to a bar to have a drink. As she is about to leave, Micro sits next to her with a gun and identifies himself. She recognizes him as the man who sent her the video of Ahmad Zubair's execution and asks what he wants. Micro tells her he can give her names of everyone involved in Kandahar. After listening to Micro's explanation of the event that led up to Zubair's execution, Madani asks for a name. Micro tells her it was William Rawlins, the Director of Covert Ops for the CIA, who was the interrogator. Madani then asks to hear more about Rawlins' involvement but is told by Micro that she must talk to Castle since he was in the room. However, Madani then sees that Castle has been identified by the police and is on live TV.[1]

Royal Hospitality Incident

"Castle, drop the weapon!"
"This isn't on me, Madani. None of it."
"I believe you. Now drop your weapon."
"That's not gonna happen. You're just gonna have to let this go."
―Dinah Madani and Frank Castle[src]

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Frank Castle's Testimony

"What was the aim of Cerberus?"
"Mission Cerberus was to apprehend, interrogate, assassinate high-value targets in Afghanistan."
"There is no official record of any such mission."
―Dinah Madani and Frank Castle[src]

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Rescue of the Liebermans

"What do I want?"
"You want evidence proving William Rawlins killed Ahmad Zubair. You want a video. I want my family safe. Help me get them back, and I'll give you everything you need. Not before."
―Dinah Madani and Micro[src]

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Duel at the Central Park Carousel

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"Why is it that you resent being home so much, do you think?"
"I resent being forced to come back. I resent that no one is hiding that fact. Mostly, I... I resent that no one wants the truth."
Farah Madani and Dinah Madani[src]

Dinah Madani has presented herself to be determined and stubbornly persisted in seeking justice within the system where injustices exist. Though she initially does not trust her new partner Sam Stein, Madani developed a tamed friendship with him and worked heavily alongside him, in the hopes of solving one case after another until his sudden demise.


  • Expert Tactician: To be added
  • Expert Investigator: To be added
  • Expert Marksman: To be added



  • SIG-Sauer P226R: Madani carried her service pistol on her, and took to the Royal Hospitality while she tried to speak with Billy Russo. She became involved in attack planned by Lewis Wilson inside the hotel, and while trying to help out, she managed to sneak on Frank Castle, who was trying to chase Wilson. Madani held Castle at gunpoint while explaining that she was on his side and wanted him to expose Operation Cerberus, even firing a warning shot while Castle tried to leave. However, Russo shot at Castle, so Madani and Russo held each other at gunpoint until the New York City Police Department officers appeared and subdued them.
    Madani also led an ambush on Billy Russo during a hostage exchange where Frank Castle and David Lieberman were going to surrender in exchange for the liberation of Lieberman's wife and son. Madani and the rest of DHS engaged in a shootout against Russo's men, opening fire herself while protecting the two hostages. She took the gun to Central Park when she tracked Frank Castle hoping he would lead him to Russo. Upon arriving, she tried to sneak up on Russo, but one of his hostages asked for her help, so Russo quickly shot at her.
  • Mossberg 500 Persuader: Madani carried this shotgun in an ambush that they had prepared in an attempt to capture the people they were investigating, using the bug in Madani's office to feed false information. As the five men that appeared did not surrender, Madani and the rest of the DHS agents engaged in a shootout, with Madani managing to kill Spencer Geiger. She went to chase Billy Russo, who unbeknownst to her was the field leader of the mercenaries, but instead she came across the fatally wounded Sam Stein, discarding her weapon to try to assist him.
  • SIG Sauer SIG516: This assault rifle was the standard weapon carried by Madani, Sam Stein and other agents of the United States Department of Homeland Security during a training exercise organized by Anvil. They successfully shot at the men acting as terrorists, though Stein shot at one of the hostages.







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