Dinah Madani is a war veteran and highly-trained, sophisticated Homeland Security agent who is vexed by the Punisher.


Early Life

Rising in the Ranks

Dinah Madani was born and raised in Manhattan, New York City. She graduated from Forham University in 2005 and attended Columbia University where she earned a Masters in Islamic Studies. Dinah was recruited to the United States Department of Homeland Security by OOC Director Rafael Hernandez in 2009. She gained top marks at the FBI National academy for intelligence analysis, profiling and investigations.[1]

Posting in Afghanistan

After her training, Dinah was posted at the Department of Homeland Security Field Office in the Middle East where she served as an analyst.

In 2012, she was designated the Department of Homeland Security Liaison to the United States Mission in Kandahar. There she served with Ahmed Zubair, a local Afghani policeman. Together the two investigated criminal activity in the Kandahar region until Zubair was captured and killed by Cerberus Squad.[1]

Return from Afghanistan

In 2015, after the death of Zubair, Madani was transfered to the Department of Homeland Security New York Office. While in New York she served along with Sam Stein until his death. She is currently Special Agent in Charge of the New York Field Office.[1]

Carson Wolf Case

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The Greek Mob Ruse

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False Lead

Acknowledging the located bug in her office, Madani and Stein acted out a pretend conversation, in which they put out a false lead on the location of Frank Castle somewhere in an old building. Later, she and Stein relayed the plot to other participants of the plan on paper.[4]

Meeting with Micro

Before attending Stein's funeral, Madani goes to a bar to have a drink. As she is about to leave, Micro sits next to her with a gun and identifies himself. She recognizes him as the man who sent her the video of Zubair's execution and asks what he wants. Micro tells her he can give her names of everyone involved in Kandahar. After listening to Micro's explanation of the event that led up to Zubair's execution, Madani asks for a name. Micro tells her it was William Rawlins, the Director of Covert Ops for the CIA, who was the interrogator. Madani then asks to hear more about Rawlins' involvement but is told by Micro that she must talk to Castle since he was in the room. However, Madani then sees that Castle has been identified by the police and is on live TV.[5]

Royal Hospitality Incident

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Rescue of the Liebermans

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Duel at the Central Park Carousel

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Dinah Madani has presented herself to be determined and stubbornly persisted in seeking justice within the system where injustices exist. Though she initially does not trust her new partner Sam Stein, Madani developed a tamed friendship with him and worked heavily alongside him, in the hopes of solving one case after another until his sudden demise.


  • Expert Tactician: to be added
  • Expert Investigator: to be added
  • Expert Marksman: to be added



  • SIG-Sauer P226 Pistol:
  • Mossberg 500 Shotgun:






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