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Disney+ is an upcoming American video-on-demand streaming service owned by Disney Streaming Services, a division of Walt Disney Studios. It is scheduled to begin service in late 2019.

Original Programming

In November 2017, Deadline reported that Disney was developing an original TV series from Marvel Television.[1]

In September 2018, Variety reported that Marvel Studios was developing two limited TV series for Loki and Scarlet Witch,[2] with the title for the latter being announced in November 2018 as Vision and the Scarlet Witch.[3]

In October 2018, Variety reported that Marvel Studios began development on a limited TV series centered on Falcon and Winter Soldier.[4]

In January 2019, Discussing Film reported that Marvel Studios was developing a limited TV series for Sif.[5]

Other Marvel Cinematic Universe Productions

In addition to the original Marvel programming, Disney+ will also include all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films,[6] with Captain Marvel being the first MCU film to stream exclusively on the service.[7]


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