"He took out the Dogs of Hell, too. Blew up their clubhouse. They charged him with 37 counts of murder."
Stewart Finney to Wilson Fisk[src]

The Dogs of Hell were a Motorcycle Club with chapters in Nevada and New York.


Nevada Chapter

Lorelei's Enthrallment

"You have men, you are their leader?"
"Last time I checked yeah."
"You and your men now serve me."
Lorelei and Rooster[src]

When the Asgardian Lorelei and her thrall Jimmy Mackenzie came to Rosie's Desert Oasis, Lorelei was approached by the Dogs of Hell leader, Rooster. Impressed that he was a leader of men, Lorelei enthralled Rooster and the Dogs of Hell witnessed her superior strength as she murdered Mackenzie. The Dogs of Hell then proceeded to steal for Lorelei in an attempt to please her.

They robbed a jewelery store and a gun shop within 48 hours of Lorelei's arrival, which caused S.H.I.E.L.D. and Sif to discover their existence. The Dogs of Hell witnessed Rooster kill his wife, Rosie to appease Lorelei. Coulson's Team arrived at Rosie's Desert Oasis and a firefight began, causing the Dogs of Hell to defend Lorelei against Sif. As Sif fought six different members and incapacitated them, Rooster was knocked unconscious by Agent Grant Ward. [1]

New York Chapter

Targeted by the Punisher

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The Dogs of Hell were one of three mobs, alongside the Kitchen Irish and the Mexican Cartel targeted by the Punisher. Later, when the Punisher ended up blowing up one of their motorcycles they charged up to the rooftop he and Daredevil were on. Daredevil attempted to escape with the now unconscious Punisher where he nearly did until the gang threatened to harm a elderly citizen in the building. Using an empty gun tapped to his hand by Punisher and the chain that was previously wrapped around him, Daredevil engaged the Dogs of Hell in a brutal and grueling fight that led all the way down a stairwell with Daredevil ultimately defeating them all while Punisher managed to escape.[2]

Last Remnants


As part of his mission of revenge, the Punisher tracked down the last members of the Dogs of Hell and killed them. He chased the last two to rural Alabama where they tried to escape on their bikes. The Punisher pursued them in a beat-up van, trading gunfire with his targets. The Punisher's shotgun blast disabled both of the bikes, leaving the Dogs lying in the road. Turning the van around in the road, the Punisher then proceeded to run both of them over, killing them.[3]



Dogs of Hell Nevada

Name Position Status
Rooster Road Captain Alive

Dogs of Hell New York

Name Position Status
Jimmy the Bear President Alive
Leon Sergent at Arms Alive
Pope Member Alive
Smitty Member Deceased


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