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"Do you know what a Plover is, Cornell? A plover bird sits inside the crocodile's mouth, now this bird ain't stupid, the plover picks scraps of meat out of the crocodile's teeth, helping the crocodile avoid infection and the plover, he gets a free meal."
"Where's this analogy going? Animal Planet?"
"You're a plover. I'm a crocodile. You peddle your guns picking up my scraps, and I allow it."
―Domingo Colon and Cottonmouth[src]

Domingo Colon was a mobster working in Harlem who made a deal to buy Hammer Industries guns from Cottonmouth, however when the sale failed, Colon began a war with Cottonmouth which only ended when Cottonmouth was murdered. Colon made a deal with Black Mariah before he was killed during his assassination attempt on Diamondback who he was also working with.


Early Life

Meeting Cornell Stokes

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A New Partnership

Deal with Cottonmouth

Domingo Colon joined Cornell Stokes and Mariah Dillard at Harlem's Paradise to talk about a newly formed partnership. In Colon his eyes the partnership meant that he would give Dillard money in exchange for a "Get out of jail free card". Dillard immediatly corrected him, saying she does make those kind of deals, warning the other two to not celebrate to early and that they should not be seen together. Colon watched one while Dillard and Stokes discussed the situation. Colon and Stokes then talked about the weapon deal that was going on that night, in which Stokes was supposed to sell ten crates of Hammer Industries weapons, supplied by Diamondback, in exchange for one million dollar. Colon left the club before the news of the ruined weapontrade reached it.[1]

Threatening Cottonmouth

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Luke Cage's Raid

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Work with Black Mariah

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