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A collection of quotes of Drax the Destroyer, a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Guardians of the Galaxy

Spoken by Drax

"I like your knife; I'm keeping it."
―Drax the Destroyer[src]
"This is no respectable establishment. What do you expect us to do while we wait?"
―Drax the Destroyer[src]
"Nobody talks to my friends like that."
―Drax the Destroyer to Nebula[src]


"You know who I am, yes?"
"You're Drax, The Destroyer."
"And you know why they call me this."
"You slayed dozens of Ronan's minions."
"Ronan murdered my wife, Hovat, and my daughter, Kamaria. He slaughtered them where they stood. And he laughed! Her life is not yours to take. He killed my family, I shall kill one of his in return."
―Drax the Destroyer and Moloka Dar[src]
"His people are completely literal. Metaphors are gonna go over his head."
"Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast. I would catch it."
Rocket Raccoon and Drax[src]
"Finger on throat means death!"
Drax kills Korath"
"Sort of."
―Drax and Star-Lord[src]
"I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you've accepted me despite my blunders. It is good to once again be among friends. You, Quill, are my friend.
This dumb tree is also my friend.[Groot grunts]
And this green whore is also...
Oh, you must stop!"
―Drax, Star-Lord and Gamora[src]
"What if someone does something irksome, and I decide to remove his spine?"
"That's... that's actually murder, one of the worst crimes of all. Also illegal."
―Drax and Rhomann Dey.[src]


"Drax, A.K.A. The Destroyer. Since his wife and family were killed, he's been on a rampage across the galaxy in a search for vengeance."
Rhomann Dey to Garthan Saal[src]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Spoken by Drax the Destroyer

"Screw you, spaceship!"
―Drax the Destroyer[src]


"There are two types of beings in the universe. Those who dance, and those who do not."
"I get it, yes. I'm a dancer, Gamora is not."
"You just need to find a woman who is pathetic, like you."
"Thanks, buddy."
Drax the Destroyer and Star-Lord[src]
"She just told everyone your deepest, darkest secret!"
"Dude. C'mon, I think you're overreacting a little bit."
"You must be so embarrased!"
―Drax the Destroyer and Star-Lord[src]

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