The Easik are a race of grey skinned reptilian humanoids that populates the Galaxy.


Sometimes prior 1980, Ego visited and planted one of his seeds on the planet Easik, as a part of his plan of expansion all across the universe.

Many years later, Ego combined his son Peter Quill's powers with his own in order to sprout the seeds he had planted across all the planets of the universe he have visited. Ego's biomass growth increasingly causing massive destruction on the Easik's homeworld, killing many Easik in the process. An Easik woman and her child were nearly killed by Ego before the Expansion was stopped by the Guardians of the Galaxy.[1]

Characteristic Traits

The Easik share a humanoid structures like mostly any prominent race of the universe. They also have prominent reptilian features, like squamous grey skin, sharp forenails and slit-shaped pupils.