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Echidna Capital Management is a front company employed by HYDRA to conceal its activities following its exposure to the general public in the aftermath of the HYDRA Uprising.


Doctor List ran his operations around the world chasing enhanced individuals and, in particular, tracking an individual able to teleport through quantum entanglement, through one of HYDRA's front companies, Echidna Capital Management.

List travelled in one of the company's planes to meet Sunil Bakshi, where Bakshi succesfully convinced List that he was still loyal to HYDRA, despite having been brainwashed by Grant Ward. During their meeting, Echidna's employees managed to track the teleporter in Milwaukee, travelling there to capture him.[1]


  • In the comics, Echidna Capital Managment is a venture capital firm founded by HYDRA to fund and control businesses dedicated to genetic engineering, new media, nanotechnology, next-generation military equipment, and aerospace engineering and manufacturing.
  • Echidna is the name of a legendary monster of Greek Mythology, half-woman and half-snake, and the mother of several monsters, including the Lernaean Hydra.


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