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"Who's Edgar Brass?"
"Drug dealing butcher who's worse by a mile. They send me after him I'm as good as dead."
Karen Page and Grotto[src]

Edgar Brass is a notorious drug dealer operating in New York City who previously had ties to the Kitchen Irish.


Early Life

"Your organisation has had dealings with one Edgar Brass."
"Brass? You're outta ya goddamn mind!"
Blake Tower and Grotto[src]

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Fake Sting

"All we need is for Brass to admit he's dealing drugs again, okay he doesn't have to say where, he doesn't have to say to who, just get him to confirm it. Right and don't make it the first question, don't even make it the second, get there organically. You'll be in and out before you know it, he's got no reason not to trust you."
Foggy Nelson to Grotto[src]

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