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"The Hand? Here?"
"Yeah, they're they're like the Illuminati, only real. They've infested Rand."
"That can't be. All of my years in training. All of it, just in case the Hand ever showed its face in K'un-Lun."
"Yet you've never seen them?"
"No. The story of the Hand was like a fable. More like Satan and his demons than anything real. Nothing I thought I'd actually have to fight."
"Oh, they are very real."
Danny Rand and Harold Meachum[src]

Eight Diagram Dragon Palm is the fourth episode of the first season of the Netflix exclusive television series Iron Fist.


Danny makes a shocking discovery and a radical pricing proposal, Colleen's extracurricular activities go viral and Ward issues a stern warning.


What If... Coulson
"This is not okay!"
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Danny Rand is falling after being kicked off the building as he was trying to follow Ward Meachum into Harold Meachum's Penthouse. He is saved when he falls onto a surface. When he awakes, Danny finds himself in company with Ward and Harold. Danny questions how he is still alive and how he looks exactly the same as the last saw him. Harold has hides motives and explains he was just trying to protect Rand Enterprises; he hugs Danny and welcomes him back 'home.'

Harold explains that he was diagnosed with cancer and fought it for 3 years. He spins a tragic story about how he lost his friends and was a single dad. He says the Hand approached him with a cure and placed him in a debt. He needed to die before he could be saved, and awoke three days after he died.

Danny explains he trained to fight the Hand, but he didn't believe they existed. Danny hints that he has the power of the Iron Fist but doesn't explain. Harold convinces Dany that it is his destiny to help Harold and fight the Hand.

Harold orders Ward to give Danny his shares and his father's former office. Ward is clearly unhappy, and remarks how Danny just spent years studying kung fu in a monastery. Danny offers to Harold kung fu and Harold welcomes him back.

Ward tries to warn Danny about Harold, and explains he is not a replacement for his dad. Harold only cares about Harold.

Kids at the Chikara Dojo watch a video of Colleen Wing's fight off of [Darryl]]'s phone, however she makes them turn it off. Daryl explains that he posted the video online and how it could bring more kids to the dojo. Collen counters that she stepped outside the code of Bushido by fighting for money, and she brushes him off.

Rand Enterprises hold a press conference to welcome Danny to the world. Danny, clearly nervous, delivers a meaningful speech about his values and family. A reporter from the New York Bulletin questions whether it is true he was recently committed to Birch Psychiatric Hospital and Danny admits the truth, however, he spins a story about how the stay was up to a difficult transition to a different world.

Danny greets Jeri Hogarth as 'J-Money' but she isn't impressed. She welcomes him to his dad's old office and is shocked by the similarity. Hogarth remarks how the deal to regain his company came together fast. Hogarth explains he doesn't actually have a job, but the most dominant position on the board. Danny is warned to ease into things, as he is like a hostile takeover, and Hogarth tells him to be careful.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Hang N' Bang (feat. A$ton Matthews) Vince Staples
  • Colleen Wing takes her frustration out on the Chikara Dojo's Mu ren zhuang (wooden fighting dummy) and accidentally breaks an arm off.
Blockbuster Night, Pt. 1 Run The Jewels
  • Colleen Wing returns to the cage fighting arena and makes a deal for double pay to fight two guys at once; Colleen takes on both Ricky and Jim Pierce.
Unexpected Guests Trevor Morris
  • Danny goes into action mode when he hears Joy screaming for help, he races to her to find men attempting to kidnap her which involves a fight from his floor hallway and into an elevator 40 floors down.
The Iron Fist Trevor Morris
  • Danny Rand goes to his door and finds a mysterious box left outside his door and opens it.


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