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"I'm going to kill him. And if you get in my way, Matthew, I'm gonna kill you too."
―Elektra to Matt Murdock[src]

Elektra Natchios is an assassin who was trained under Stick, the same old man from the Chaste who later trained Matt Murdock. She fell in love with Murdock when on a mission for Stick to bring Murdock into the Chaste. She returned to his life after ten years of absence, putting her beliefs and methods at conflict with his own. Later, she was revealed to potentially be the Black Sky, the one who is supposed to lead the ancient organization of assassins known as the Hand.

However, Elektra chose to help Murdock defeat the malevolent organization, and was killed in the final confrontation with Nobu Yoshioka. The Hand retrieved Elektra's corpse from the grave and placed it in a stone chamber, where a faint heartbeat was heard once the chamber is closed.


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Trained by the Chaste


Elektra during her combat training.

Elektra was raised from a young age by Stick, a member of the Chaste, under whom she was trained in combat.[1] During the winter as a child, Elektra took ballet lessons when her capoeira master returned to Angola. She also took Muay Tai every other Thursday.[2] Combat lessons with Stick once involved Elektra fighting three grown men at the same time at the young age of 12. Stick stopped the lesson and told Elektra, whom he called Ellie, that she was bending her wrists, which caused her hands to hurt. Elektra pointed out that a man was watching her, but Stick told her to ignore him and finish the fight.


Elektra is rescued from execution by Stick

The man told Stick that she needed more training as they would need real warriors, referencing the Chaste. Stick had to stop her from killing one of her opponents during the training. Stick told her it was wrong for her to kill one of their members and that she must control what was inside of her until the right moment. As Elektra was punching a boxing bag, one of the members entered with the intent to kill her. As he attacked, Elektra used his knife to cut his throat. As Star said that he would kill Elektra, Stick said she was his responsibility and killed Star. Stick told Elektra that it was time to go. [1]

Diplomat's Daughter

Goodbye Ellie

Elektra says goodbye to Stick

Stick sent Elektra to become the adoptive daughter of an ambassador and his wife who could not have a daughter of their own. Stick told her to analyse how they acted, saying it was a good skill to have. Stick told her that this way she would not be hunted. Elektra felt abandoned by Stick and thought that he would forget about her. [1]

Dating Matt Murdock

Elektra back then

Elektra meets Matt Murdock at a party.

"You're pretty, you even work the blind thing, but you're dumb, you lost before you even stepped to the plate."
"You get all of that from a pair of old wingtips?"
"Quick study."
―Elektra and Matt Murdock[src]

At a party function attended by Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock, Murdock left Nelson to get a drink when he found Elektra. Elektra noticed Murdock walking toward her, but before he reached her, he was caught by a security guard who forced him to leave the venue for being uninvited.

Elektra and Matt drive

Elektra and Matt Murdock steal a car

As he was being forced out, Elektra intervened, saying that Matt was with her. At the bar, Murdock ordered another martini for Elektra. Elektra found Murdock perceptive but changed her drink order. Murdock thanked Elektra and their conversation began to change as Elektra said that Murdock clearly wanted to be somewhere with someone, instead of sneaking into fancy parties, and continued to analyse him. Murdock then gave his thoughts on Elektra, saying that while charming and rich, she was bored. The two introduced themselves and Elektra left the party, stealing a car while Murdock watched.

At some point later, they both enrolled in the same Spanish class, causing Nelson to joke that Murdock only took the class to be near her.[3]

Elektra Love

Elektra makes love to Murdock at Fogwell's Gym

The two went to Fogwell's Gym, the gym where Jack Murdock trained, and Murdock talked about his father's history as a boxer, how he died and who killed him. Elektra told Murdock that she did not feel sympathy and attacked him, having a suspicion he could fight. The two then began to kiss and have sex midway.

A Deadly Test

Elektra Playing House

Elektra and Murdock break into Roscoe Sweeney's house

"Keep going. He knows your name, cut his throat. Kill him."
"I... I can't, I can't do that."
"We can do anything together, remember?"
―Elektra and Matt Murdock[src]

The two were in a car driven by Elektra, speaking French to each other, when they pulled up to a house. Elektra explained to a confused Matt Murdock that the mansion belonged to one of her father's associates who was off to Monte Carlo, where prostitution is legal. The two broke the glass door and entered with Murdock carrying Elektra. Elektra began to look in the refrigerator and asked what was going to happen when Murdock graduated and the two of them get married. She said that this is how they would live. Murdock asked about children as Elektra responded that they could stock the fridge while Matt and Elektra would do better things.


Elektra kidnaps Sweeney.

The two had a drink and Elektra began to smash the glasses and they began to kiss. Murdock then heard footsteps; Elektra told him that she would deal with it peacefully, but, as Murdock walked in hearing groans, he saw Elektra standing on a man's neck. The man happened to be Roscoe Sweeney, who had killed Murdock's father. Elektra tied him to a chair and explained to a shocked Murdock that Sweeney now went by the name Al Marino. Sweeney had not remembered Murdock, saying that he killed a lot of people's dads, until Elektra said his first name. At Elektra's urging, Murdock began to hit Sweeney. Murdock continued to hit Sweeney much to Elektra's enjoyment. Elektra wanted Murdock to kill Sweeney but Murdock refused and dropped the knife Elektra gave him, much to her disappointment. Murdock called the police to report the location of a wanted felon. Elektra vanished by the time Murdock turned around.[2]

Battling the Hand

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Elektra breaks into Matt Murdock's home.

"You're the only person I can trust."
"Well, sweetheart, you don't break into my house and then talk to me about trust."
―Elektra and Matt Murdock[src]

As Matt Murdock returned his apartment from a date with Karen Page, Murdock found Elektra, who had broken into his apartment, having returned to New York City. Elektra began to flirt with Murdock before saying that she was here for a meeting and that she wanted to apologise for leaving him. She admitted that she was alone in the world and began to explain her father's investment in the Roxxon Oil Corporation. She asked Murdock for his help and offered to give him money. Murdock refused, however, and told her to leave.[2]

Meeting with Roxxon

Elektra meeting Roxxon

Elektra begins her meeting with the Roxxon Oil Corporation

The next day, Elektra deposited a large sum of money into Nelson and Murdock's bank account, which was discovered by Foggy Nelson. Upon seeing this, Matt Murdock knew this was from Elektra, and told Nelson to not spend that money, saying that it was from a potential client before quickly leaving. Murdock then used his advanced hearing to listen to the meeting with Elektra's meeting with the Roxxon Oil Corporation, in which board members told her how valuable her father's business was to them.

Elektra hacks Roxxon

Elektra hacks Roxxon for information

She was introduced to Stan Gibson, who would have the answers she was looking for. Elektra glimpsed Murdock on the rooftop as she chuckled nonchalantly with the board. Elektra took out a pen and said that she had questions about Roxxon's business practices. Suddenly, several phones began to ring simultaneously, and she was told there was a problem that had to be attended to, and that the meeting would have to be rescheduled. Elektra was then escorted downstairs.[2]

Testing Daredevil

Elektra welcome Murdock

Elektra meets Murdock in her apartment

"There is always this glorious darkness inside of you, that's why I took you to Roscoe Sweeney's, and yes it's why I loved you, that's why you loved me too, don't deny what we have."
"You think that's what love is?"
―Elektra and Matt Murdock[src]

Matt Murdock visited Elektra in an apartment not in her name to asked her about why she took him to Roscoe Sweeney's mansion. Elektra explained that it was simply for fun but Murdock was offended that she would find him killing Sweeney fun. Elektra went on to tell him that he had a glorious darkness inside of him and that was why she took him there, and that was why she had loved him.

Elektra is Ready

Elektra and Daredevil await the Hand's arrival

Murdock interrupted to warn Elektra that he could hear people coming and Elektra walked upstairs and began to take off her robe and got dressed. Murdock explained what he heard and asked if Elektra knew who was coming, to which Elektra guessed Yakuza. Elektra explained that she had infiltrated Asano in the Yakatomi Building. Murdock figured Elektra knew what she had been doing, planning everything and manipulating Murdock in the process. As Murdock began to leave, Elektra opened a bag with Daredevil's Suit inside.[2]


Elektra and Daredevil battle the Yakuza

As the Yakuza enter the building, Daredevil jumped down and attacked a man with Elektra following and hitting the second man, knocking him out. Elektra and Daredevil fought the Yakuza side by side as they soon overpowered a member each and Elektra fought the female member alone. As Elektra quickly got the Yakuza member on the floor, another member attacked her until she got up, but Elektra quickly knocked her out and kicked another member, bringing him to the ground and breaking his arm.

Elektra 6

Elektra and Daredevil defeat their attackers

With the numbers of the Yakuza now greatly depleted by Elektra and Daredevil's combined strength, the final member charged at Elektra, however Daredevil knocked him to the ground with a punch and Elektra landed the last kick on the man she had brought down, leaving all their attackers lying beaten and unconcious on the ground around them. Elektra pulled her hood down panting and smiling at Murdock, satisfied by their victory and asked if he was hungry, while Murdock remained furious by her deception.

Elektra 5

Elektra has breakfast with Matt Murdock

The next morning, Murdock and Elektra got food at a diner and Murdock confronted Elektra about her lies. They discussed how she knew about his Daredevil identity and the Yakuza, with Elektra explaining that she had always known everything about him and that he had only make the Yakuza go into hiding when he had defeated them and Wilson Fisk. Murdock ordered her to leave New York City but Elektra told him that she wanted to bring down the Yakuza with him, as partners. Murdock agreed to working with her, as long as she left once they had completed their task.

Locating the Ledger

Murdock Gala

Elektra and Matt Murdock enter the Gala

Elektra sent a car for Matt Murdock while he was visiting Frank Castle in the hospital. She gave him a suit and explained her plan to attend a gala and get a key card off Stan Gibson which would gain them access to a secret floor in the Yakatomi Building. As they walked in, Murdock said that she caused a lot of attention, turning a lot of heads and raising a lot of heart rates. As they recognized Gibson, they walked over to the bar so Elektra could attempt to steal the key card. Murdock stops her, telling her Gibson is being watched by security. Instead, Murdock spills red wine on Gibson, forcing him to go to the bathroom to clean it up.

Ledger found

Elektra and Murdock find the Ledger

After Murdock takes the key card, both Murdock and Elektra snuck into the 13th floor of the building. Murdock cracked a safe but the ledger was not there. Murdock sensed an electrical current running through the wall and found a way to open it. Elektra found the book but Murdock took it and forced them to leave after a lockdown. Elektra and Murdock fought the security in the office and made their way downstairs. They ducked into an empty office and pretended to be a drunk couple looking for privacy. When security found them, they believed their ruse, especially after one security guard noticed Murdock's blindness. The two went back in the car and read through the book. Elektra is surprised when she can't translate a code in the book.[4]

Finding a Translator

Elektra Waits

Elektra goes to translate the ledger.

Elektra called Matt Murdock and asked him to go with her again, this time to translate the ledger before the Hand notices it's missing. Elektra and Daredevil attacked a man named Philip Cabroni who encrypted files for the Hand. He refused to help as he feared the Hand would kill him, but after Daredevil threw him on a glass window and began punching it, he relented. He then began to translate it, explaining that he put the letters in a cypher and the characters through a matrix which could be decoded. The code ended up saying that weekly shipments took place, andone was that night at 11:00 at Bay Ridge Rail Yard. He gave the number of the boxcar and said that they could now find the train they were looking for.


Elektra and Daredevil open the boxcar.

Elektra and Daredevil opened the boxcar, which was full of dirt. After they opened it, the Yakuza began to chase them and they ran on top of the train and then attacked them from in between cargos.

Elektra vs Yakuza

Elektra fights the Yakuza at the train station

Elektra is wounded during an intense fight, but she and Murdock are victorious.

Trying to Help

Elektra stitched

Elektra is stitched up by Matt Murdock

At Murdock's home, Matt Murdock stitched up Elektra's scratch on the back of her neck. Elektra asked him what he told people about his scars, and he jokingly replied that since he wears suits to work, it hasn't been a problem. He then told her who he got his scars from, such as the Russians and Nobu Yoshioka. Murdock asked where she went after she left him. She replied that she went as far away as she could, finding herself to be alone and saying that Murdock deserved better. Exhausted, she falls asleep on the couch, he on the chair. In the morning, Murdock was frantic since he overslept and needs to be at court. She told him she will look into the exports before she tells him to have a good day in court. After Murdock talked to Karen Page that night and she leaves, he knew Elektra was there listening. He explained to her that Karen is important to him. Elektra then tells him she looked into Roxxon Oil Corporation's construction sites and found a few sites to investigate.

DDevil angry Elektra

Elektra is scolded at by Daredevil

It is revealed in court that the Dr. Gregory Tepper was forced to tell the defence the truth about his cover ups, otherwise Elektra would kill him. That night, Daredevil confronted Elektra and said that because of what she did, that evidence was useless. Elektra tells Daredevil that he should stop deluding himself into thinking that he can get what he wants day, when in truth he gets it by force. Daredevil rejected her words, stating that his life is off limits. Elektra agreed to stop interfering in his day job, before reminding him that they have the Yakuza to be concerned about. They then go and fight the Yakuza and enter the building to find a hole in the ground. Daredevil grabs the flashlight and waits for it to hit the bottom. [5]

Choice of Love or War


Elektra and Daredevil see the hole.

As Elektra and Daredevil are at the hole, they are attacked by the Hand. Elektra grabs a metal bar and uses that to fight The Hand. Elektra takes down a member and gets his sword and attempts to kill him. Daredevil calls out to stop her and she is then attacked by another member who slices her stomach. Elektra groans and falls down. Daredevil is then grabbed and nearly dies by The Hand until Stick came in and killed the remaining few Hand members. Elektra is taken in a car by Stick with Daredevil to Murdock's house.

Stick Elektra Cure

Elektra is treated by Stick at Murdock's apartment

Stick tells Murdock to bring him ingredients which he uses to help Elektra get the toxins out and heal her. Elektra is placed in Murdock's bed where Stick pours the homemade liquid on her wound. Murdock holds her and prays and hears her heartbeat becoming regular. Elektra admits that her meeting Murdock was a mission sent by Stick, but she fell in love with him. Due to Murdock missing court, Karen Page visits him to see Elektra in his bed. Elektra stands up and talk with Stick, saying that she doesn't want to be with Stick anymore, but with Murdock.

Elektra scowls stick

Elektra demands that Stick leaves her

Stick tells her that he is soft, and has made her soft by letting her guard down. Elektra tells Stick to leave and threatens him. When Stick ponders the thought of what if Murdock finds out who Elektra really is, she slaps him. She claims she can protect herself and he leaves. When Murdock gets home, he finds Elektra by herself. She said that she made her choice choosing him over Stick.


Elektra cuts the throat of a Hand assassin

A Hand ninja watching over Murdock's apartment waited until the pair are of guard as he entered the apartment and attacked Murdock, shooting him through the shoulder with a poisoned arrow. Murdock managed to defeat and disarm the assassin, however when he unmasked him, he discovered that the assassin was a young man. Ignoring Murdock's pleas, Elektra ruthlessly slices open the assassin's throat, claiming that this is who she is and asks him if he still wanted her before Murdock began to pant heavily and collapsed from the poison.[6]


Matt Murdock tells Elektra to leave his home

After Murdock wakes up, Elektra is asked about the Hand member and the whereabouts of his body, to which she replies that it's been taken care of. Murdock tells her that her adrenaline spiked and that she enjoys killing. Elektra then admits her first kill was when she was 12 years old. She claimed she wanted to know if she could do it. Murdock tells Elektra that he doesn't want to see her anymore and she leaves. He tell her he would deal with The Hand and the Yakuza himself.[7]

Target of the Chaste


Elektra is introduced to Jacques Duchamps

"Listen to me arsehole, I don't care what the Hand wants with me or anyone else, this is not my war!"
"The Hand didn't send me, Stick did."
―Elektra and Jacques Duchamps[src]

At the airport, Elektra went to a bar and ordered a Tequila or a Mezcal if they had it. She was then approached by a man who ordered the same and paid for the bottle. Asking where she was going, Elektra claimed that she was getting away from New York City. The man introduced himself as Jacques Duchamps, while Elektra gave a fake name. The man revealed that he knew who Elektra was, explaining that he was there to kill her and Elektra confidently welcomed him to try his best.


Elektra stabs and kills Jacques Duchamps

Elektra and Duchamps began to fight throughout the hanger, proving themselves to be equally matched in skill. Seeking to gain the advantage and kill his target, Duchamps brought out a pair of Twin Sai, but Elektra quickly managed to disarm him at which point she took them and stabbed him in the back and his chest. Elektra told Duchamps that she would not answer to The Hand, however he corrected her and revealed that it was not The Hand who sent him, but it was Stick. Mortified by the reveal, Elektra killed Duchamps and kept his sai, intending to use them to kill Stick.[8]

Elektra vs Stick

Elektra Attacks

Elektra hunts down and attacks Stick.

"You're just another old man, jealous of his disciple! You'd rather see me dead than outgrow you, well guess what, when it comes to killing, I've always been better."
"Put up or shut up!"
―Elektra and Stick[src]

Tracking down Stick to one of the Chaste's hideouts, Elektra hid in a car as two of his men entered to drive away and warn the other members of Elektra's rage. However as soon as the pair stepped into the car Elektra stabbed them through the back, with her Sai cutting straight through their stomachs. She then entered the building to find her target, unaware that Quinn had survived and was using his last moments to find help. Inside, Elektra found Stick meditating while sharpening his sword as she kicked open the door and prepared for the fight, with Stick calmly welcoming her to attack him.[9]


Elektra attempts to strangle Stick to death

Elektra began to hit Stick and kicked him across the room as the two fought with her sais and his sword while Stick continued to berate and mock his former pupil. As the fight progressed Stick struggled to compete with Elektra's speed and used tricks such as headbutts to gain the upper hand. When one of Elektra's sais got stuck which allowed Stick to gain an upper hand and forced his sword towards her throat, but Elektra was able to wrap a cable around his neck and began chocking him to see which of them would be killed first.


Elektra is confronted by Daredevil

However before either of the could kill the other, Daredevil arrived and pulled them apart from each other, telling Elektra that he would not allow her to kill Stick as he stood between the violent killers. Elektra refused to listen and attempted to get past by slashing her twin sais at Daredevil's face, furious that despite being raised by Stick he had attempted to have her killed while Stick continued to claim that Elektra was impossible to control and that he should have killed her when she was a child. Elektra accused Stick of being jealous of her as she had grown into a far superior killer compared to him, which Stick pushing her to prove her words by continuing their violent fight.


Elektra stabs a Hand assassin in the eye

Just as tensions rose to breaking point, the three were suddenly attacked by the Hand, who had been sent by Nobu Yoshioka. As Daredevil and Elektra are sebreated from Stick while fighting their enemies, Elektra killed one member by stabbing her sai into his eye while Daredevil subdued them without killing them. But when the lights were briefly cut out, Elektra managed to find a flame at which point she discovered that Stick had been captured and the ninjas had scattered, leading to Elektra and Daredevil going outside to confront each other about the fight.


Elektra argues with Daredevil about killing

Charging outside, Daredevil demanded to know why she was trying to kill Stick and she explained that she was doing it before he could kill her, but she could not explain why. Daredevil told her that the Hand must have taken him alive for a reason and that they would torture him until they found what they were looking for. Elektra told him that she was happy Stick would suffer and reminded Daredevil that Stick abandoned him when he was a child, promising that she would kill him if he attempted to stop her from killing Stick.[1]

Tempted by the Hand


Elektra finds and confronts Stick

"Do you know who we are?"
"You call yourselves the Hand."
"Do you know who we serve?"
"Yeah, some mythical piece of shit called the Black Sky."
Nobu Yoshioka and Elektra[src]

Elektra tracked Daredevil just as he rescued Stick from Hirochi and the Hand. Elektra confronted the two of them, noting that there was a time when she really believed that Stick would never betray her but now she felt naive that she had fallen for his lies, she then threw her Sai at Stick, but Daredevil caught it midair as he reminded her that he had sworn that he would not allow her to kill their former mentor.


Elektra considers joining Nobu Yoshioka

Stick however revealed to her that The Hand wanted her here just as Nobu Yoshioka entered and greeted the group with his small army, calling Elektra an it. Yoshioka revealed that Elektra was the Black Sky who the Hand served and offered her his sword. Elektra wondered if this is who she was meant to be and realized it explained much of her life. Seeking to save her, Daredevil told her if she was going to join The Hand as she had become tempted to do, she would have to kill him, allowing her to push the sword against his throat.

Daredevil Black Sky Threat

Elektra is given one more chance to fight with Daredevil

Unwilling to kill the man she loved, Elektra instead sided with Daredevil and Stick and aidde them against The Hand, pulling Stick to safety while Daredevil battled against the ninjas and Yoshioka. Elektra got Stick out to safety and killed members of the Hand as they went. They took a moment to rest in a hallway and Stick admitted that he still wanted to kill Elektra. He claimed that Murdock had not come to save him, he went to save Elektra from herself, knowing that if she killed him, she would never be able to come back from that.[1]

Search for Nobu Yoshioka

Elektra rooftops

Elektra speaks to Daredevil on the rooftops

Elektra stood on top of building and Matt went to talk to her about Stick and the Black Sky. Elektra says she was trained to kill the Black Sky and was told she had a gift by Stick. She explained to Matt that once the they have control of the Black Sky, they can do anything, and she would be their false idol. They then plan to extract Nobu from the Hand.


Elektra is fitted for a suit by Melvin Potter

Daredevil and Elektra go to Melvin Potter's Workshop where Daredevil gets a prototype billy club which Melvin has made for him. Elektra gets a new costume. At Matt's apartment, Elektra gives a restrained Stick a sandwich and tells him that they are going to fight his wars. Daredevil finds out that The Hand has kidnapped people he has saved to use as bait to kill him.[10]

Rescuing Hostages


Elektra and Daredevil discuss their future

They find the warehouse where the hostages are being held and Elektra disagrees with attempting to save them as she knows it's a trap, but Daredevil goes in anyway and saves them. After Daredevil saves them however, Elektra enters and kills members of The Hand. Daredevil and Elektra run up the stairs with Hand members following them. Daredevil and Elektra have a moment before they go on the roof and fight and Matt tells Elektra that he will run wherever Elektra will go, instead of what he said before, to never see her again.

Final Fight


Elektra dies in Daredevil's arms

"They have nothing now, I took it all away."
"It's okay, it's okay, try not to talk."
"I know now, what it feels, to be good."
―Elektra and Daredevil[src]

They then run outside to face Nobu Yoshioka with members of The Hand. Yoshioka attacks Daredevil, wanting him dead but Elektra attacks and kills members of The Hand. Elektra does join in in fighting Yoshioka. The Hand then stand away as Yoshioka fights both Daredevil and Elektra. Yoshioka ends up bringing both Daredevil and Elektra on the ground and Yoshioka then grabs Elektra's sai and approaches Daredevil. Elektra then stands up and sacrifices herself for Murdock and dies in his arms. She tells Murdock that she now knows how it feels to be good and that it's not the end.


Elektra Finale

Elektra's body is taken away by the Hand

"I had only a few moments with her, amidst all the noise, chaos and the violence, we were together only for moments, that was all. Orchids, she likes orchids, and yeah Stick, it was worth it."
Stick and Matt Murdock[src]

At Elektra's funeral, Matt Murdock and Stick were the only attendees who paid their respects to their fallen ally while Murdock told the story of how he had brought her flowers while they were dating in college before explaining to Stick that despite all the pain and the violence, it was all worth it to love her. However, that same night Elektra's body was dug up from her grave by The Hand, who dressed her in a red uniform and placed her in the sarcophagus to be reborn as the Black Sky.[10]


Elektra is shown to be a very confident woman, in both her skills and looks, once telling Matt Murdock that every man she's ever met has wanted to sleep with her. This has led her to be arrogant at times as she believed that she was superior to Stick and that the only reason he attempted to have her killed was because of his jealousy of his pupil.

However, Elektra states that she is alone in the world and believe that Matt Murdock and her are kindred spirits as she viewed him as the only person who understands her for who she is deep down. She was deeply upset when he refused to kill Roscoe Sweeney, claiming "I thought you understood me". Elektra also had a habit of becoming bored quite easily which Murdock picks up on their first meeting. Thus, she has developed a fun-loving, free-wheeling and wildly unpredictable personality and is more than capable of having a good time throughout her crusade with Daredevil.

Being raised by Stick for most of her life, Elektra learnt to be the perfect assassin and killer. She can be coldblooded to her enemies and enjoyed killing them; the first time she did was when she was twelve and that was in self-defence but admits that she liked doing so. She doesn't possess Murdock's moral compass but at the same time seems to respect him for his refusal to kill whereas Stick would degrade him for it. Elektra tends to think of her goals as first and furthermost importance with little sympathy to others and little care or even realisation over breaking the law. For example to assist in Murdock's case she forces a confession out of Doctor Gregory Tepper but her involvement made his confession useless entirely and after killing a Hand assassin she believes that it being in self-defence would absolve her over any legal punishment which was corrected by Murdock.

Unbeknownst to Elektra herself she was in actuality the Black Sky, a mythical deity within the order of the Hand who is worshipped by its followers. Though she herself had known to have darkness in her heart; this side was violent, volatile and the main reason why she was said to enjoy killing so much. When Nobu finally revealed the truth, Elektra accepted it almost immediately as she seemed to feel that it was truly who she was because her mentor and father-figure always told her to hide who she was after being adopted to a wealthy family, but it was ultimately Matt Murdock's words that no one could tell her who she was that put her down the path of good.

In the end, Elektra was a much more selfless and brave woman who was willing to sacrifice herself for the man she loved and assuring that the Hand would never be in possession of the Black Sky. She dies claiming she knew what it meant to be good. However, Elektra was still more concerned about her goals than anything else as she was willing to ignore the hostages that the Hand had kidnapped but she ultimately decided to help Daredevil save them.


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  • Master Martial Artist: Elektra was trained in martial arts by Stick to become a warrior of the Chaste. As such, Elektra is highly skilled, and employs a mixed martial arts style that derives elements of Muay Thai, Capoeira, Karate, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and Okinawan martial arts, such as sai fighting. Hence, she was able to overpower thugs, Yakuza members, and highly skilled Hand ninjas, and gained the upper hand against her former mentor, Stick himself, in a duel. Elektra was even able to help Daredevil fight Nobu Yoshioka himself, though she was defeated by the Hand leader relatively quickly.
  • Master Assassin: Elektra has assassinated many people on behalf of the Chaste. Some of her marks include a pilot in Buenos Aires, a lawyer in Berlin, and at least six people in Morocco.
  • Multilingualism: Elektra speaks Greek, English, Japanese and French fluently.
  • Sai Mastery: Elektra is highly skilled in sai fighting, one of the Okinawan martial arts she employs.


  • Elektra's Twin Sai: Taken from Jacques Duchamps after his failed assassination attempt on her, Elektra kept his twin sai and used them as her own whilst she hunted down Stick. She proved to be a capable fighter with them and was shown to prefer them to fist-fighting.






Appearances for Elektra

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  • In the comics, Elektra is killed by Bullseye, stabbing her with her own Sai on top of a rooftop. Her death on the show by Nobu Yoshioka, is reminiscent of that in the comics, as it happens in the same way in a similar place.
  • The last scene featuring Elektra's corpse in the possession of the Hand is a reference to the comics, in which the organization attempts to resurrect her as their puppet, but Daredevil, Black Widow, Stone and Kingpin intervene, restoring her completely.
  • Elektra liked orchids.[10]

Behind the Scenes

  • Élodie Yung described Elektra as "kind of a sociopath. This world is a game for her. It's like a chess game, and what motivates her is what she wants. She'll use anything she needs to use to get to her goal, and if she needs to kill people, she would." She added that Elektra is neither good nor bad, but a "person with different traits" and layers.[11]
  • Daredevil exclusive producer Douglas Petrie calls Elektra "the best bad girlfriend you can possibly have. She does everything wrong and attractive, she's [Matt's] id, the wild side. Matt is always taming his wild side. Elektra just lets it out. He's both repulsed and deeply drawn to that.[12]


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