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"You are not the Black Sky. You are Elektra Natchios. And you've never been anyone's slave."
"I appreciate the sentiment, Matthew, but I know who I am. The Hand did not reduce me to this. This is who I've always been."
Matt Murdock and Elektra[src]

Elektra, also known as Elektra Natchios, is an assassin who was trained under Stick, the same member from the Chaste who later trained Matt Murdock. She fell in love with Murdock during a mission for Stick to bring Murdock into the organization. She returned to his life after years of absence, putting her beliefs and methods at conflict with his own. Later, she was revealed to potentially be the Black Sky, the one who is supposed to lead the organization of assassins known as the Hand. However, Elektra chose to help Murdock defeat the malevolent organization, and was killed in the final confrontation with Nobu Yoshioka. The Hand then retrieved Elektra's corpse from the grave and placed it in a stone chamber to be exposed to the Resurrection Elixir.

After her resurrection, Hand leader Alexandra Reid manipulated and took her under her wing, re-training her to truly become the Black Sky. After becoming the Hand's personal weapon, Elektra fought the Defenders which reawakened her past self through her interactions with Daredevil. After breaking free and taking over the Hand by killing Reid, Elektra was buried under the Midland Circle building alongside Daredevil.


Child Killer

Trained by the Chaste

"You told me to fight, you told me to finish it."
"I didn't tell you to kill him. He is an asshole, but at the end of the day he's on our side of the war."
―Elektra and Stick[src]

Elektra during her brutal combat training.

Elektra was raised from a young age by Stick, a member of the Chaste, under whom she was trained in combat.[2] During the winter as a child, Elektra took ballet lessons when her Capoeira master returned to Angola. She also took Muay Tai every other Thursday.[3] Combat lessons with Stick often involved Elektra fighting three grown men at the same time at the young age of twelve, although she would be able to take on the opponents with general ease, using speed to her advantage as she avoided their blows and counter punched until she had subdued them.


Elektra is given some fight advice from Stick

Stick stopped the lesson and checked on Elektra, whom he called Ellie. When Elektra noted that her fists her hurting, Stick told her it was because she was bending her wrists before once again showing her the proper way to make a fist and noting that her way was shit and ordering her to breath just like he had taught her. Elektra pointed out that a man who was stood nearby was not watching the fight but had been watching her, but Stick told her to just ignore him and finish the fight. Despite being curious about the man and why he was still looking at her, Elektra did as instructed by Stick.


Elektra's fury is calmed down by Stick

While Elektra returned to the fight, the man questioned where Elektra had been found before he told Stick that she needed more training as they would need real warriors, referencing the Chaste's upcoming war against the Hand. While Elektra was still fighting, one of her opponents blew her a kiss to distract her, allowing another man to strike her across the face. This enraged Elektra who then violently subdued her opponents before striking the man who blew the kiss multiple times across the face until Stick was forced to step in and stop her from killing him, calming his student down.


Elektra speaks to Stick about her future

Once they were alone, Elektra spoke with Stick about what had just happened, noting that Stick had told her to finish the fight, although Stick told her that he had not told her to kill him. Going on, Stick told Elektra it was wrong for her to kill one of their members, although Elektra insisted that it did not feel wrong. Kneeling down to her own level, Stick then told Elektra that she must control what was inside of her until the right moment, telling her that there would come a time when she could unleash it before they then stood up and continued their own combat training as he then fought against her.


Elektra kills another member of the Chaste

As Elektra was alone and punching a boxing bag that night, one of the members of the Chaste entered with the intent to kill her. Seeing it was the man she had almost beaten to death during their training, Elektra at first attempted to apologize for her actions as she had noted she had gone too far, however stopped when she saw the man had come in armed with a knife. As he attacked, Elektra fought back and managed to flip him onto his back at which point she broke his arm before she then used his own knife to slash open his throat, killing him and spraying his blood across her own face.


Elektra is rescued from execution by Stick

The murder was discovered by Star who immediately imprisoned Elektra as a result before furiously confronting Stick for bringing "it" into the Wall of the Chaste, claiming that she put the lives of their people in danger. Star then said that he intended to kill Elektra, however Stick said she was his responsibility and that he would take care of the consequences. While Elektra then watched and awaited her fate, Stick swung his sword and killed Star before unlocking the highly confused Elektra's cage, Stick then told Elektra that it was time to go and pulled her away to safety.[2]

Diplomat's Daughter


Elektra is adopted by a kind wealthy couple

"Why can't I stay with you?"
"Because we'll be hunted the rest of our lives."
"We can take them!"
―Elektra and Stick[src]

Elektra was sent by Stick to become the adoptive daughter of an ambassador and his wife who could not have a daughter of their own. Despite Elektra telling him that she would never allow herself to become a part of this family, Stick told her to be smart and analyse how they acted, saying it was a good skill to have to be able to play the role of somebody rich and fancy in order to disguise herself later in life. Elektra however continued to insist that she did not want to leave Stick.

Goodbye Ellie

Elektra says her sad goodbyes to Stick

When Elektra asked why she could not stay with Stick and continue running with him, he told her that if they were to stay together then they would be hunted by the Chaste for the rest of their lives. Seeing Elektra was still not convinced by his reasons, Stick informed her that someday, somebody would come searching for her and change her life forever, and he would be dedicating himself to preventing that. Just before he left, Elektra accused Stick of leaving her to go and train another student, but Stick insisted he would never forget about her before walking away from her, leaving Elektra alone.[2]

Dating Matt Murdock

Elektra back then

Elektra meets Matt Murdock at a party.

"You're pretty, you even work the blind thing, but you're dumb, you lost before you even stepped to the plate."
"You get all of that from a pair of old wingtips?"
"Quick study."
―Elektra and Matt Murdock[src]

Seeking to check on his former trainee's whereabouts and activities, Elektra was sent by Stick to locate and seduce Matt Murdock. Soon finding him at university, Elektra attended a party function attended by also by Murdock and Foggy Nelson, and before long, Murdock left Nelson to get a new drink when he found Elektra sitting at the bar waiting for him. Elektra noticed Murdock walking toward her, but before he reached her, he was caught by a security guard who forced him to leave the venue for being uninvited to the party.


Elektra is impressed by Matt Murdock

As he was being forced out, Elektra intervened, saying that Murdock was with her and invited him to sit with her. Sat at the bar, Murdock ordered another martini for Elektra. Elektra found Murdock perceptive but changed her own drink order. Murdock thanked Elektra and their conversation began to change as Elektra said that Murdock clearly wanted to be somewhere with someone, instead of sneaking into fancy parties, and continued to analyze him. Murdock then gave his thoughts on Elektra, saying that while charming and rich, she was bored of living a part of her father's privileged lifestyle.

Elektra and Matt drive

Elektra and Matt Murdock steal a car together

Impressed by Murdock's insight into her, Elektra mockingly told him that maybe he was not a stupid as she had first thought. They then introduced themselves and Elektra finished her drink before inviting Murdock to leave with her. Once outside, Elektra got Murdock to sit in a beautiful new sports car before revealing that she was actually intending to steal the sports car as it did not belong to her, much to Murdock's amusement as they drove away.[3] They both enrolled in the same Spanish class, causing Nelson to joke that Murdock only took the class to be near her while they were studying.[4]


Elektra and Murdock discuss his father

The two went to Fogwell's Gym, the gym where Jack Murdock had trained, and Elektra used Murdock's walking stick to break the glass on the door and grant them access, much to Murdock's dismay as he noted he would have to pay for the repair. Elektra and Murdock then talked about his father's history as a struggling boxer, and how he was murdered by Roscoe Sweeney for failing to throw a fight. Elektra asked Murdock if he had ever gone searching for Sweeney to get his revenge, but Murdock explained that he had when he was a child and failed to find him and avenge his father's death.


Elektra and Murdock have a playful fight

When Murdock told her that she did not have to feel sorry for him, Elektra told Murdock that she did not feel sympathy and attacked him, having a suspicion he could fight. This suspicion was confirmed as Murdock managed to dodge her fast kick to the head and then removed his sunglasses, telling her that although he was indeed blind, he did have ways in which he could see. As they began to fight, Elektra explained how she had taken ballet lessons when her Capoeira master returned to Angola, attacking Murdock again only to be pushed back and spanked as Murdock laughed.

Elektra Love

Elektra and Murdock have sex together

As they discussed how Elektra had trained in Muay Thai every other Thursday while she was growing up, Elektra managed to elbow Murdock in the face and pushed him to strike her back. Murdock responded by kicking Elektra in the chest and knocking her to the floor before they began brawling in the ring, striking hits on each other until Elektra pinned Murdock to the ground. The two then began to kiss and have sex midway through their fight, ripping off each others clothes as Murdock wrapped his hands passionately around Elektra's throat, much to her erotic delight.[3]

A Deadly Test


Elektra and Murdock break into another house

"Keep going. He knows your name, cut his throat. Kill him."
"I... I can't, I can't do that."
"We can do anything together, remember?"
―Elektra and Matt Murdock[src]

The happy and carefree couple continued causing trouble, and one day they were in a car together, being driven by Elektra, speaking French to each other, when they pulled up to a large house. Elektra explained to a confused Matt Murdock that the mansion belonged to one of her father's associates who was off to Monte Carlo, where prostitution is legal. Just as they reached the door, Murdock questioned if Elektra had the house key, at which point she just simply let out a cheeky grin.

Elektra Playing House

Elektra and Murdock discuss their future

The two broke the glass door and entered with Murdock carrying Elektra. Elektra began to look in the refrigerator and asked what was going to happen when Murdock graduated from Columbia University as a world class lawyer and the two of them finally got married. She said that this is how they would live, in a luxury home and Murdock asked about children as Elektra responded that they could stock the fridge while Murdock and Elektra would do better things. Enjoying themselves, Elektra had Murdock lie on the kitchen counter while she cut cheese on his chest and seductively fed it to him.


Elektra attacks and kidnaps Roscoe Sweeney.

The two had a drink and Elektra began to smash the glasses and they began to kiss, showing how little regard they had for the home owner and how free they felt in each other's company. However they paused when Murdock said that heard footsteps; Elektra told him that she would deal with it peacefully as she could use her father's name. But, as Murdock walked in hearing groans, he saw Elektra standing on a man's throat, having knocked him to the ground, Elektra then proudly revealed the man to be Roscoe Sweeney, who had killed Murdock's father some years earlier.


Elektra watches Murdock hit Roscoe Sweeney

Elektra tied Sweeney to a chair and explained to a shocked Murdock that Sweeney now went by the name Al Marino. Sweeney had not remembered Murdock, saying that he killed a lot of people's dads, until Elektra said his first name. At Elektra's urging, Murdock began to hit Sweeney. Murdock continued to hit Sweeney much to Elektra's enjoyment. Elektra wanted Murdock to kill Sweeney but Murdock refused and then dropped the knife, much to her disappointment. Murdock called the police to report the location of a wanted felon. Elektra vanished by the time Murdock turned around.[3]

Reporting to Stick

"I did everything you said, I made him give into his darkest impulses, but he's stubborn. I can't change his mind or who he is."
"Instead you let him change who you are."
―Elektra and Stick[src]

Having failed in her mission to recruit Matt Murdock as a soldier in the Chaste's army, Elektra went to meet with Stick on the outskirts of New York City to update him on the situation. When Stick questioned why she had not brought Murdock to him, Elektra informed him that he was not ready to join their fight, much to Stick's annoyance. When Stick insisted that the Chaste still needed Murdock in their war, Elektra told him that she had simply tried and failed to convince him to join.

Stick noted that he had seen Elektra succeed at harder missions than this, noting that this was the first time she had come to him making excuses for her failures, claiming that although Elektra had tried to show Murdock all of his darkest impulses, by allowing him to finally confront Roscoe Sweeney, the man who killed his father, Murdock had actually just changed who Elektra was by making her fall in love with him. Stick noted that their war with the Hand and they needed to be prepared for the death that was going to be coming from that war, telling her to forget about Murdock for the time being.[5]

Battling the Hand

Reunion with Matt Murdock


Elektra breaks into Matt Murdock's home.

"I have a meeting tomorrow with the board at the Yakatomi Building, and I need your help, Matthew."
"How am I supposed to help you?"
"I want you to use that expensive legal training of yours - to help me get my money back."
―Elektra and Matt Murdock[src]

As Matt Murdock returned his apartment from his date with Karen Page, Murdock found Elektra, who had broken into his apartment, having returned to New York City and greeted him with a flirtatious smile.[6] Elektra began to flirt with Murdock by teasingly commenting on his choice in furniture and clothes, but Murdock was having none of it. Elektra eventually came out with her story, saying she was here for a meeting and that she wanted to apologize for leaving him, although Murdock just insisted that she could not stay.

Elektra 2

Elektra asks for Matt Murdock's legal help

She admitted that she had finally been able to admit to herself that them leaving each other was not fate but a choice that she had made back at Roscoe Sweeney's home. Elektra told Murdock that she was now alone in the world, which Murdock could relate to so Elektra also made the comparison that he also knew about deal with his own father's mistakes. Moving on, Elektra began to explain her father's old investment in the Roxxon Oil Corporation. She asked Murdock for his legal help and offered to give him money. Murdock refused, however, and told her to leave his apartment.[3]

Meeting with Roxxon

Elektra meeting Roxxon

Elektra begins her meeting with Hirochi

"I'm sure you all have places to be, things to do, with your wives, your mistresses, but I have questions, and this subsidiary, what is it exactly?"
"A medical company."
"And they do?"
―Elektra and Stan Gibson[src]

The next day, Elektra deposited a large sum of money into Nelson and Murdock's bank account, which was soon discovered by Foggy Nelson. Upon seeing this, Matt Murdock knew this was from Elektra, and told Nelson to not spend that money, saying that it was from a potential client before quickly leaving. Murdock then used his advanced hearing to listen to the meeting with Elektra's meeting with the Roxxon Oil Corporation, in which she was told how valuable her father's business was to them.

Elektra hacks Roxxon

Elektra hacks Roxxon for information

Upon arriving at the meeting, Elektra met by Hirochi who introduced her to Stan Gibson, who would have the answers she was looking for regarding her father's money. Elektra glimpsed Murdock on the rooftop as she chuckled nonchalantly with the board. Elektra took out a pen and said that she had questions about Roxxon's business practices. Suddenly, several phones began to ring simultaneously, and she was told there was a problem that had to be attended to, and that the meeting would have to be rescheduled. Elektra was then escorted back downstairs in a hurry by Hirochi.[3]

Testing Daredevil

Elektra welcome Murdock

Elektra meets Matt Murdock in her apartment

"There is always this glorious darkness inside of you, that's why I took you to Roscoe Sweeney's, and yes it's why I loved you, that's why you loved me too, don't deny what we have."
"You think that's what love is?"
―Elektra and Matt Murdock[src]

While she was pouring herself a drink, Matt Murdock visited Elektra in an apartment not in her name to asked her about why she took him to Roscoe Sweeney's mansion all those years ago, although Elektra tried to lighten the mood by asking how his date with Karen Page had gone. Elektra explained that it was simply for fun but Murdock was offended that she would find the concept of him killing Sweeney as fun.


Elektra tries to seduce Matt Murdock

Elektra tried to change Murdock's own view on the matter by then claiming that she did not push him to murder, but that Murdock had wanted to do it to avenge his father, which greatly offended Murdock as he insisted this was just Elektra's manipulation once again and told her that she did not have a window into his soul like she seemed to believe. Elektra insisted that this was not the case and went on to tell him that he had a glorious darkness inside of him and that was why she took him there, and that was also why she had loved him and why, at that point in their lives, he had loved her.

Elektra is Ready

Elektra and Daredevil await the Hand's arrival

Murdock interrupted to warn Elektra that he could now hear several armed people arriving on motorbikes and Elektra walked upstairs and began to take off her robe and got dressed. Murdock explained what he heard and asked if Elektra knew who was coming, to which Elektra guessed Yakuza. Elektra explained that she had infiltrated Asano in the Yakatomi Building. Murdock figured Elektra knew what she had been doing, planning everything and manipulating Murdock in the process. As Murdock began to leave, Elektra opened a bag and revealing it contained his Daredevil's Suit inside.[3]


Elektra and Daredevil battle the Yakuza

As the Yakuza entered the building, Daredevil used the element of surprise that they had been granted and jumped down and attacked a man with Elektra following and hitting the second man, knocking him out. Elektra and Daredevil fought the Yakuza side by side as they soon overpowered a member each and then Elektra fought the only female member alone. As Elektra quickly got the Yakuza member on the floor, another member attacked her until she got up, but Elektra quickly knocked her out and kicked another member, bringing him to the ground and breaking his arm, making his scream.

Elektra 6

Elektra and Daredevil defeat their attackers

With the numbers of the Yakuza now greatly depleted by Elektra and Daredevil's combined strength, the final member charged at Elektra, however Daredevil knocked him to the ground with one single solid punch and Elektra landed the last kick on the man she had brought down, leaving all their attackers lying beaten and unconscious on the ground around them. Pleased with their results, Elektra pulled her hood down panting and smiling at Murdock, satisfied by their victory and asked if he was hungry, while Murdock remained furious by her deception and forcing him into another violent conflict.

Elektra 5

Elektra has breakfast with Matt Murdock

The next morning, Murdock and Elektra got food at a diner and Murdock confronted Elektra about her lies. They discussed how she knew about his Daredevil identity and the Yakuza, with Elektra explaining that she had always known everything about him and that he had only make the Yakuza go into hiding when he had defeated them and Wilson Fisk. Murdock ordered her to leave New York City but Elektra told him that she wanted to bring down the Yakuza with him, as partners. Murdock agreed to working with her, as long as she left once they had completed their task.[7]

Infiltration into the Yakatomi Building

Tux Murdock

Elektra gives Matt Murdock a new suit

"They've pinpointed their weak link, they're smarter than they know."
"And chances are, they've got eyes everywhere else, too."
"Well, this is going to be more fun than I thought. We have to get him alone somehow."
―Elektra and Matt Murdock[src]

Elektra sent a car to collect Matt Murdock while he was visiting his client Frank Castle in the hospital. She gave him a suit and explained her plan to attend a gala and get a key card off Stan Gibson which would gain them access to a secret floor in the Yakatomi Building. Elektra explained that she planned to pick pocket Gibson's key card during the gala, which Murdock scoffed at as security would be tight there following the fight the previous night, but Elektra only laughed and noted that Murdock was being a lot less fun.


Elektra and Matt Murdock enter the Gala

As they walked in, Murdock said that she caused a lot of attention, turning a lot of heads and raising a lot of heart rates, although he noted it was a shame she would not be able to enjoy the party. As they were speaking, Hirochi came over to personally welcome Elektra to the party, politely kissing her on the hand before he complimented her appearance. Continuing with their mission, Elektra noted where Gibson was and told Murdock to finish his drink so they now had an excuse to walk over to the bar beside Gibson so Elektra could then attempt to steal the key card from him, so Murdock did as Elektra wished and stood by while she prepared to make her move.


Elektra sees Murdock meeting Stan Gibson

However, Murdock stopped Elektra before she could make her move, telling her Gibson was being watched closely by security, with Elektra noting that clearly Roxxon Oil Corporation had worked out which of their key card holders held the biggest risk. Needing to get Gibson alone, Murdock used his blindness to his advantage and, leaving the bemused Elektra where she was, stepped forward and spilt red wine on Gibson's white suit, forcing him to go to the bathroom to clean up, all while Elektra watched from the bar with a smile.[7]

Locating the Ledger


Elektra tries to avoid all the Hand's guards

"Invoices for arms, guns, ammunition"
"You read Japanese?"
"Drugs, designer stuff, mostly, and this looks like people, labourers of some sort, sounds like a lot of them, over the past several months, and all from Japan."
―Elektra and Matt Murdock[src]

Once Matt Murdock had just acquired the key card from the now unconscious Stan Gibson, both he and Elektra snuck into the 13th floor of the building where Elektra used a device to hack into the security camera and cover up their movements. Murdock, however, could hear several security guards walking through the hallways so together they hid through the building to stay out of sight for as long as was possible, using Murdock's abilities to their advantage.


Elektra fails to locate the Hand's ledger

Eventually, Elektra and Murdock made it into Hirochi's office where they began searching for the ledger. While Elektra kept a look out, Murdock used his highly sensitive ears to crack the safe but to her horror, Elektra discovered that the ledger was not inside there and began instead desperately searching through Hirochi's desk for it, noting she had been assured by the Chaste that the ledger would be in there. Giving up hope that they would find the ledger, Elektra then recommended that they escape now, as if the Yakuza found Gibson in the bathroom, they would be discovered very quickly.

Ledger found

Elektra and Murdock finally find the Ledger

Before they left, however, Murdock sensed a small electrical current running through the wall and found a way to open it, revealing a new secret doorway to another room. Upon seeing the new room, Elektra delightedly exclaimed that she was a genius, seemingly ignoring the fact that it was Murdock who had discovered the room. Yet again using Murdock's heightened senses, Elektra found the book quickly, which was filled with all of Roxxon Oil Corporation's notes and most important information, but Murdock, having heard guards were now incoming, took it and forced them to leave after a lockdown.


Elektra and Matt Murdock prepare for a fight

As the lights went out across the Yakatomi Building, Elektra and Murdock were forced to run and hide as the security arrived on the scene. Knowing they would eventually be discovered, Elektra ripped her dress to allow for better movement before Murdock gave her the signal to go. Using the darkness and the element of surprise to their advantage, Elektra and Murdock fought the security in the office, disarming them before they could fire and using their impressive teamwork to bring them all down before they quickly made their way downstairs to try and make their hasty escape.


Elektra and Matt Murdock pretend to be drunk

Needing a new tactic to get out of the building as quickly as they could without being found and arrested, Elektra and Murdock then ducked into an empty office and pretended to be a drunk couple looking for privacy to have sex. When security found them, they drew their guns and attempted to arrest the pair, with Elektra playing the drunk woman and claiming that Murdock was very rich and could donate money to their organization. Despite finding them there, the security guards believed their new ruse, especially after one security guard noticed Murdock's blindness and let them go.

DDevil Ledger Coded

Elektra learns the ledger has been encoded

The two went back in the car and read through the book, with Elektra translating the Japanese words much to Murdock's surprise. Elektra noted that much of the information listed dealings in guns and drugs and even some words on the movement of various people, possibly laborers. When she got to the last page, Elektra discovered that she could not translate a code in the book, noting whatever was there must be worse than gun running which was not encoded. Arriving at Matt Murdock's Apartment, Elektra jokingly invited him to join her at the same time the next day to learn some more.[7]

Finding a Translator

Elektra Waits

Elektra goes to translate the ledger.

"He must be good, not many professors can afford garage high rise flats and a revolving door of prostitutes."
"What do you want me to do?"
―Elektra and Philip Cabroni[src]

Elektra called Matt Murdock while he was at work at Nelson and Murdock and asked him to go with her again, this time to translate the ledger before the Hand noticed it was missing, noting that she had found the professor who had encrypted it. Tracking him down, Elektra and Daredevil attacked Professor Philip Cabroni at his home just after he had sent home two prostitutes. At first, Cabroni refused to help as he feared the Hand would kill him, but after Daredevil threw him on a glass window and began punching it, Cabrini then finally relented.


Elektra and Daredevil question Philip Cabroni

He then began to translate it, explaining that he put the letters in a cypher and the characters through a matrix which could be decoded. The code ended up saying that all of weekly shipments took place, andone was that night at 11:00 at Bay Ridge Rail Yard. He gave the number of the boxcar and said that they could now find the train they were looking for. When Daredevil questioned what they would find, Cabroni insisted that he need not know. As they left, Daredevil then ordered Cabroni to find better employment while Elektra told him to kill his decorator as she hated how his apartment looked.[8]

Ambush at Bay Ridge Rail Yard


Elektra searches all across the Rail Yard

"You okay?"
"The best things in life leave you breathless, right?"
"I'm glad you feel that way, 'cause I got something for ya."
Daredevil and Elektra[src]

Arriving at the Bay Ridge Rail Yard, Elektra and Daredevil discussed what the Hand could have in the case, with Elektra wanting to make bets until Daredevil noted he and Stick had once found the Hand were transporting the Black Sky. Using his own heightened senses, Daredevil was able to determine which of the box cars was filled and which were empty, noting whatever was inside one car had filled it up enough to buckle the train tracks. Elektra decided that they should open it.

DDEVIL Elektra dirt

Elektra and Daredevil open up the boxcar.

The pair then opened the boxcar, only to discover that it was actually just filled to the brim with dirt, which poured out onto the ground and caused a cloud to rise into the sky. Surprised by what they had found, Elektra questioned if this was possibly a decoy and they had walked into a trap when they opened it, only for Daredevil to pause when he heard incoming footsteps. Realizing that the Yakuza had began to chase them while armed with guns, Elektra and Daredevil were both forced to hide as they ran on top of the train and jumped from one box car to the next in order to get ahead of the Yakuza and set up an ambush of their own for their would be attackers.


Elektra fights the Yakuza at the train station

Hiding in one of the carriages, Elektra and Daredevil leaped forward and attacked the Yakuza, using the element of surprise to avoid their erratic gunfire and disarm them. During the fight, Elektra had her hair grabbed by one attacker, but she was able to break his arm and then knock him out before saving Daredevil from one Yakuza member who nearly shot him in the back. Elektra briefly collapsed from exhaustion, jokingly noting that she believed all of the best things in life left you breathless, but she was forced to get back onto her feet as Daredevil noted there were more soldiers coming to attack them.


Elektra tries and fails to execute one man

With the next wave coming in, Elektra hid herself while Daredevil took on the first wave, causing one man to fire his gun and alert the others. Elektra then stormed forward and knocked several of the men to the ground before taking one of their guns, she aimed it at the man's head but found it was already out of ammunition, with Elektra noting it was clearly his lucky day and knocking him out cold. While distracted, Elektra did not see the other man coming for her and slashing her neck with a knife, but she kept fighting and quickly beat him into submission, ignoring the pain from the cut.


Elektra's wounds are looked at by Daredevil

Even with the man barely able to sit up, Elektra continued brutally beating him almost to the point of death until Daredevil charged in, kicking over another man and leaving Elektra to allow the man to collapse. With the Yakuza defeated and them now victorious, Elektra teased Daredevil by asking what had taken him so long before he examined the nasty gash on her shoulder and neck. Although the wound was not life threatening, they then decided to leave their investigation there and return to Matt Murdock's Apartment where he could stitch up the wound as carefully as he could.[8]

Continued Investigation

Elektra stitched

Elektra is stitched up by Matt Murdock

"I didn't hear anything about your work that would make me want to tie a noose and test it on my neck. I won't even mention what I didn't hear about your girlfriend."
"I warned you not to interrupt my life."
"This is not your life."
―Elektra and Matt Murdock[src]

At his home, Matt Murdock stitched up Elektra's scratch on the back of her neck while they discussed what she would now tell people who asked about it. Elektra asked him what he told people about his scars, and he jokingly replied that since he wore suits to his work at Nelson and Murdock, it had not been a problem, while also joking that the women he brought home would be having too much fun to ask, which made Elektra laugh while he treated her arm.


Elektra and Murdock discuss their battle scars

When Elektra noted some new scars, Murdock explained how he had gotten some from Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov and others from a fight against Nobu Yoshioka, with Elektra noting that she also knew Yoshioka from his reputation in the Hand and pointed out her own scars. Having commented on how they had clearly both been busy since their college days, Murdock asked where she went after she leaving Roscoe Sweeney's house the day they almost committed murder. She replied that she went as far away as she could, finding herself to be alone, saying that Murdock deserved better.


Elektra tells Matt Murdock to get to work

Exhausted from their battle against the Hand, Elektra lay down and fell asleep on the couch, with Murdock resting on the chair. The next morning, Elektra awoke to find that Murdock was frantically pulling his clothes on as fast as he could since he had overslept and needed to be at the New York State Supreme Court Building representing the case for the people v. Frank Castle. Seeing that he was clearly too busy to deal with their investigation at this time, Elektra told Murdock that she would look into the exports before she told him to have a good day in court and let him leave to get to the court house.


Elektra mocks Murdock and Karen Page

Elektra kept herself hidden while Murdock talked to Karen Page that night and waited until Page had left before she revealed herself, as Murdock knew Elektra was there listening. He explained to Elektra that even though she did not care, Murdock's new life and Page were important to him. Elektra then tells him she looked into Roxxon Oil Corporation's construction sites and found a few sites to investigate. Murdock noted how he knew one of the sites as his client had lived there before Wilson Fisk took it over and had the client murdered, and maybe Fisk had gotten the area for the Hand.[8]

Angering Daredevil


Elektra watches over all the Hand's actions

"You don't get what you want by day, you take it by force at night. This is who you are Matthew, and don't fool yourself into thinking it's anything else."
"What I do is none of your business. Both halves of my life are mine."
"Fine, I'll stay out of your boring legal shit. Now, you wanna fight me? Or you wanna fight the guys who are tearing your city apart?"
―Elektra and Daredevil[src]

Seeking to assist Murdock in his case for Frank Castle, Elektra found the home of Doctor Gregory Tepper and attacked him, tying his hands up and then threatening to kill him if he did not admit in court that Samantha Reyes had forced him to fake the medical documents in the wake of the Massacre at Central Park which had killed Castle's family. Tepper did as instructed, but noted how he had been threatened meaning his statement was dismissed. That night, Elektra focused back on the original mission.

DDevil angry Elektra

Elektra is furiously scolded at by Daredevil

That night, Daredevil confronted Elektra and furiously told her that because of what she did, that evidence was useless. Elektra told Daredevil that he should stop deluding himself into thinking that he can get what he wants day by being a lawyer at Nelson and Murdock and be with Karen Page, when in truth, he got what he wanted by force. Daredevil rejected her words, stating that his life is off limits to her. Elektra agreed to stop interfering in his day job, before reminding him that they have the Yakuza to be concerned about as they were still planning on tearing all of New York City apart.


Elektra and Daredevil find the Hand's pit.

Together, Elektra and Daredevil went down to the streets to fight the Yakuza guards standing outside of the apartment block. Elektra however allowed Daredevil to fight them alone as she took her time catching up to him, when Daredevil asked why she did not join the fight, she used his own words against her and noted how he did not want her to get involved, much to Daredevil's annoyance. Together they entered the building to find nothing but a massive hole in the ground. Unsure of it's size, Daredevil grabbed the flashlight, dropping it inside and waited for it to strike the bottom, Elektra questioned if it had yet to which Daredevil noted that it was still falling.[8]

Choice of Love or War

Near Fatal Wound


Elektra fights against members of the Hand

"He wanted you back. He wanted you to forget about law, your friends your city. He thought I could distract you."
"He was right."
"No. Because I did the thing I promised him I'd never do. I fell in love with you, Matthew. Listen to my heartbeat, if you must."
―Elektra and Matt Murdock[src]

As Elektra and Daredevil continued looking down the hole and tried to understand why it was there, they were attacked by members of the Hand. Taking cover, Daredevil revealed he could not hear the ninja's heartbeats so Elektra recommended he listen out for their swords instead. Charging into battle, Elektra grabbed a metal bar and used that to fight The Hand. When Daredevil was almost knocked down the pit, Elektra threw a chain to him and caught him.


Elektra is slashed across her own stomach

As the fight progressed, Elektra took down a ninja and stole his own sword before attempting to kill him. Not wishing for anyone to die, Daredevil called out to stop her and she was attacked by another member who used her distracted to slice across her stomach with a poisoned blade. Elektra groaned and was then kicked down while Daredevil was beaten into submission and was almost executed by The Hand. Before they could both be killed however, Stick charged into the fight and quickly massacred all the remaining few Hand members before turning his attention to Elektra's wound.


Elektra is driven away towards some safety

Elektra is taken in a car driven by Quinn as Stick along with Daredevil drove quickly back to Matt Murdock's Apartment. Along the way, their car was chased down by several of the Hand's ninjas who Stick and Quinn attempted to avoid. Elektra lay on Murdock's lap as she began to bleed out from the wound on her stomach, ignoring the assassins who fired arrows at the car and even tried to jump on the roof and steal her away. Rather than going straight to Metro-General Hospital, Stick insisted that they go to Murdock's apartment to save Elektra's life as they got away from all of the Hand's assassins.

Stick Elektra Cure

Elektra's deadly wounds are treated by Stick

Arriving at his apartment, Stick told Murdock to quickly bring him all of ingredients which he would use to help Elektra get the toxins out and heal her from the wound she had just gained during the mission. Elektra was moved from the sofa and then placed in Murdock's bed where Stick poured all the homemade liquid on her wound. Despite Murdock warning of the pain it might cause, Stick removed the cause the wound and had saved Elektra's life, causing her some great pain while doing so. Once the procedure was finally over and Elektra was safe once again, Murdock held her down and prayed and heard her heartbeat becoming regular, proving she would be okay.


Elektra explains the truth about Stick's life

Having left her to sleep and recover, Murdock later greeted Elektra and noted that he had learned she was a member of the Chaste and questioned how much of their relationship had been real and what was preplanned by Stick. Elektra admitted that her meeting Murdock at Columbia University was a mission set up by Stick, but she had actually fallen in love with him during this time. Due to Murdock now missing court during the Frank Castle trial, Karen Page then visited him to then see Elektra in his bed, which led to Page storming out, assuming Murdock was in a relationship with Elektra.[9]

Rejecting Stick


Elektra tells Stick her decision for the future

"Get out before I get nasty."
"Are you threatening me?"
"You're damn right, I am. Go."
"What do you think he'll say when he finds out what you are? What you've always been? Haven't told him yet have ya?"
―Elektra and Stick[src]

Elektra stood up from her bed and went to talk with Stick, despite him noting that she was clearly in too much pain due to the wound she had gained since their last fight and recommended that she go back to bed. Elektra however refused and instead claimed that she did not want to be with Stick anymore, but with Matt Murdock, despite Stick telling her that he was soft, and had made her soft by letting her guard down, ordering her to go get back into bed, noting that Elektra could not be with Murdock due to her being a killer while Murdock still refused to kill anyone.


Elektra demands that Stick leaves her alone

Elektra insisted to Stick that she believed she could become a better person if she stayed and that they could still fight the Hand without the Chaste's assistance. Standing up, Elektra furiously told Stick to leave and threatened him if he ever dared to return. Stick proceeded to slam his own knife into the table and collected is things, however when Stick pondered the thought of what if Murdock found out about the killer that Elektra really was, she slapped him, claiming that she could protect herself. Stick then noted she did not know what he had protected her from for years before he then walked out.


Elektra and Matt Murdock discuss the future

When Murdock got back to the Apartment, having just lost the Frank Castle trial, he found Elektra all by herself, back in his own bed and attempting to get some sleep. When she was questioned about what had happened to Stick, Elektra told Murdock that she made her choice choosing him over Stick and explained that Stick had left and was seemingly never coming back. Elektra noted that Murdock had lost the Punisher case as well as likely losing Nelson and Murdock as a result, but Murdock told her not to worry. They promised to figure out their relationship before Murdock told Elektra to sleep.


Elektra cuts the throat of a Hand assassin

However, a Hand ninja had been secretly watching over Murdock's apartment waited until the pair were of guard as he had entered the apartment and attacked Murdock, shooting him through the shoulder with a poisoned arrow. Murdock managed to defeat and disarm the assassin, however when he unmasked him, he discovered that the assassin was a young man. Ignoring Murdock's pleas, Elektra then ruthlessly sliced open the assassin's throat, claiming that this is who she was and asked him if he still wanted her before Murdock began to pant heavily and then collapsed from the poison.[9]

True Colors Revealed


Elektra cleans Matt Murdock's deadly wound

"You and I, we've seen it. The Hand is very real. And they know we're onto them. The battle has begun, Matthew. There's nothing we can do about it now but fight. Look I wish I could tell you that I'm not going to pull my sword, but I will if I have to."
―Elektra to Matt Murdock[src]

Having been poisoned by the Hand assassin's arrow and was close to death as a result, Elektra treated Matt Murdock's wound, pouring a chemical on the wound which burned through the poison, despite causing Murdock physical pain. While Murdock's body recovered, Elektra contacted the Chaste members who turned up inside Matt Murdock's Apartment and began cleaning up the blood and repairing the crime scene.


Elektra explains how she had killed people

After Murdock woke up, Elektra was asked about the Hand member and the whereabouts of his body, to which she replies that it's been taken care of. While Elektra insisted that the assassin had tried to kill him and therefore his death was self defense, Murdock told her that he was a scared child, while Elektra noted that in court it would work in her favor. Murdock insisted that they call the New York City Police Department but Elektra noted that the police would never believe what had happened, telling him that the war had begun and that they both now needed to fight together against the Hand.


Matt Murdock tells Elektra to leave his home

Murdock noted that Elektra's desire to be a good person was always outweighed by her desire to kill, noting he had sensed that when they attacked Roscoe Sweeney and noting that her adrenaline had spiked and that she enjoyed killing the child assassin. Elektra then admitted her first kill was when she was twelve years old under Stick's orders and claimed she wanted to know if she could do it. Seeing this side of her, Murdock told Elektra that he did not want to see her anymore and she left his apartment. As she left, Murdock then told Elektra he would deal with both The Hand and the Yakuza himself.[10]

Target of the Chaste


Elektra prepares to leave New York City

"Listen to me asshole, I don't care what the Hand wants with me or anyone else, this is not my war!"
"The Hand didn't send me, Stick did."
―Elektra and Jacques Duchamps[src]

With nothing left for her there, Elektra decided that her best move was to leave New York City and Matt Murdock behind for good. At the airport, Elektra went to a bar and ordered a Tequila or a Mezcal if they had it. She was then approached by Jacques Duchamps who ordered the same and paid for the bottle for her. Turning to face Elektra, Duchamps began asking where she was going, Elektra claimed that she was getting far away from New York City but did not give a reason as to why.


Elektra is introduced to Jacques Duchamps

Still speaking in French to her, Duchamps deduced that Elektra was heading for Courchevel for a skiing holiday, with Elektra seemingly confirming that she was just looking for somewhere to shop and ski. Duchamps then continued flirting as he offered to draw her a bath when they arrived. Duchamps then introduced himself, while Elektra gave him a fake name of Louise Badeaux. Duchamps revealed that he knew who Elektra was and that she had been a Chaste assassin, explaining that he was there to kill her and Elektra then confidently finished her drink and welcomed him to try his best.


Elektra fights against Jacques Duchamps

Elektra and Duchamps began to fight throughout the hanger, proving themselves to be equally matched in skill and each determined to be the victor. At one stage, Elektra managed to stun Duchamps and run across a plane wing, wrapping her legs tight around his head in an attempt to chock him out, only for Duchamps to recover and smash Elektra hard against the wing. Seeking to gain the advantage and kill his target, Duchamps brought out a pair of Twin Sai, but Elektra then quickly managed to disarm him, at which point she took them and painfully stabbed him in both the back and his chest.


Elektra learns that Stick had sent Duchamps

Taking the blades and twisting them in order to cause her would be assassin as much agony as she could, Elektra told Duchamps that she would not answer to The Hand and wanted nothing to do with their war. Despite being close to dying from his wounds, Duchamps however corrected her and revealed that it was not The Hand who sent him, but it was Stick, seeking to assassinate his former student. Mortified by the reveal of her mentor's sudden betrayal, Elektra then ripped out the blades out of Duchamps' chest and back, killing him, and kept his sai, intending to use them to kill Stick.[11]

Elektra vs Stick


Elektra successfully tracks down Stick.

"You're just another old man, jealous of his disciple! You'd rather see me dead than outgrow you, well guess what, when it comes to killing, I've always been better."
"Put up or shut up!"
―Elektra and Stick[src]

Tracking down Stick to one of the Chaste's hideouts, Elektra hid in a car as two of his men entered to drive away and warn the members of Elektra's rage. However as soon as the pair stepped into the car Elektra stabbed them through the back, with her Sai cutting straight through their stomachs. She then entered the building to find her target, unaware that Quinn survived and was using his last moments to find help.


Elektra furiously fighting against Stick

Inside, Elektra found Stick meditating while sharpening his sword as she kicked open the door and prepared to begin the upcoming fight against his former student, having already heard from Quinn that his own soldier, Jacques Duchamps, had failed with the assassination attempt against Elektra. Having found the man she was hunting, Elektra looked at her former teacher with pure hatred, while Stick then calmly welcomed her to attack him.[12] Elektra began to hit Stick and kicked him across the room as the two fought with her sais and his sword while Stick still continued to berate and mock his former pupil, telling Elektra to stop talking and instead fight him.


Elektra attempts to strangle Stick to death

As the fight progressed Stick struggled to compete with Elektra's speed and used tricks such as headbutts and using tight spaces to gain the upper hand. As their fight briefly paused, Elektra demanded to know when he had tried to kill her, but Stick only said it was a long story and they then went back to fighting each other. When one of Elektra's sais got stuck which allowed Stick to gain an upper hand and forced his sword towards her throat, but Elektra was able to wrap a cable around his neck and began chocking him to see which of them would be killed first in this prolonged deathmatch.


Elektra is furiously confronted by Daredevil

Before either of the could kill the other, Daredevil arrived and pulled them apart from each other, telling Elektra that he would not allow her to kill Stick as he stood between the killers. Elektra refused to listen and attempted to get past by slashing her sais at Daredevil's face, furious that despite being raised by Stick he had attempted to have her killed while Stick continued to claim that Elektra was now impossible to control and that he should have killed her when she was a child. Elektra accused Stick of being jealous of her as she had grown into a far superior killer compared to him, which Stick pushing her to prove her words by continuing their violent fight.


Elektra stabs a Hand assassin in the eye

Just as tensions rose to breaking point, the three were suddenly attacked by the Hand, who had been sent by Nobu Yoshioka. As Daredevil and Elektra are sebreated from Stick while fighting their enemies, Elektra killed one member by stabbing her sai into his eye while Daredevil subdued them without killing them. But when the lights were briefly cut out, Elektra managed to find a flame at which point she discovered that Stick had been captured and the ninjas had scattered, leading to Elektra and Daredevil then charging outside to then confront each other about the previous fight.


Elektra argues with Daredevil about her killing

Charging outside, Daredevil demanded to know why she was trying to kill Stick and she explained that she was doing it before he could kill her, but she could not explain why or mention that attack against her life which Stick had ordered. Daredevil told her that the Hand must have taken him alive for a reason and that they would torture him until they found what they were looking for. Elektra told him that she was happy Stick would suffer and reminded Daredevil that Stick abandoned him when he was a child, promising that she would kill him if he attempted to stop her from finally killing Stick.[2]

Tempted by the Hand


Elektra finds and confronts Stick

"Call me it again and I'll cut you in half."
"You are right Elektra, you're not a girl anymore. But now, seeing you fight, seeing you with the man who saved your life, I'd know you anywhere. Do you know who we are?"
"You call yourselves the Hand."
―Elektra and Nobu Yoshioka[src]

Elektra tracked Daredevil just as he rescued Stick from Hirochi and the Hand. Elektra confronted the two of them, noting that there was a time when she really believed that Stick would never betray her but now she felt naive that she had fallen for his lies, she then threw her Sai at Stick, but Daredevil caught it midair as he reminded her that he had sworn that he would not allow her to kill their former mentor no matter what.

Daredevil Elektra Black Sky

Elektra is told she is the mystical Black Sky

While Daredevil and Elektra argued, Stick however revealed to her that The Hand had set up his kidnapping simply because they had wanted her there, just as Nobu Yoshioka entered and greeted the group with his own small army, calling Elektra an it. Insulted by him, Elektra threatened to cut Yoshioka in half if he dared to call her it again, but Yoshioka merely laughed at this threat, noting this and her fighting skills proved his theory of who she was. When questioned by Yoshioka about who he was and why he was there, Elektra noted that Yoshioka was the Hand, serving a mystical warrior.


Elektra considers joining Nobu Yoshioka

Yoshioka however insisted that the this warrior was not a myth, and to her shock, he then revealed that Elektra was the Black Sky whom the Hand served and offered her his sword as he and all of the Hand soldiers bowed before her. Elektra wondered if this is who she was meant to be and realized it explained much of her life while serving the Chaste, including why Stick killed Star to protect her. Seeking to save her, Daredevil told her if she was going to join The Hand as she had become tempted to do, then she would have to kill him as well, allowing her to push Yoshioka's sword against his throat.

Daredevil Black Sky Threat

Elektra is given a chance to join with Daredevil

Unwilling to kill the man she had loved, Elektra heartbeat quickened, which Daredevil took as a chance to disarm her as he held the sword against her throat while Yoshioka's men surrounded them. Daredevil gave Elektra the choice to prove Yoshioka right by killing them both, or prove him wrong by saving Stick's life. Telling Daredevil that he never knew when to stop, Elektra instead sided with Daredevil and Stick and aided them against The Hand, pulling Stick to safety once he had used the Specialist's knives to then defend himself, while Daredevil battled against all of the ninjas and Yoshioka.

Elektra saves Stick

Elektra drags Stick away towards safety

Elektra got Stick out away from the fight and towards safety, killing some members of the Hand as they went. Having gotten to a safe distance by dragging the wounded Stick with her, they then took a moment to rest in a hallway and Stick admitted that he still wanted to kill Elektra by sending Jacques Duchamps to assassinate her. Stick claimed that Matt Murdock had not come to save him after the Hand, but he had gone to save Elektra from herself, knowing that if she had killed him, she would never be able to come back from that and then would never be able to be a good person as she desired.[2]

Search for Nobu Yoshioka

Elektra rooftops

Elektra speaks to Daredevil on the rooftops

Elektra stood on top of building and Matt went to talk to her about Stick and the Black Sky. Elektra says she was trained to kill the Black Sky and was told she had a gift by Stick. She explained to Matt that once the they have control of the Black Sky, they can do anything, and she would be their false idol. They then plan to extract Nobu from the Hand.


Elektra is fitted for a suit by Melvin Potter

Daredevil and Elektra go to Melvin Potter's Workshop where Daredevil gets a prototype billy club which Melvin has made for him. Elektra gets a new costume. At Matt's apartment, Elektra gives a restrained Stick a sandwich and tells him that they are going to fight his wars. Daredevil finds out that The Hand has kidnapped people he has saved to use as bait to kill him.[1]

Rescuing Hostages


Elektra and Daredevil discuss their future

They find the warehouse where the hostages are being held and Elektra disagrees with attempting to save them as she knows it's a trap, but Daredevil goes in anyway and saves them. After Daredevil saves them however, Elektra enters and kills members of The Hand. Daredevil and Elektra run up the stairs with Hand members following them. Daredevil and Elektra have a moment before they go on the roof and fight and Matt tells Elektra that he will run wherever Elektra will go, instead of what he said before, to never see her again.

Final Fight


Elektra dies in Daredevil's arms

"They have nothing now, I took it all away."
"It's okay, it's okay, try not to talk."
"I know now, what it feels, to be good."
―Elektra and Daredevil[src]

They then run outside to face Nobu Yoshioka with members of The Hand. Yoshioka attacks Daredevil, wanting him dead but Elektra attacks and kills members of The Hand. Elektra does join in in fighting Yoshioka. The Hand then stand away as Yoshioka fights both Daredevil and Elektra. Yoshioka ends up bringing both Daredevil and Elektra on the ground and Yoshioka then grabs Elektra's sai and approaches Daredevil. Elektra then stands up and sacrifices herself for Murdock and dies in his arms. She tells Murdock that she now knows how it feels to be good and that it's not the end.


Found by the Hand

Elektra Finale

Elektra's body is taken away by the Hand

"I had only a few moments with her, amidst all the noise, chaos and the violence, we were together only for moments, that was all. Orchids, she likes orchids, and yeah Stick, it was worth it."
Stick and Matt Murdock[src]

At Elektra's funeral, Matt Murdock and Stick were the only attendees who paid their respects to their fallen ally while Murdock told the story of how he had brought her flowers while they were dating in college before explaining to Stick that despite all the pain and the violence, it was all worth it to love her. However, that same night Elektra's body was dug up from her grave by The Hand, who dressed her in a red uniform and placed her in the sarcophagus to be reborn as the Black Sky.[1]

Trained to Kill

"I want the big one."
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Elektra completes spar with Hand soldiers.

Upon retrival of her corpse, the Hand used the last of the substance to resurrect the Black Sky. Elektra lifted the cover from the sarcophagus and leapt out, heavily covered in the substance. Unfamiliar to her surroundings, she attacked Alexandra Reid, whom subdued and crated her.

There in the warehouse, Elektra was fed and trained to fight by Reid, given the choice of her weapon. She fought for some time, progressing strengthening until she was able to defeat a horde of men in the dark. As a reward, she was presented with dark robes and tasked to serve life itself.[13]

Destroying the Chaste

"I let that woman escape."
"You didn't let anyone do anything. Whoever she was, she moved faster than anyone I've ever seen."
"Yeah. She hit like it, too. It had to be the Hand."
Danny Rand and Colleen Wing[src]

Under the orders of Alexandra Reid, Elektra managed to track down and slaughter almost all of the remaining members of the Chaste, eliminating the greatest enemies of the Hand. With only two more Chaste members remaining, Elektra was able to trail Shaft into the sewers of Cambodia, where the two fought to the death. Although the highly skilled Shaft put up a good fight against Elektra, she proved herself to be the superior fighter and eventually he was knocked to the ground.

Before she was able to strike him down, she is shoved aside and forced to fight against the Iron Fist who had come to save Shaft. Elektra proved herself to be a better fighter than Iron Fist had expected and despite his attempts to guard him, Elektra struck her sword deep into Shaft's chest before storming through the complex maze. She, however, encountered Rand again, along with Colleen Wing, and was managed to use her blade to slash at Iron Fist's chest. However Elektra was soon knocked into the shadows by the Iron Fist using his all powerful strike, vanishing from the sewers.


Elektra is comforted by Alexandra Reid

Returning to New York City, Elektra rejoined Reid in a tower where Reid completed a meeting with Madame Gao regarding moving their plans forward, which Gao had objected to. Once they were alone, Elektra and Reid watched over the city as an earthquake caused mass panic and created some large scale destruction which then endangered thousands of innocent lives. Although Elektra appeared distressed by watching the earthquake, Reid reassured her by gently touching her face and claiming that New York was nothing more than a city, and they would get used to watching them collapse, which seemed to comfort Elektra as they smiled together.[14]

War for New York

Assassinating Raymond

"Oh, my God. It's too late. You can't have this."
John Raymond[src]

A night after the earthquake, Elektra was tasked by the Hand to take out John Raymond, the Architect who had built Midland Circle and now planned to destroy it to stop the Hand's plans. Locating him at Alias Investigations Office where he was currently holding Malcolm Ducasse hostage, she slashed the door locks and burst into the room, where she lifted him from the floor ready to kill him as she had been ordered to do by the Hand.

Raymond, however, refused to allow Elektra or the Hand to be the ones who ended his life, instead turning the gun onto himself and firing a single shot into his skull. Witnessing Raymond shoot himself, Elektra then turned to leave the apartment building, but not before being confronted by Jessica Jones on her way out. Despite all of Jones' enhanced strength, Elektra was still able to overpower her and made a hasty escape back into New York City before Jones could catch up to her, leaving Jones to be found by Detective Misty Knight who then took her into custody under suspicion of causing the death of Raymond among other crimes.[15]

Escape from Midland Circle

TD103 Elektra01

Elektra joins the fight against Defenders

Elektra is summoned by Alexandra Reid to enter the fight against Luke Cage and Iron Fist after several henchmen are down at the Midland Circle headquarters. She soon engaged in a one-on-one fight with Matt Murdock in one of the offices. The two fought furiously; when Murdock spoke her name, she hesitated for a moment and stared at him, briefly recognising the man she loved. Before she could strike him down, her sword was shattered by the Iron Fist, projecting her through a wall.[13]

Later, Elektra stood before a mirror, contemplating a scar on her abodomen. She was met by Reid whom informed her that the previous person in her body died in battle against Nobu Yoshioka and that she was the Black Sky.

Ambush at the Royal Dragon

"This is not who you are. I know you. You died. I held you in my arms. I buried you, Elektra! Elektra. That's your name."

When Reid's attempts to persuade Rand to the side of the Hand, Elektra was ordered to "serve life itself," ready to attack Rand, Cage, Murdock, and Stick. Before she was able to start the fight, Jones projects an SUV through the restraurant, knocking Elektra to the floor, while Jones stood alongside her teammates.[16]

Fighting the five, she is joined by Murakami, whom drops from the ceiling window and began to fight Rand and Murdock. The fight briefly dispersed, as Sowande and Gao's soldiers entered the battle, guns blaring through the building. Elektra kneeled until the firing stopped, Gao informing Sowande that they need the Iron Fist alive. More soldiers rushed into the scene, leaving the Defenders surrounded. Everyone continued to fight, Elektra pinned against a wall by Murdock whom told her he only wants to talk. Despite his efforts to remain passive towards her, Elektra pushed to defeat him. The fight moved in the back; as Elektra was ready to strike him down, she heard the name Elektra again. She paused, eyes staring at Murdock, as he told her it was her name. When he gradually became closer to her, the two were interrupted by Murakami, visibly frustrated as he demanded Elektra that she had not struck down the enemy. Elektra, finally animating, directed her attack on Murakami, knocking him to the side unconscious before disappearing from the scene.[17]

A Waking Relevation


Elektra's life is threatened by Alexandra Reid.

"When I said her name, she recognized it. She knew me."
Matt Murdock[src]

Elektra sharpened her sword on the floor. Hearing Alexandra Reid enter the room, she armed herself and stood tall, wielding her sword above Reid's left shoulder. Reid praised her for her talent, eventually taking away Elektra's blade. There, Elektra heard the story that Reid once had a daughter that had died before the pilgrimage to K'un-Lun; she learned that Reid preferred immortality and the destiny of raising the Black Sky. Elektra is then informed that if she is unable to eliminate the targets she is assigned, she is no use to the Hand. After an embrace, Murakami intruded, asking to speak with Reid. Elektra glared at him for a while, with Reid telling him that she would speak with him later.

TD105 Elektra01

Elektra sleeps inside Matt Murdock's own bed

Elektra soon disappeared from Penthouse, standing atop Matt Murdock's Apartment. She intruded inside, gradually remembering everything in the apartment. Eventually, Elektra wandered into the bedroom, sitting her blade on a nightstand and resting in the bed. Waking from the memory of being with Matt Murdock some time ago before her death at the hands of Nobu Yoshioka, Elektra wandered to a green chest, where she discovered the initial body suit of Daredevil and a Bible in braille with a bookmark on a verse--Relevation 21:4. She took this with her before leaving his apartment.[17][18]

Kidnapping of Iron Fist

Elektra located Iron Fist in an abandoned building. Before Stick was able to strike him down, she blocked the blade and fought Stick. The two clashed swords until Elektra pinned him to the floor. Seconds later was the arrival of Murdock, who pled with her not to kill Stick. Smiling, she greeted him, happy to see him again; her sword pierced through Stick's body before she engaged Murdock and Jones in another match. Cage soon woke up from unconsciousness and joined the fight, only to soon be stunned and stomped, with Jones and Murdock knocked out as well.

Directing her attention back to Rand, Elektra had cut the ropes that bound him, carried his body over her shoulder, and lept through the window in order to bring his body back to Alexandra Reid, who was being visited by Murakami.[18]

Assassination of Alexandra Reid

"I want the big one."
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Elektra betrays and murders Alexandra Reid

"Do not underestimate me! Kill Luke Cage. Kill Jessica Jones. And the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, whoever he is." [...]
"His name is Matthew. And my name is Elektra Natchios."
Alexandra Reid and Elektra[src]

With the reminding members regrouped at the penthouse, Elektra and Reid presented the Iron Fist and greeted him to the Hand. After being taken away, she witnessed the leaders argue over the overuse of their limited resources as well as fearing the inevitable visit from the Defenders. An upset Reid scolded them, tasking Elektra to kill Cage, Jones, and Daredevil; instead, Elektra grabbed the sai and plunged them into Reid's body, informing her that his name was Matthew before she collapsed and bleed in the floor. Her attention turned to the remaining fingers, proclaiming her adoptive name "Elektra Natchios" and her new leadersihp. Beheading the corpse, she wiped away the blood from her face and asked if there were any questions.[18]

Rematch Against Iron Fist

As the two rode down an elevator beneath Midland Circle, Elektra pushed a restrained Danny Rand to the caverns, explaining the blockage that held an ingredient for the Substance. Though Rand protested that he would not assist the Hand in breaking through, she brought up how they chose their respective paths in life, choosing to run from their destiny while she unstrapped him.

They eventually fought however, with Rand enraged by Elektra's words. Throughout the battle, Elektra continued to taunt her opponent. Rand summoned his Iron Fist and pushed forward into the fight; Elektra, with her sai, gripped his fist and pulled him into the wall, smashing the blockage down and revealing the dragon bones that lie beneath New York City.[5]

Destruction of Midland Circle

"You've always wanted to find light in me. Look where it brought you."
"There is goodness in you. I know, 'cause I felt it."
"I don't care about good or bad. Truth is, I've never felt more whole, more alive, than right now."
"Then let's live. We can still make it out of here."
―Elektra and Matt Murdock[src]

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Elektra is shown to be a very confident woman, in both her skills and looks, once telling Matt Murdock that every man she's ever met has wanted to sleep with her. This has led her to be arrogant at times as she believed that she was superior to Stick and that the only reason he attempted to have her killed by sending his own assassin Jacques Duchamps after her was because of his jealousy of his pupil becoming a better killer than he was.

However, Elektra states that she is alone in the world and believe that Murdock and her are kindred spirits as she viewed him as the only person who understands her for who she is deep down. She was deeply upset when he refused to kill Roscoe Sweeney, claiming "I thought you understood me". Elektra also had a habit of becoming bored quite easily which Murdock picks up on their first meeting. Thus, she has developed a fun-loving, free-wheeling and wildly unpredictable personality and is more than capable of having a good time throughout her crusade with Daredevil, enjoying both the fight and the physical challenge that came with it.

Being raised by the Chaste for most of her life, Elektra learnt to be the perfect assassin and killer. She can be coldblooded to her enemies and enjoyed killing them; the first time she did was when she was twelve and that was in self-defense but admits that she liked doing so. She doesn't possess Murdock's moral compass but at the same time seems to respect him for his refusal to kill whereas Stick would degrade him for it. Elektra tends to think of her goals as first and furthermost importance with little sympathy to others and little care or even realization over breaking the law. For example to assist in Murdock's case she forces a confession out of Doctor Gregory Tepper but her involvement made his confession useless entirely and after killing a Hand assassin she believed that it being in self-defence would absolve her over any punishment which Murdock corrected.

Unbeknownst to Elektra herself she was in actuality the Black Sky, a mythical deity within the order of the Hand who is worshiped by its followers. Though she herself had known to have darkness in her heart; this side was violent, volatile and the main reason why she was said to enjoy killing so much. When Nobu Yoshioka finally revealed the truth, Elektra accepted it almost immediately as she seemed to feel that it was truly who she was because her mentor always told her to hide who she was after being adopted to a wealthy family, but it was ultimately Daredevil's words that no one could tell her who she was that put her down the path of good.

In the end, Elektra was a much more selfless and brave woman who was willing to sacrifice herself for the man she loved and assuring that the Hand would never be in possession of the Black Sky, allowing Yoshioka stab impale her with her own Twin Sai during the battle. She died claiming she knew what it meant to be good. However, Elektra was still more concerned about her goals than anything else as she was willing to ignore the hostages that the Hand had kidnapped but she ultimately decided to help Daredevil save them.

Powers and Abilities


Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Her resurrection as the Black Sky by the Hand's Substance granted Elektra numerous enhanced attributes.

  • Enhanced Strength: She was able to overpower and knock out all the members of the Defenders, including Luke Cage, albeit the latter was still recovering from being drugged by Stick. During the Escape from Midland Circle, she punched Daredevil in the chest with such force that he flew back several meters, breaking through a glass wall. However, normal individuals are still able to fight on equal ground as her, as Daredevil is able to fight Elektra and land a few blows on her and weaken her. He is also able to take a few hits from her, whereas someone like Jessica Jones could kill someone with just one punch by caving in their chest when she used all of her strength, and toss grown men around casually, suggesting Elektra's strength is between that of a normal human and a super human like Luke Cage or Jessia Jones.
  • Enhanced Durability: Elektra was able to carry an unconscious Danny Rand effortlessly, before jumping through windows, falling several floors, and landing on a car while remaining unharmed. Later, during her fight against Rand, Elektra was able to withstand an Iron Fist punch without suffering any major injury. However, normal humans were still able to compete with her, as Daredevil could counter her for an extended period of time while his fellow Defenders warded off groups of armed guards.
  • Enhanced Speed: Rand stated that Elektra was faster than anyone he had ever encountered when they fought in Cambodia for the first time. However, skilled fighters such as Danny Rand or Daredevil are able to doge her attacks and counter her for an extended period of time.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: She was able to fight all four members of the Defenders, while not only being able to dodge all of their attacks, but ultimately gaining the upper hand. She could also deflect attacks from the Iron Fist and Daredevil, who were fighters with years of martial arts training. However, Daredevil was able to land several blows on her during the Escape from Midland Circle.
  • Enhanced Senses: Elektra's enhanced senses granted her awareness of her surroundings on a wide range. She was able to singlehandedly kill several Hand assassins in a completely dark room. However, her senses are not on par with those of Daredevil, whose hearing is so acute he can hear a person's bones shift as they breathe.


"I want the big one."
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Elektra kills again

Elektra singlehandedly kills several assassins

"You're skilled, my child. It's clear, watching you fight, that you know much more than anyone can learn in a single life."
Alexandra Reid to Elektra[src]
  • Master Martial Artist: Elektra was trained in martial arts by Stick to become a warrior of the Chaste. As such, Elektra is highly skilled, and employs a mixed martial arts style that derives elements of Muay Thai, Capoeira, Karate, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and Okinawan martial arts, such as sai fighting. Hence, she was able to overpower thugs, Yakuza members, and highly skilled Hand ninjas, and gained the upper hand against her former mentor, Stick himself, in a duel. Elektra was even able to help Daredevil fight Nobu Yoshioka himself, though she was defeated by the Hand leader relatively quickly. After her resurrection, Elektra's powers as the Black Sky further enhanced her already astounding skills. She was able to defeat dozens of Hand members, outfight Danny Rand on her own, and later managed to briefly parley the entire Defenders before being overpowered.
    • Sai Mastery: Elektra is highly skilled in sai fighting, one of the Okinawan martial arts she employs. She effectively wielded Duchamps' twin sai during the Attack on the Hand and the Destruction of Midland Circle.
    • Sword Mastery: After her resurrection, Elektra has become extremely skilled in the use of swords, using them against The Defenders and members of the Hand. Her weapon of choice after her resurrection was a pair of wakizashi.
    • Staff Mastery: After her resurrection, Elektra has been shown to utilize bastons while training with several Hand members.
  • Master Assassin: Elektra has assassinated many people on behalf of the Chaste. Some of her marks include a pilot in Buenos Aires, a lawyer in Berlin, and at least six people in Morocco.
  • Expert Acrobat: Elektra is a highly skilled aerialist/acrobat able to use her skill to evade attacks or for offensive purposes, As she does so by knocking out a member of the Yakuza with a butterfly twist kick and evading an incoming hit from a hand ninja with an aerial and landing it perfectly.
  • Multilingualism: Elektra speaks Greek, English, Japanese and French fluently.


Elektra Prepares

Elektra chooses her weapons to use in battle

"It doesn't matter what you choose. You are the Black Sky. In the end, you are the weapon."
Alexandra Reid[src]
  • Elektra's Twin Sai: Taken from Jacques Duchamps after his failed assassination attempt on her, Elektra kept his twin sai and used them as her own whilst she hunted down Stick, becoming her weapon of choice over fist-fighting. Later she uses such sais to murder Alexandra Reid, leader of the Hand.
  • CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1: During the Ambush at Bay Ridge Rail Yard, Members of the Hand disguised as Yakuza attacked Daredevil and Elektra, Elektra managed to disarm one of them and was about to shoot him with his own gun. However, as the gun was out of ammunition, Elektra resorted to striking him across the face with it, knocking him out.
  • Katana: Elektra was handed the Katana by Nobu Yoshioka shortly after being told she was the Black Sky. Elektra took the sword and threatened Daredevil with it before being disarmed.
  • Twin Wakizashi Swords: After her resurrection, Elektra had began to train as the Black Sky, her weapon of choice were two wakizashi swords that could combine into one.






Appearances for Elektra

In chronological order:


  • In the comics, Elektra is killed by Bullseye, stabbing her with her own Sai on top of a rooftop. Her death on the show by Nobu Yoshioka, is reminiscent of that in the comics, as it happens in the same way in a similar place.
  • The Hand similarly attempts to resurrect Elektra as their puppet in the comics, but Daredevil, Black Widow, Stone and Kingpin intervene, restoring her completely.
  • Elektra liked orchids.[1]

Behind the Scenes

  • Élodie Yung described Elektra as "kind of a sociopath. This world is a game for her. It's like a chess game, and what motivates her is what she wants. She'll use anything she needs to use to get to her goal, and if she needs to kill people, she would." She added that Elektra is neither good nor bad, but a "person with different traits" and layers.[20]
  • Daredevil exclusive producer Douglas Petrie calls Elektra "the best bad girlfriend you can possibly have. She does everything wrong and attractive, she's [Matt's] id, the wild side. Matt is always taming his wild side. Elektra just lets it out. He's both repulsed and deeply drawn to that.[21]
  • Elektra in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the second live-action incarnation of the character, following an incarnation portrayed by Jennifer Garner.
  • Lauren Mary Kim and Aja Frary were stunt doubles for Élodie Yung and Rissa Kilar was a stunt double for Lily Chee in the role of Elektra.


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