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N'Jadaka is a Wakandan warrior who, years after being exiled with his family by T'Chaka, returns under the name Erik Killmonger.


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  • In the comics, Erik Killmonger, originally known as N'Jadaka, was a Wakandan native who was exiled after his father was forced to work for Ulysses Klaue and attempted to overthrow T'Challa from the throne upon his return.
  • Killmonger's bumpy, ritualistic tribal markings on his chest and torso resemble the scar tattoos of the Mursi and Surma tribes.

Behind the Scenes

  • Michael B. Jordan noted the character's dreadlocks hairstyle was a way "to stay true to the original character['s long hair] as much as possible and make it as modern as we could."[2]
  • Michael B. Jordan stated that Kilmonger is "very strategic, thoughtful. He's very patient. Very well skilled, trained to a T. He works very hard, and he feels what he's doing is right."[3]
  • Michael B. Jordan likened Kilmonger and T'Challa's relationship to the X-Men characters Magneto and Professor X.[4]


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