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The Escape of the Playground was a successful attempt made by Daisy Johnson to steal the Kree Orb and several Terrigen Crystals from the Playground once she was swayed by Hive.


"You sent four Inhumans into his lair, and now they're in your base. How many of them do you think he turned? If you trust any of them, stop now."
Gideon Malick to Phil Coulson[src]

While several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were trapped at the Schoonebeek Oil Field, Daisy Johnson gathered the Secret Warriors and led them to the facility, successfully rescuing her friends. All of them returned to the Playground, with Gideon Malick, thought to be the head of HYDRA, brought in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. However, during the battle at the Oil Field, Hive had infected Johnson and taken her into his control.

When Phil Coulson interrogated Malick, the HYDRA leader told him about Hive's infection and how Hive could have infected the Secret Warriors. Although Coulson was distrustful of Malick, he decided to lock down the Playground and put the four Secret Warriors into separate Containment Chambers while Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz ran tests to determine whether one of them was infected.[2]


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"Daisy's still one of us. What she did here was not of her own free will. Hive infected her; she's his hostage. We need to remember that. But this... alien creature messed with the wrong team. It thinks if it breaks our legs, we'll stop fighting, but it doesn't know how damn stubborn we are, especially when it comes to protecting our own. Hive is building an Inhuman army, but we're not gonna let that happen. So strap in, because you... might feel a little bit sick after this."
Phil Coulson's speech to the crew of Zephyr One[src]
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