Eson the Searcher is a Celestial that once wielded the Power Stone, one of the Infinity Stones.


Eson the Searcher was one of the previous owners of the Power Stone. He used its power to destroy a planet.[1]


Eson, like most Celestials, seemed to be an extremely powerful and ruthless being. He saw himself as a god, and he used the Power Stone to destroy an entire planet.

Powers and Abilities


  • Celestial Physiology: Eson is a Celestial, a primordial race of brain-like entities with extremely powerful capabilities, like the ability to manipulate and create matter on a molecular level, which Eson utilized to create a host body for itself.
  • Superhuman Durability: Its physical constitution is so immeasurably strong that Eson can wield the Power Stone.


  • In the comics, Eson the Searcher was a Celestial who was tasked with "seeking". Arriving with the Fourth Host's visit to Earth, he observes first Florida then Lemuria.


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