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The Extraction Claw is a rotorcraft-like device used by HYDRA to capture Inhumans. It functions as a parasitic cargo aircraft and doubles as a drill, capable of burrowing through various surfaces to capture its target.


When Daisy Johnson, Bobbi Morse, Lance Hunter, and Joey Gutierrez arrested Lucio in the police station of the National Police of Colombia, HYDRA arrived in a HYDRA QuadCopter to extract him. To that end, the Extraction Claw was deployed. The device drilled through the ceiling, captured Lucio in a net, and delivered him into the cargo bay of the QuadCopter.[1]


BB Extraction Claw drilling

The Extraction Claw drilling through the police station's ceiling

The Extraction Claw is a parasitic aircraft, launched from a HYDRA QuadCopter to locate and capture designated targets. Once deployed, the Claw will move towards its target's location, and is equipped with various excavation tools to remove obstructions. An excellently designed machine, it is capable of rapidly burrowing through both concrete and metal support structures at a rate that far surpasses conventional construction equipment. Once the target is in sight, the Claw deploys its capture mechanism and returns to its mothership.



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