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Full of surprises
"Well, you are just full of surprises."
WARNING! This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Doctor Strange. Keep reading this article at your own risk.
"What is happening?"
"Since you gave Kaecilius power from your dimension, I brought some power from mine. This is time. Endless, looped time!"
Dormammu and Doctor Strange[src]

The Eye of Agamotto is a powerful relic created by Agamotto, the first Sorcerer Supreme, to contain the power of the Infinity Stone inside. It has been passed down the long line of Sorcerer Supreme that surpassed him. The Eye has the ability to manipulate the flow of time and was used by Doctor Strange to fight Kaecilius and Dormammu, and restore the Hong Kong Sanctum. It was placed back in Kamar-Taj until Strange can learn how to control it. The Eye of Agamotto contains the Infinity Stone of Time.



The Eye was created by Agamotto, using the Time Stone as a component. The Eye remained in Kamar-Taj where it is discovered by Doctor Stephen Strange.[1]

Strange's Training


Doctor Strange using the Eye of Agamotto for the first time.

After reading one of the passages of the Book of Cagliostro about the Eye, Doctor Strange put on the pendent and tested its power on an apple, forwarding and reversing time on the object. He then uses the Eye's power on the book, discovering and reading the stolen passages about the Dark Dimension and Dormammu. However, he stopped using its power as it began creating different alternate timelines, which Wong and Mordo warned against, because it could destroy the natural order.[1]

Battle at the Hong Kong Sanctum

Strange Dark Dimension EW

Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto's power.

Strange later uses the Eye to rewind time in Hong Kong, to restore its Sanctum, and bringing Wong back to life, until he is stopped by Kaecilius, causing all of time to stop before the Sanctum could be restored, thus allowing the Dark Dimension through. Doctor Strange flies into the Dark Dimension and activates a power of the Eye. When he confronts Dormammu to parley, Dormammu kills him, but the Eye's power traps them both in a time loop that would restart every time Doctor Strange dies. Dormammu finally relents and accepts Doctor Strange's terms, withdrawing his attack on Earth and taking away his Zealots. After the battle Doctor Strange returned the Eye to its place in Kamar-Taj feeling he wasn't ready to wield it yet. Wong agreed stating that walking around with an Infinity Stone in plain sight is a bad idea.[1]


"Temporal manipulations can create branches in time. Unstable dimensional openings, spatial paradoxes, time loops! You want to get stuck experiencing the same moment over and over again forever, or never having existed at all?"
Karl Mordo to Stephen Strange[src]
DS Featurette - Magical Objects 3

The Time Stone inside the Eye of Agamotto.

Being the container of the Time Stone, the Eye of Agamotto allows its wielder to use the Infinity Stone's power. The eye itself is usually closed and must be manually opened in order to use the stone. It seems that using Eldritch Magic is required to tap into the stone's power and harness it in the form of spells.

The Eye's main use is the ability to control the flow of time, be it on a small or massive scale. In a smaller scale, the Time Stone allows the user to turn something back to its previous state or accelerate its time in order to apply changes that have not happened yet. At a large scale, the stone can rewind time to undo entire events, to the point that doing so can even bring a dead pearson back to life by rewinding time to a point prior to their death. If the user is interrupted while rewinding time, time freezes until the user resumes the spell.

The Eye can also be used to set up a time loop, resetting its state and repeating an event infinitely until the wielder stops its effects. It appears skilled sorcerers, or perhaps users of powers from the Dark Dimension can to an extent subtract themselves to the effects of the stone, stopping the time reversal affecting oneself or noticing that one is stuck in a time loop.

It is noted by Wong and Karl Mordo that the use of the Eye is contrary to the natural order of things, and is extremely dangerous as it can break the flow of time and create alternate time lines. With Wong's approval, it was placed back on its pedestal by Strange until he learns how to properly harness its powers.[1]


  • In the comics, the Eye of Agamotto is one of three eyes created by Agamotto, placed into the care of Eternity until given to Doctor Strange in order to battle Dormammu. It is used for order or "white" magic only. It does not respond to an evil user's commands, and can only be utilized by a magician of a pure heart and clean soul.
  • This is the second Infinity Stone not to be used to destroy a main antagonist, first being the Aether. However, it is nonetheless instrumental in the defeat of Dormammu and Kaecilius.


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