"What? The FBI?"
"The FBI is the Federal Bureau of Investi-"
"I know what the FBI means! I mean, what are they doing here?"
Spider-Man and Karen[src]

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a law enforcement agency that operates under the Department of Justice with the main goal of protecting and defending the United States.


Dottie Underwood Case

"The Federal Bureau of Investigation will be taking custody of Miss Underwood. Jack, you are doing great work. You're making a real name for yourself."
"Then why does the FBI get the prize?"
Vernon Masters and Jack Thompson[src]

In 1947, Vernon Masters and two FBI agents arrived at the New York Bell Company Office, the secret facility of the Strategic Scientific Reserve, to take custody of the recently captured Leviathan operative known as Dottie Underwood. Despite the protests of Chief Jack Thompson, the FBI took Underwood, and Masters even told Thompson the Bureau would be credited for capturing her.[1]

Executive Order

FBI agents led by Vernon Masters entered the Auerbach Theatrical Agency to have the planned raid of the Strategic Scientific Reserve into the Arena Club stopped; Masters submitted to Sousa an executive order to cease-and-desist, overriding his search warrant. Sousa argued with the agents to no avail.[2]

Kidnapping of Tony Stark

"We've been approached already by the DOD, the FBI, the CIA..."
Pepper Potts to Phil Coulson[src]

The FBI was one of the agencies that approached Stark Industries, following Tony Stark's capture by the Ten Rings and escape.[3]

Chase of Bruce Banner

"Federal is already monitoring phones, plastic and Dr. Ross' web accounts..."
Kathleen Sparr[src]

The FBI cooperating with the SOCC and S.H.I.E.L.D.

Lieutenant General Thaddeus Ross and the Strategic Operations Command Center tracked Bruce Banner's movements hoping to capture him and weaponize the condition that transformed him into Hulk, enlisting the help of the FBI to raid houses or follow up on leads. When Banner reconnected with his former lover, Betty Ross, the FBI began monitoring her credit cards, cell phones, and various online accounts in an attempt to pinpoint their location.[4]

Aldrich Killian's War

The FBI was one of the agencies that had Intel on the "Mandarin bombings".[5]

HYDRA Uprising

Stern Arrested

The FBI arrests Senator Stern

"Three minutes and twenty seconds. Really? If you were my agents, you wouldn't be for long."
Maria Hill[src]

After Black Widow exposed HYDRA by dumping all of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s files on the internet, FBI agents arrested Senator Stern as his affiliation with HYDRA was made public.[6]

With S.H.I.E.L.D. had been dismantled, a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jimmy Woo was recruited into the FBI.[7]

FBI agents constantly watched Maria Hill after the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. When Melinda May incapacitated the surveyors so she could talk privately with Hill, a team came and surrounded Hill just as May escaped. Hill then berated the agents for the time they took to apprehend her.

Skye told Grant Ward that they were part of the FBI's most wanted as she attempted to escape from him while he was holding her in Ruthie's Skillet, awaiting for her to open Coulson's Team Hard Drive.[8]

After Phil Coulson's reorganization of S.H.I.E.L.D. and his deal with Senator Christian Ward, Grant Ward was handed over to a team of heavily armed FBI agents so he could be taken to a trial. However, he managed to escape.[9]

The FBI began to investigate the alleged murder-suicide of Massachusetts Senator Christian Ward against his mother and father. According to the news watched by Skye and Melinda May, the FBI found evidence that another person was involved.[10]

Arrest of Wilson Fisk

In 2015, former NYPD Detective Carl Hoffman, with Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson as his attorneys, testified against Wilson Fisk's criminal enterprise in exchange for nothing but freedom of guilt. Hoffman's testimony led the FBI to begin mass arrests. Among those taken into custody were Turk Barrett, corrupt NYPD officers, New York Bulletin secretary M. Caldwell, Parish Landman of Landman and Zack, Senator Randolph Cherryh, and Fisk himself, accused of racketeering.

Running Turk

FBI agents chasing Turk Barrett

The FBI convoy transporting Fisk was attacked by mercenaries that killed every federal agent and police officer, and one of the guards inside the armored truck was on his payroll, killing his partner to liberate Fisk. The FBI and the New York City Police Department conducted a search for Fisk in order to recapture him, but it was Daredevil who thwarted Fisk' escape.[11]

Assassination of Samantha Reyes

FBI assigned Agent Gallagher to coordinate NYPD officers who was provided to secure District Attorney Samantha Reyes. Following shooting that killed Reyes, several FBI agents went to the building to examine the crime scene and assessment of the situation.[12]

Chase of Lincoln Campbell

The FBI was one of the agencies called for help by the ATCU to assist in their hunt for the Inhuman Lincoln Campbell.[13]


"The FBI showed up just after we did. And Homeland Security's on the way."
Strieber to Misty Knight[src]

FBI agents arrived to the John Raymond's Hideout where they found found multiple C4 explosives and Jessica Jones who was hired to find John Raymond and called up NYPD. While agents examine the crime scene, one of the them tried to interrogate Jones but she answered that she doesn't know what happened with Raymond. When they were interrupted by Detective Misty Knight, agent let Jones go and she managed to stole some evidence and get away.[14]

Bombing of the Vienna International Centre

The FBI was one of the agencies that investigated the explosion at the Vienna International Centre.[15]

Ambush at the Staten Island Ferry

"I always listen to you. Who do you think called the FBI?"
Tony Stark to Peter Parker[src]

The FBI were contacted by Tony Stark to deal with the Vulture's black market dealings. They set up a sting operation on the Staten Island Ferry where Herman Schultz was selling hybrid weapons to Mac Gargan. They were interrupted by the young vigilante Spider-Man who was tracking down Vulture's organization himself. The FBI were attacked by the Vulture himself when he realized that they were there, who then escaped with Schultz. The FBI were able to apprehend Gargan however and sent him to prison.[16]

Bombings of New York City

FBI at Bulletin

FBI agents at the New York Bulletin Building

"Okay, so the first thing you wanna do is, we're we're gonna call the FBI. This letter may be the only evidence of who this guy is, what he intends to do, what his state of mind is."
Mitchell Ellison to Karen Page[src]

The FBI were tasked to investigate the series of terroristic attacks orchestrated by unknown bomber. When he wrote the manifest and sent it to New York Bulletin reporter Karen Page, Mitchell Ellison gave it to the FBI. They allowed Bulletin to publish manifest and went to the New York Bulletin Building to interview Page and other employees. [17]

Attack on Ellen Nadeer

Following bombing of the United States Capitol, what caused the death of Senator Ellen Nadeer, FBI were tasked to investigate. Agent Jurmain was assigned to examine the crime scene. However, following arriving of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Jurmain hand over the case to them.[18]

Deleting Files

"A well-known politician attempting to delete his FBI files."

Examining the various events around the world, Noah learned that well-known politician figure attempted to delete his FBI files for unknown reasons.[19]

Golden Tigers

"I convinced the feds to let you ask a few questions before he heads off to wit pro."
Misty Knight to Colleen Wing[src]

During the street war between Triads, Frank Choi cut a deal with the FBI and leaked them information about Golden Tigers. FBI and United States Marshals Service were contacted by Misty Knight who convinced them to let Danny Rand and Colleen Wing to ask Choi a few questions before they sent him to the witness protection.[20]

Kingpin's Criminal Conspiracy

Useful Lead

"Dozens of agents had their shot at Fisk. None of them got shit. But I did."
"We got some big collars out of this, Ray. I'm gonna make sure D.C. knows about it."
Ray Nadeem and Tammy Hattley[src]

While Wilson Fisk was imprisoned in the Ryker's Island, FBI's New York Crime Division was sent several agents to speak with him in order to get some useful information about New York City criminal organizations. However, Fisk refused to talk with the FBI, turning every agent away. Special Agent in Charge Tammy Hattley assigned Agent Ray Nadeem who was seeking for promotion to prison where he was presented to Fisk. Nadeem thought that Fisk will be silence as every time before but he learned that United States Department of Justice charged Vanessa Marianna for complicity to his illicit activity. He decided to cut a deal with the FBI - in exchange of information about New York crime world, FBI will convince DOJ to drop the charge against Marianna.[21]

FBI againstAlbanians

Mother Teresa is arrested by the FBI

FBI agreed to Fisk's terms and he gave them information about the Albanian Syndicate, one of the most powerful and dangerous criminal organizations in the city. Using Fisk's lead, FBI had found a location of the mansion owned by Mother Teresa. Nadeem led the team of agents to his mansion where they arrested all members of the Albanians without single casualty. Also, they exposed several NYPD officers and politicians to be corrupted by Albanians and they were arrested too. FBI then confiscated all Albanians' money and computers and ordered Agent Burgos to gain access to data on computers and trace Albanians' money trail.

Making a report about the successfull mission, Nadeem was informed by Wellers that Ramsey and Arinori were going to handle Fisk's case from Hattley. In the New York City FBI Office, Nadeem stated that he need to led the Fisk's case because none of this could have happened without the unexpected connection between Nadeem and Fisk. However, Hattley informed Nadeem about his bad FICO score what according to FBI policy, makes him a recruitment target. Nadeem managed to convince Hattley to handle case to him on the condition that Nadeem keep Fisk talking.[22]

Relocation of Fisk

"With Fisk's intel, we beheaded the Albanian Syndicate in one day. One single day. No loss of life, no injuries, no mayhem. I mean, look at the take. We got their documents and data, and we're gonna get their money. Best of all, we bagged corrupt officials whose protection they were selling. A lot of cases they've been interfering with may finally get somewhere. Look, none of us like it. It makes me want to throw up to admit it. But New York is safer tonight because of Wilson Fisk."
Ray Nadeem[src]

FBI was informed that Wilson Fisk was assaulted by another inmate who tried to kill him for betrayal. Acknowloged that Fisk's information could assist in taking down crime in New York City, Tammy Hattley and Ray Nadeem arranged a meeting with Comissioner Chris DiMolina and DA Blake Tower. Hattley tried to convince them to release Fisk from the prison and place him in private location under FBI protection what DiMolina denied, pointing that Fisk is a criminal who was responsible for deaths of several NYPD officers.

Nadeem reminded him about danger posed by Albanian Syndicate which was took down by the FBI using Fisk's leads. He then explained that Fisk's knowledge about criminal organizations can save a lot of innocent lives if FBI and DA will keep him alive. Thinking about Nadeem's arguments, Tower allowed FBI to relocate Fisk.


Wilson Fisk is surrounded by the FBI agents

Group of FBI agents led by Nadeem escorted Fisk out of Ryker's Island and headed to the Presidential Hotel where Fisk was supposed to spent his sentence. However, en route to the hotel, convoy was ambushed by Albanians who wanted to get revenge. Albanians killed multiple agents, including Jennings, Garcia, Foster, Leighton and Torres, and then attempted to break into the armored car to kill Fisk. He was saved by Benjamin Poindexter who used his marksman skills to take down all Albanians and then got Fisk out of attack.[22]

Fisk's Protective Detail

With heavy casualties, Ray Nadeem and other survived agents brought Wilson Fisk to the Presidential Hotel. After Benjamin Poindexter made sure that hall was secure, Nadeem, Arinori, Johnson and Doyle escorted Fisk to his penthouse. Nadeem then asked Poindexter to report about an ambush to Tammy Hattley while he informed Fisk about rules of his sentence and secure the perimeter.

At the next day, FBI continued to work on Fisk's protection detail. Hattley stationed Wellers, Lim, Mockta, Ramsey, Alvarez, Pryor, Slater and other agents to assist Nadeem while he contacted with Millar & Lumming to deliever needed equipment to secure the perimeter. However, citizens did not want to accept the release of Fisk and staged a protest which was held up by FBI and New York City Police Department.

FBI was informed about unidentified intruder who assaulted Benjamin Donovan at the parking deck of the hotel. Several agents headed to apprehend the hostile before they were quietly neutralized by intruder. He then faced their reinforcement in the close combat before he defeated them all and escaped. Poindexter and Lim arrived to the Fisk's quarters and searched the place before leaving him.[23]

Scott Lang's House Arrest

Ant-Man and the Wasp 07

FBI agents examines Scott Lang's House

"Come on, Woo. I've got three days left. Why would I try to escape?"
"Sorry, Scott. Rules are rules. You trip a perimeter alarm and we search the place."
Scott Lang and Jimmy Woo[src]

Following his aiding to Captain America and the Escape from the Raft, Scott Lang took a deal with the government to be placed under house arrest for two years. FBI assigned Jimmy Woo and his unit to monitor Lang in case he decided to break free from home.

When Lang had only three days before liberation, he accidentally left the territory of his house. Ankle monitor on Lang's leg notified FBI and Woo with group of agents arrived to the house to make sure that it wasn't escape attempt. Before leaving, Woo asked Lang about his contacts with Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne who also was wanted by FBI because of their indirect involvement in the incident in Germany.

FBI was contacted by campus police of the Berkeley University who identified two people in Bill Foster's office as Pym and van Dyne. Woo with agents Stoltz, Burleigh and Pearson went to ask Foster about them. However, Foster answered that he haven't talk to Pym in thirty years despite distrust on the part of Stoltz.[24]

Lead from Sonny Burch

Ant-Man and the Wasp 12

FBI arrests Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne

"How'd you like to get a promotion? I've got the location on Pym, van Dyne, and Lang. But you're gonna have to take them down now, 'cause they ain't gonna be there for long. And when you do, you're gonna get me that lab."
"Good news, gentlemen. Feds are gonna do the hard work for us."
Sonny Burch and Stoltz[src]

Agent Stoltz was called up by Sonny Burch who also was his secret criminal contact. He informed Stoltz about location of Scott Lang, Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne. Task force led by Stoltz arrived to Muir Woods and surrounded Pym and van Dyne. When Mobile Laboratory was shrunked, agents ordered Pym and van Dyne to surrender and capture them. Stoltz used his opportunity to steal the lab to gave it to Burch, however he was killed by Ghost who obtained the lab.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Woo went to Lang's house to examine him. Upon arriving at his house, he was stopped by Cassie Lang who claimed that Lang was sick. Woo however went upstairs and saw Lang. Woo later was informed that Pym and van Dyne were successfully captured.

Giant-Man Global News Report

FBI watching report about Ant-Man

Pym and van Dyne were transported to the San Francisco FBI Office where they were left to wait Woo. However, Lang, using his Ants broke into the facility and steal Wasp Suit and the FBI uniform to liberate them. They successfully escaped from the facility before Woo arrived to interrogate them.

Then FBI learned about chaos on the streets of San Francisco with Ant-Man's involvement. Woo and his unit found his suit in giant form which was completely empty. Agents raced back to Lang's house only to find him there and Woo finally released him from his house arrest.[24]


Name Position Status
Tammy Hattley Special Agent in Charge Alive/In Custody
Winn Supervisory Special Agent Deceased
Ray Nadeem Special Agent Deceased
Benjamin Poindexter Special Agent Alive/In Custody
Jimmy Woo Agent Alive
Jurmain Agent Alive
Gallagher Agent Alive
Stoltz Agent Deceased
Burleigh Agent Alive
Pearson Agent Alive
Wellers Agent Deceased
Ramsey Agent Alive/In Custody
Arinori Agent Deceased
Lim Agent Alive
Doyle Agent Alive/In Custody
Johnson Agent Alive/In Custody
Mockta Agent Deceased
O'Connor Agent Alive/In Custody
Fremont Agent Alive
Alvarez Agent Alive
Markham Agent Deceased
Pryor Agent Alive
Jennings Agent Deceased
Garcia Agent Deceased
Foster Agent Deceased
Leighton Agent Deceased
Torres Agent Deceased
Andrews Agent Deceased
Burgos Agent Alive
Slater Agent Alive
Myman Psychologist Alive
Vernon Masters Unknown


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