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"I just wanna make sure we consider all our options. People who shoot at you usually wind up shooting at me."
―Sam Wilson to Captain America[src]

Samuel Thomas "Sam" Wilson, better known as Falcon, is a former United States Air Force paratrooper who retired from active duty and began helping fellow soldiers who were suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. During this time Wilson became an ally of Captain America during the HYDRA Uprising and assisted him during his search for Bucky Barnes. After the Ultron Offensive, Wilson became a member of the second incarnation of the Avengers, during which time he had an encounter with Ant-Man who was attempting to break into the New Avengers Facility.

Wilson continued to be an active member of the Avengers until he was forced to side with Captain America against the Sokovia Accords. Believing in his friend and leader, Wilson assisted him in rescuing the Winter Soldier from the government and even fought against his former team mates when Iron Man attempted to stop them. In the aftermath of the battle, Wilson was arrested by Thaddeus Ross and taken to the Raft along with his team mates, but was soon freed by Captain America.


Military Career

"You lose someone?"
"My wingman Riley. Flying a night mission, standard PJ rescue op, nothing we hadn't done a thousand times before. 'Til an RPG knocked Riley's damn ass out of the sky. Nothing I could do. Like I was up there just to watch."
Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson[src]
Sam & Riley2

Wilson and Riley.

Sam Wilson joined the United States Air Force, serving two tours and eventually becoming a pararescueman, assigned to the 58th Rescue Squadron. He was a test pilot for the EXO-7 Falcon along with his wingman, Riley. One of his missions involved in successfully capturing Khalid Khandil in Bakhmala, Afghanistan. During another mission, Riley was killed after he was hit by an RPG and Wilson could do nothing to save him. After losing his friend, Wilson found that he had a hard time trying to find a reason to continue serving and soon left the military and focused his efforts on helping soldiers suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.[1]

Meeting Captain America

Steve and Sam TWS

Wilson meeting Steve Rogers

"Don't say it! Don't you say it!"
"On your left."
"Come on man!"
―Wilson and Steve Rogers[src]

After returning home, he joined the Department of Veterans Affairs with the intention of helping people suffering from Posttraumatic stress disorder. While out on a morning jog across Washington, D.C., Wilson met Steve Rogers, who managed to casually run past Wilson several times, teasing him as he went much to Wilson's annoyance. Once Wilson stopped to catch his breath, the two talked about their status as veterans and their time serving in the Armed Forces. Wilson asked Rogers about the differences between living in the 1940's and now before recommending some music for him to hear. Their conversation was cut short when Rogers was called away on a mission, but Wilson told him to visit him at the DVA one day.


Wilson speaks to Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers kept his word and after a meeting with sufferers of PTSD in which he helped a woman who was suffering from visions of IEDs in the roads, Wilson met with Rogers who complimented him on his speech. Wilson told Rogers about his time at war and how he had lost his friend Riley during a battle but had found a new purpose with helping veterans adapt to being back home. Rogers told Wilson that he was struggling with the idea of what to do with himself if he was not a soldier, but Wilson assured him that he could do whatever he wanted to do.[1]

Helping the Fugitives


Wilson reveals his past to Steve Rogers

"I thought you said you were a pilot."
"I never said pilot."
Captain America and Sam Wilson[src]

While on the run from undercover members of HYDRA within S.H.I.E.L.D., Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff sought refuge with Wilson, which he offered them without a second thought. While at his home, Wilson made the pair breakfast and allowed them to use his shower. When Wilson learned of the details of Rogers' and Romanoff's predicament, he offered his assistance, revealing to them that he was part of a military project that tested a new form of winged jetpacks.


Wilson speaks to Jasper Sitwell

After retrieving his wings from Fort Meade, Wilson traveled with Rogers and Romanoff to interrogate HYDRA sleeper agent Jasper Sitwell. Wilson called Sitwell on the phone after his meeting with another HYDRA agent Senator Stern, and threatened to have him shot if he did not do exactly as instructed; he ordered him to go to the roof of a nearby building where he would be questioned by Rogers and Romanoff.


Wilson threatens Jasper Sitwell

Sitwell denied any knowledge of HYDRA's takeover of S.H.I.E.L.D.; in order to get the answers they needed from him, Romanoff resorted to kicking Sitwell off the building. Wilson flew in, caught him, and brought him back to the top of the building. This fall scared Sitwell so much he revealed HYDRA's plan to Rogers, Romanoff and Wilson, explaining to them that Alexander Pierce planned to use Project Insight to assassinate anyone who was a threat to HYDRA the moment the Insight Helicarriers were launched.[1]

Encounter with the Winter Soldier


Wilson battles HYDRA soldiers

"Go, I got this!"
―Sam Wilson to Steve Rogers[src]

Wilson, Steve Rogers, and Natasha Romanoff took Jasper Sitwell in their car and drove towards the Triskelion, where they planned to use Sitwell's clearance to gain access and shut down Project Insight. However they were ambushed by the Winter Soldier. Sitwell was killed but the others managed to escape the car and a fight erupted in the streets. Wilson gave Rogers and Romanoff cover with a machine gun and fought off the HYDRA assassins.

Falcon TWS

Wilson in the streets of DC

Eventually Wilson managed to defeat the unit of HYDRA soldiers and went in search of Rogers and Romanoff, taking his EXO-7 Falcon Suit with him. Wilson discovered Captain America battling the Winter Soldier and flew in to help, kicking the Winter Soldier out of the way before he could shoot Rogers. Romanoff then fired a granade launcher at him which caused him to flee. Before they could get away, Rogers, Romanoff and Wilson were taken by some of HYDRA's infiltrators within S.H.I.E.L.D., led by Brock Rumlow and were put in the back of a van to be executed.[1]

Meeting Nick Fury


Wilson meets Nick Fury

"Look, whoever he used to be, the guy he is now, I don't think he's the kind you save. He's the kind you stop."
"I don't know if I can do that."
―Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers[src]

They were rescued by a disguised Maria Hill, who brought them to a secret facility where S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury was recuperating from an assassination attempt. Together they worked out a plan to get aboard the Project Insight Helicarriers and reprogramme them to target each other. Wilson later talked with Rogers about what they should do if they encounter the Winter Soldier again, Wilson telling him he was the kind of guy you have to stop rather than save.[1]

Battle at the Triskelion

Sam Wilson - The Falcon

Wilson prepares to fight HYDRA

"Cap, how do we know the good guys from the bad guys?"
"If they're shooting at you they're bad."
―Falcon and Captain America[src]

Wilson, Rogers and Hill broke into the Triskelion and took over the control room. Once there Rogers informed every S.H.I.E.L.D. agent of HYDRA's infiltration of their organisation and Alexander Pierce's true plans for Project Insight; Rogers urged them to stand against the enemy, when he was finished. Wilson jokingly asked if he had practised the speech or simply made it up as he went along.


Falcon in flight.

With the Project Insight Helicarriers being launched, Wilson helped Rogers install three special chips that would take away HYDRA's control over the Project Insight Helicarriers. Wilson used his flight suit to battle a Quinjet controlled by HYDRA. When a hole was blown into the side of a Helicarrier, Wilson was able to get aboard and install one of the microchips. Later, Wilson saved Captain America from a deadly fall and carried him to the third Helicarrier; however they were immediately attacked by the Winter Soldier who damaged Wilson's flight suit before kicking him off the Helicarrier and forcing him to skydive down to the Triskelion, pulling his parachute just in time.[1]

Showdown with Brock Rumlow

Rumlow and Falcon

Wilson fights Brock Rumlow

"Order only comes through pain. Are you ready for yours?"
"Man, shut the hell up!"
Brock Rumlow and Sam Wilson[src]

Wilson encountered and fought Brock Rumlow inside the Triskelion as Rumlow was making his way to attack Black Widow and Nick Fury. The two soldiers engaged in hand to hand combat. Rumlow managed to gain the upper hand during the fight, using slightly improved combat techniques to get the advantage before throwing Wilson across the room and taunting him.


Wilson runs for his life

Their battle was cut short when Wilson spotted the final Insight Helicarrier heading straight for the Triskelion. Using his headstart to his advantage, Wilson ran for his life while Brock Rumlow was buried by debris. Wilson was forced to jump from the 41st floor of the building where he was caught by a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicopter piloted by Nick Fury and Natasha Romanoff. Although Wilson berated the pair for almost killing him with the helicopter's blades, they soon turned their attention to escaping the explosions and finding Captain America.


Wilson waits by Steve Rogers's hospital bed

Rogers was found unconscious near the ruins of the Triskelion and hospitalized after his fight with the Winter Soldier had left him almost beaten to death and with a gunshot wound in the stomach. Wilson stayed beside his bed until he recovered and played the music he had previously recommended to him. When Rogers awakened, the first words he said to Wilson were "On your left" causing Wilson to smile with amusement.[1]

Search for Bucky Barnes


Wilson agrees to help find the Winter Soldier

"You're going after him."
"You don't have to come with me."
"I know. When do we start?"
―Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers starting their search[src]

At the fake gravesite for Nick Fury, Wilson was asked by Fury to join him on his mission to exterminate HYDRA. Wilson refused, stating that he was a soldier, not a spy. They said their goodbyes and Natasha Romanoff gave Rogers the Winter Soldier's file. Wilson agreed to help Rogers in his search for Bucky Barnes.[1] During their search, Rogers was called to rejoin the Avengers and battle HYDRA, leaving Wilson to hunt for Barnes on his own.[2][3]

Avengers Party


Wilson meets Tony Stark

"I'm not actually sorry. I'm just trying to sound tough. I'm very happy chasing cold leads on our missing persons case. Avenging is your world. Your world is crazy."
"Be it ever so humble."
―Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers[src]

Wilson was invited to a party at Avengers Tower to celebrate the Avengers' successful battle against HYDRA which led to the seeming defeat of HYDRA, the capture of their main leader Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, and the Scepter they had been hunting ever since the Battle of New York, ending up in the safe hands of the Avengers. During the party Wilson was introduced to and shook hands with Tony Stark and later played a game of pool with Steve Rogers while drinking.


Wilson and Rogers at Avengers Tower

Wilson and Steve Rogers late spoke about the battle; Wilson jokingly wanted to know why he had not been invited to assist in the fight as he had been helping Rogers in the search for Bucky Barnes for the last few months, but when Rogers attempted to apologize he still assured Rogers that he was not massively interested in joining the Avengers at that point. They went on to discuss Rogers finding an apartment in his home town of Brooklyn.[3]

New Avengers


Wilson at the New Avengers Facility

"Avengers A..."
Captain America[src]

Wilson was recruited into the new Avengers' roster along with Vision, James Rhodes and Wanda Maximoff. Wilson arrived at the New Avengers Facility with his new uniform complete with upgraded mechanical wings. The new Avengers began their training under the leadership of Captain America and Black Widow.[3]

Duel at New Avengers Facility

Falcon 2 Ant-Man

Wilson meets Ant-Man

"Who the hell are you?"
"I'm Ant-Man."
"What, you haven't heard of me? No, you wouldn't have heard of me."
―Falcon and Ant-Man[src]

While training at the New Avengers Facility, Wilson detected an intruder in the base and decided to investigate. Flying onto the roof, Wilson spotting a man wearing a suit that seemed to make him the size of an ant. Once it was made clear that Wilson could see this man despite his tiny size, the man grew to normal height and introduced himself as Scott with the code-name Ant-Man, noting that he was a big fan of Falcon and the Avengers.

Ant-Man x Falcon

Falcon fights Ant-Man

Wilson demanded to know why Ant-Man was at the facility; the man claimed to simply be needing to borrow a device from them. Believing that Ant-Man was a sort of spy, Falcon attempted to arrest him, only for him to shrink and punch Wilson, resulting in the pair beginning to fight. During their battle, Falcon followed Ant-Man inside the New Avengers Facility until Ant-Man managed to shrink down and disable Falcon's suit from the inside, causing the suit to malfunction and drop Wilson from the sky.

Falcon Ant-Man 10

Falcon is defeated by Ant-Man

Falcon hit the ground hard and by the time he managed to recover from the fall, his wing suit was seemingly damaged beyond repair for the time being, Ant-Man had already escaped with the device and Falcon was unable to track him with his goggles. Forced to accept defeat, Wilson then said through the comm link to the rest of the Avengers that it was incredibly important to him that Captain America must never know about this embarrassing failure in fighting a man the size of an ant.[4]

Searching for Ant-Man


Wilson searches for Scott Lang

"Yeah, this dude sounds like a badass, man!"
Luis to Scott Lang[src]

Wilson became fascinated by this new hero, having heard of him using his abilities to stop the sale of a new super-weapon called the Yellowjacket Suit. Believing that he could be of benefit to the Avengers, Wilson began to try to find and recruit Ant-Man for the Avengers, despite only knowing his first name to be Scott. Eventually Wilson came close to finding him through the friend of a friend of Ant-Man who agreed to help him.[4]

Attack of Ultimo


Wilson fights Ultimo

"Got him. Just a few clicks west, behind the tree line."

HYDRA collected many of the parts of the destroyed Ultron Sentries and took them to an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe, where they used the parts to create a giant robot called Ultimo. HYDRA then used the Ultimo to attack a small village. Wilson joined the Avengers to an attack on the giant robot and together they manged to destroy Ultimo.[5]

Attack on the IFID Headquarters

Falcon and Scarlet Witch

Wilson fights Brock Rumlow's mercenaries

"Thanks, Sam."
"Don't thank me."
"I'm not thanking that thing."
"His name is Redwing."
"I'm still not thanking it."
Natasha Romanoff and Sam Wilson[src]

The Avengers tracked Brock Rumlow in Lagos, Nigeria. Wilson, using Redwing looked into a suspicious van heading towards the IFID before it crashed into the establishment. Wilson brought Captain America to the scene and then aided Scarlet Witch in taking out numerous hostiles around the compound and provided her cover when she cleared out the toxic gas within the building. Soon after, Rumlow and a few of his men ran into the town center hoping to evade the Avengers. Wilson subdued one of them only to realize and alert his friends that the mercenaries had split up on a wild goose chase.

CW Spot5 3

Wilson chases the mercenaries

After Black Widow attempted to subdue two of the hostiles one of them threatened to drop the virus if she did not drop her gun while the other held her at gunpoint. However, Wilson saved Romanoff by using Redwing to shoot both mercenaries while Romanoff managed the catch the dropped bio-weapon. Though Falcon insisted that she thank the drone, Romanoff refused. Wilson was asked by Rogers to call the firefighters, after Maximoff had accidentally caused a blast that killed many civilians.[6]

Avengers Civil War

Sokovia Accords

CW Spot5 5

Wilson debates the Sokovia Accords

"So let's say we agree to this thing. How long is it gonna be until they Lojack us like a bunch of common criminals?"
―Sam Wilson[src]

After the mission in Lagos, Thaddeus Ross visited the New Avengers Facility. He presented the Avengers with the Sokovia Accords which would put them under the direct command of a panel of the United Nations. Wilson and James Rhodes argued about the document. Rhodes claimed that 117 countries had signed the Accords and they could not ignore it. Wilson said that after they would signed it, they would probably be put in prison as criminals. The Avenger debate was stopped after Steve Rogers received a message that Peggy Carter had died.

Captain America Civil War 52

Wilson talks with Steve Rogers

Wilson accompanied Rogers in Peggy's funeral. There, Sharon Carter revealed herself as Peggy's niece. After that, Wilson traveled to Vienna where the Accords were signed. However, a bomb was set outside Vienna International Centre. Wilson informed that to Rogers and with Carter, they watched the news report that the authorities suspected Bucky Barnes had done it. Rogers returned from a conversation with Natasha Romanoff, Wilson asked him if she had told him not to interfere, but Rogers said Barnes would have done the same for him. Wilson said that maybe in 1945 and then Carter told them Barnes was in Bucharest, but the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre were also after him.[6]

Finding Bucky Barnes

"Who the hell is the other guy?"
"I'm about to find out."
―Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers[src]

In Bucharest, Wilson observed the area for the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre soldiers. As Steve Rogers talked with Bucky Barnes in his apartment, Wilson updated him on the soldiers positions. Rogers and Barnes fought against the soldiers and escaped, but Black Panther also joined the fight and tried to kill Barnes. Wilson was asked by Rogers to take care on the helicopter that was shooting at them, so Wilson used the EXO-7 Falcon to divert it.

Captain America Civil War still 16

Wilson is under arrest

The fight continue through the road tunnel, with the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre chasing the the three with their vehicles. Rogers asked Wilson to help him shake Black Panther. Wilson flew to the tunnel and catch Black Panther in mid air. The latter tried to get down until Wilson braked when Barnes explode the tunnel entrance. Black Panther catches Barnes but the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre arrested them all with the help of War Machine. It was revealed that Black Panther was actually T'Challa, prince of Wakanda.[6]

On the Run

Civil War Empire pic 1

Wilson, Steve Rogers and T'Challa are greeted by Everett Ross

"We're on our own."
"Maybe not. I know a guy."
Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson[src]

The Joint Counter Terrorist Centre brought the four to the JCTC Building in Berlin. During the transition, Wilson asked T'Challa if he liked cats. Steve Rogers urged him to stop, but Wilson wanted to know more about him. T'Challa explained that his his suit is made of Vibranium and he wanted to avenge Bucky Barnes for seemingly killing his father in the Bombing of the Vienna International Centre. As they arrived, Everett Ross and Sharon Carter waited for them. Ross said to them that their gears were confiscated, so Wilson grumbled that he better would not see someone else using the EXO-7 Falcon.

Captain America Civil War 12

Wilson searches for Helmut Zemo

Wilson, Rogers and Carter watched the interview of a contained Barnes by the psycho-analyst, Theo Broussard. Rogers suspected the motive behind releasing Barnes's picture to the public. Wilson remained that they were looking for Barnes for two year, so Rogers said that they had not bombed the United Nations. Suddenly, the power across the headquarters went out. Wilson and Rogers hurried to the interrogation room, finding the psycho-analyst on the ground without Barnes. Barnes was free from his cell and threw Wilson to it, knocking him out. Wilson woke up and saw the psycho-analyst making his escape. Wilson ran after him, but lost him outside the building.[6]

Civil War still AirunGarky 57

Wilson listens to Bucky Barnes

Wilson and Rogers took Barnes to an abandoned building and subdued him.[7] They questioned him if he was still under brainwashing of the psycho-analyst, who was really Helmut Zemo, and deliberated their course of action; telling Stark or the others would get them back where they started, but doing otherwise could make them wanted men. Barnes elaborates the potential motives of Zemo. He believed that Zemo was traveling to the HYDRA Siberian Facility that had kept him when he was in HYDRA. He suspected he would use the Winter Soldiers, highly trained HYDRA assassins, for his goals. Rogers said to Wilson that they were alone in the fight, but Wilson said that he knew a guy who could assist them.

With the help of Carter, giving them their equipment back, Wilson, Rogers and Barnes met with Clint Barton and Wanda Maximoff near to Leipzig/Halle Airport. Barton also recruited Scott Lang, who apologized in front of Wilson to the duel they had. Wilson said it was a nice audition, but it will not happen again. The group all suited up and made their way to the Flughafen Leipzig-Halle Airport where they would depart to Siberia with a Quinjet to stop Zemo.[6]

Clash of the Avengers


Falcon locates team Iron Man's Quinjet

"I don't know if you've been a fight before but there's usually not this much talking."
"Alright, sorry, my bad."
―Sam Wilson and Spider-Man[src]

Wilson found the Quinjet in Hangar 5 using Redwing's lenses and alerted Captain America, revealing to Iron Man's team the rest of the rebels. Wilson and Winter Soldier then made their way towards the hangar, until Spider-Man intervened with a powerful kick on Wilson and started to battle the two inside the airport's terminal. Falcon fought Spider-Man in the air while Barnes tried to throw heavy objects at the boy, to no avail. Spider-Man managed to bring Falcon to the floor by webbing his flight-pack and Wilson flung into a post store.

After webbing Falcon to a hand rail Spider-Man asked if his wings were made from "Carbon-Fibre", which Falcon returned another question if "the webs came out of him". Realizing that there's not a lot of conversation in fighting from Wilson, Spider-Man lunged towards him to knock him down onto the floor, only for the kick to be eased by a passing Barnes. Spider Man webbed the two to the floor, but before he could do any more damage, Falcon controlled Redwing with his webbed up arms to take Spider-Man outside of the terminal and stop fighting.

Captain America Civil War 100

Falcon alongside Team Captain America

Having regrouped with his team Falcon and his team ran towards the Quinjet Hangar, only to be stopped by a laser beam blasted by Vision. The two opposing sides charged towards each other, picking up an individual fight with Falcon tackling War Machine in the air. When Vision tried to attack Wilson, he was stopped by an electric arrow fired from Hawkeye. Iron Man later gave in chasing Falcon with War machine, to which Wilson asked Hawkeye for assistance. Hakwkeye teamed up with Ant-Man, firing him in his ant-sized costume from an arrow into Iron Man's suit, therefore stopping the team leader from chasing Wilson further.[6]

Winning a Losing Battle

"This isn't the real fight, Steve."
"Alright, Sam, what's the plan?"
"We need a diversion, something big."
―Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers[src]

When Captain America's team realized that not all of them could win and get to Siberia, Wilson, chased by War Machine, suggested a distraction or diversion to be made so Captain America and Bucky Barnes can reach the Quinjet. Ant-Man volunteered to do it. He told them to wait for the signal and jumped onto War Machine's back. All of a sudden Ant-Man became giant and caught War Machine behind Wilson and threw him towards an aircraft, signaling the diversion. Wilson said well done to him.

Iron Man continued chasing Wilson, so the latter flew to Ant-Man's direction. He then fell and used Redwing to stun Iron Man. After Captain America and Winter Solider made it to the Quinjet and flew it, Iron Man and War Machine were behind them. Falcon flew after them but as he saw Vision's laser beam getting closer to him, he avoided it. The beam, however, hit War Machine's Arc Reactor, disabling the suit. Rhodes fell helplessly thousands of feet onto the ground, despite Falcon and Iron Man's efforts to save him. Although he survived but Rhodes was left paralyzed. Wilson was shocked for his mistake, he told Stark that he was sorry but Stark, enraged, fired a repulsor blast at Sam, knocking him unconscious and signalling the end of the clash.[6]

The Raft

Falcon Raft6

Sam Wilson imprisionee in the Raft

"You're the good cop now?"
"I'm just a guy who needs to know where Steve went."
"Well, you better go get a bad cop, because you would have to go Mark Terminal on my ass to get information out of me."
―Sam Wilson and Tony Stark[src]

Wilson, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff and Scott Lang were all captured and taken to the Raft to be imprisoned. Tony Stark visited them, and Wilson asked about James Rhodes' status. Stark asked where Steve Rogers had gone, but Wilson refused to tell him. Stark then knocked out the audio feed and revealed to Wilson that he was trying to help Rogers. Wilson agreed to tell him only if Stark would go as a friend, so he said he was in Siberia.

When Rogers learned that the people who fought with him were being imprisoned, Rogers eventually infiltrated the Raft and freed all of them because he believed in them and they would go on to help out in secret as they are now being hunted by the government.[6]


"Don't look at me, I do what he does, just slower."
―Sam Wilson to Nick Fury[src]

Sam Wilson is one of Captain Steve Rogers' most stalwart friends and allies. Both men found a kindred spirit in each other when they discovered they both shared common life experiences and had similar values. Sam Wilson and Rogers both fought in the military, had to cope with the deaths of friends during war, and had to adjust to life outside of war. For Wilson, he found purpose in helping military veterans adjust to civilian life. Wilson admires Captain America and the ideals he represents. Their commonality helped the two to forge a bond that led Wilson to aid Steve Rogers in many of his heroic exploits. During these exploits, Sam Wilson becomes a hero in his own right, whether it be when the two are fighting shoulder to shoulder together during a mission to save the world or aiding Rogers with a personal matter, such as helping him find the Winter Soldier. In contrast to Rogers' pensive no nonsense attitude, Wilson often displays a more brazen attitude and often makes cheeky comments.

Powers and Abilities


EXO-7 Falcon

  • Flight: Using his specialized winged jetpack, Sam Wilson is able to fly faster than the speed of a jet, but with an enhanced degree of maneuverability and agility similar to that of an actual falcon. He was able to avoid automatic fire from an Insight Quinjet and the shots of the Insight Helicarriers' main weaponry. Besides enhancing Falcon's mobility, the EXO-7 Falcon can also increase the force generated by some of Falcon's physical strikes via the increased momentum and acceleration created by his jetpack. While flying, he was able to lift up and carry off people like Jasper Sitwell and even Captain America, seemingly by the suit enhancing his strength.
"It's OK; he can't see me."
"I can see you!"
"He can see me."
Ant-Man and Falcon[src]
  • Enhanced Vision: The EXO-7's goggles allow Wilson to view in multiple spectrums and see objects that are either far away or too small to see for the naked eye.


"I'm more of a soldier than a spy."
―Sam Wilson[src]
  • Expert Acrobat: In order to withstand the equilibrium shifting caused by flight, Wilson is an expert acrobat. Many times during his battle with HYDRA, Wilson had to couple his acrobatic skills with his flight maneuvers to avoid being shot from the sky.
  • Expert Marksman: Wilson is a very accurate marksman skilled in sharpshooting, as he has shown with his retractable sidearms and expertise with U.S. military firearms.
  • Expert Martial Artist: As a former member of the United States Armed Forces, Wilson is highly trained and skilled in hand to hand combat. Wilson's fighting style include a combination of firearm improvisation, flight maneuvers such as swooping and aerial grappling, and modern army combatives. Wilson's modern army combatives derive elements from Muay Thai, American Boxing, and Taekwondo. He was able to subdue HYDRA operatives and hold his own against STRIKE leader Brock Rumlow, though he was unable to defeat him.
  • Expert Tactician: Wilson has shown capabilities in planing special operations, as he was able to help Captain America and his team strategize the plan to destroy the Insight Helicarriers and unmask HYDRA. He was able to react and respond to Ant-Man's unprecedented appearance and was able to perfectly counter his unique attacks after only viewing them momentarily.
  • Master Pilot: Wilson displays the utmost skill when flying with his EXO wings; he can perform many advanced and complicated maneuvers while in midair.



This section needs a rewrite
  • Steyr SPP: Falcon carries two of these machine pistols in the holsters of his EXO-7 suit. The mechanical aids in Falcon's forearms provide speedy unholstering and assembly of the machine pistols. He used them against Quinjets and crew members during an assault on the Project Insight Helicarriers. He also resorted to use them to defend the New Avengers Facility from Ant-Man when he infiltrated the compound, attempting to shoot at him believing the intruder was hostile.
  • Dual Barrel Wrist-Mounted Machine Gun : The left gauntlet of Falcon's redesigned uniform utilizes a wrist-mounted dual emission machine gun controlled via clenching a fist. Utilized during Falcon's duel with Ant-Man.
  • Wrist-Mounted Miniature Rocket Launcher : Falcon utilized a wrist-mounted miniature rocket launcher on his right bracer against Spider-Man during the Clash of the Avengers.
  • M4A1 Carbine: An assault rifle that Wilson obtained from one of the HYDRA mercenaries acommpanying the Winter Soldier, that Wilson used to cover for Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff after being ambushed by the mercenaries in Washington, D.C..
  • Knife: Falcon utilized a knife to cut off the strap of a HYDRA operative's M4A1 Carbine during a battle in a highway.

Other Equipment

Falcon new suit
  • EXO-7 Falcon: Prototype jet-pack with wings that enables the user to fly. The wings can also be used as defensive and offensive weapons, as they are highly flexible and bulletproof. It also stores miniature guided missiles that seek out targets predetermined by Redwing.
"It's okay; he can't see me."
"I can see you!"
Ant-Man and Falcon[src]
  • Goggles: Falcon has a pair of protective goggles that not only protect his eyes during high speed flight, but also possess telescopic and microscopic vision, allowing him to see even a shrunk Ant-Man.
  • Redwing: A Drone that assists Falcon during missions.





In chronological order:


  • In the comics, Sam Wilson is the uncle of Jim Wilson and a Harlem native who moved to California and became a drug dealer, though this fact was revealed to be a collection of false memories planted by the Red Skull. His plane crashed, and he was genetically altered with the ability to speak telepathically with birds. Wilson eventually took over as the new Captain America.
  • Falcon's first suit in Captain America: The Winter Soldier is more similar to the suit of his Ultimate comics variant than that of his Mainstream Universe version. His second suit was given some red and white coloring as a nod to the costume from the mainstream universe.
  • In the comics,Red Skull was the one who gave Sam the ability to communicate telepathically with his pet,Redwing.
  • In the comics,Redwing supposed to be a true pet falcon,not a drone.
  • In the comics,Sam Wilson was working for Red Skull but he turned against him after he met Captain America.
  • In the comics,Black Panther was the one who gave Sam some advance technology which gave him the ability to fly.

Behind the Scenes


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