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"Call Durand. I want this ship ready to move when the ransom comes."
Georges Batroc to Lopez[src]

Ferdinand Lopez is a French mercenary, kickboxer and martial artist.


Lopez worked with Georges Batroc when he captured the S.H.I.E.L.D. ship Lemurian Star and held its crew and passengers, including Jasper Sitwell, hostage. When a rescue team, including STRIKE, Captain America, and Black Widow, secured the ship, he was among those arrested.[1]


  • Expert Martial Artist: Lopez is a kickboxer and martial artist, having years of experience as a mercenary, being powerful enough to work together with Georges Batroc in capturing the Lemurian Star.





  • In the comics, Lopez is known as Machete and was a member of the team called Batroc's Brigade.


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