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"So it’s a suit."
"Don’t be crude, Frank. It’s not a suit, it’s a…it’s a vessel. What’s a matter, you’re not impressed?"
"Oh, I’m impressed. I’m also concerned. Imagine what our enemies could do with this tech."
―Frank and Darren Cross[src]

Frank was a senior executive at Pym Technologies who was murdered by Darren Cross after questioning the risks involved with the Yellowjacket Suit.


Yellowjacket Suit

"Unfortunately we can’t just do whatever we want. Would be nice though, right? But there are laws."
"What laws? Of man? The laws of nature transcend the laws of man, and I’ve transcended the laws of nature."
"Darren, I don’t think you understand…"
―Frank and Darren Cross[src]
Frank Slime

Frank is murdered by Darren Cross

Frank was highly dubious about the Yellowjacket project and expressed these concerns during a presentation by CEO Darren Cross. Angered, Cross later confronted Frank in the washroom, and, using a gun charged with unstable Pym Particles, reduced Frank's body to a tiny organic mass, which Cross promptly wiped up and flushed down a toilet.[1]






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