Frank Castle's Van was a vehicle owned by Frank Castle, who rigged it to explode in his plan to kill the Kitchen Irish.

Months later, Caslte managed to locate and utilize a second van during his time with Micro.


First Van

After stealing $1.2 million from Finn Cooley, Castle watched as members of the Kitchen Irish, including Rory and Cooley himself, emerged from his apartment. Castle took the briefcase full of money and rigged it to explode if tampered with. He then put it in his van and left it parked at 48th and 10th.

Later than evening, the Kitchen Irish kidnapped Castle, and Cooley tortured him and threatened to do the same to Castle's dog unless he told him where the money was. Castle gave up the location of the van.

When Cooley's men tried to retrieve the money from the van, it exploded, killing them.[1]

Second Van

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