"Where's the van?"
"Uh, it's where we left it. Where we agreed."
Frank Castle and Micro[src]

Frank Castle's Van was a vehicle owned by Frank Castle, who rigged it to explode in his plan to kill the Kitchen Irish.

Months later, Castle managed to locate and utilize a second van during his time with Micro.


First Van

After stealing $1.2 million from Kitchen Irish, Frank Castle watched from his van as members of the Kitchen Irish led by Finn Cooley emerged from his hideout. Castle took the briefcase full of money and rigged it to explode if tampered with. He then put it in his van and left it parked at 48th and 10th.

Later than evening, the Kitchen Irish kidnapped Castle, and Cooley tortured him and threatened to do the same to Castle's dog unless he told him where the money was. Castle gave up the location of the van. When Cooley's men tried to retrieve the money from the van, it exploded, killing them.[1]

Second Van


Punisher running over the Dogs of Hell

"Then I head toward the extract point, which is there. And that is where you'll be waiting in the van."
Frank Castle to Micro[src]

Several months later, Castle obtained a second van and utivilzed it to chase the Dogs of Hell through Alabama. He disabled their motorcycles with his shotgun, causing the bikers to fall off their motorcycles and onto the road. Castle then proceeded to drive past his targets before turning the van around and running the bikers over, killing them instantly.[2]

Micro's Drone

Micro utilizes his drone

Together with Micro, Castle took the van to arrive to Kentucky in order to speak with Gunner Henderson. When Castle and Henderson were attacked by Anvil tactical unit, Lieberman piloted the drone from the van to trace troops' locations. At night, Lieberman found heavy wounded Castle and took him to the van and returned to New York City.[3]

Castle and Lieberman planned their mission to infiltrate into the Fort Bryon. According to their plan, Lieberman was stationed in the van outside of the fort to extract Castle when he finish his job. Lieberman used his drone again to trace locations of soldiers and allow Castle to avoid them. Castle managed to made his way to Morty Bennett, copy his phone and escaped the fort while Lieberman was waiting him. Together they flee the fort in the van while base was put on alert.

Later, Castle and Lieberman waited in the van before Lieberman managed to track down Bennett's phone and determine his location. They drove to the CIA Safe House before Castle took his sniper rifle in attempt to assassinate William Rawlins.[4]

Castle awaited toward the Wilson Residence to find and neutralize Lewis Wilson. In the van, he called up Karen Page to discuss recent events with her. Lieberman then contacted with Castle and informed him that he tracked down Wilson to Queens and Castle headed there.[5]

Reuniting with his daughter, Leo, Lieberman waited Castle in the van with her. Instead of Castle, they spotted Dinah Madani near the van. Castle then appeared and informed them that Madani was called by him. Together, they took the van and headed to the Homeland Security Headquarters.[6]

Following Capture of Frank Castle, Lieberman took the van and hid it at the location which he and Castle agreed.[7]


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  • In the comics, the Punisher has used many Battle Vans as his main means of transportation throughout his war against crime. Later models of the Vans were designed and built by Microchip.


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